Hysteria and Chaos

I have been berated by two of my readers lately for my long silence but with my family tragedy, an operation on my leg and a new book – Learning From Elephants and it is very good – coming out, I just haven’t had time to scribble on my blog.

However, here I am, raring to go and as irascible as ever.

After months – twenty two of them I believe – of hysterical and impractical lockdown measures that have caused huge problems in other fields of health while the authorities concentrated on the Coronabug, the threat appears to be receding and life is slowly – ever so slowly – returning to normal In the meantime, we are bombarded with reports that despite the panic, lockdowns were a complete waste of time which many of us have been saying from the start.

This is epitomised by the fact that the seat of governance, Number Ten Downing Street allowed and arranged numerous parties, all of which appeared to flout the regulations affecting the rest of the country. At least four and possibly more of these were attended by our ‘Revered Leader’ who despite numerous calls to resign and the mass resignation of many of his ‘advisors’ (what did they advise on I wonder – how to mix martinis?) refuses to do the honourable thing and go. He continues to bluster and posture but even he must know that he and his leadership are condemned not only to obscurity but a place in history that will not be pleasant reading for future generations.

I do not know who will succeed Bunter J and I won’t vote for Starmer and his rabble so I am torn between feeling total contempt and revulsion for our political ‘leaders’ and a complete despair for the future of this country.

Added to which, most of us are faced with enormous and largely unaffordable price increases while our very smooth Chancellor who seems to be revelling in the stories that abound about his boss refuses to add any further taxes to the giant conglomerates like Shell, who yesterday announced profits of two billion pounds for the last financial year. Yes, that is two BILLION – a staggering sun which should surely benefit this country enormously in extra taxes. But it won’t. Mr Sunak and his idiotic boss will continue to milk the little people and make all our lives difficult because that seems to have become the Conservative way. Look after the rich and the very rich while milking the poor.

My own sitting MP is that wastrel potentate, Geoffrey Cox so they had lost my vote already but looking out at the general devastation that exists, I cannot envisage ever voting Conservative again.

Come back Screaming Lord Such. I wonder if the Monster Raving Loony Party will be standing in Princetown. If so, they already have my vote.

2 thoughts on “Hysteria and Chaos

  1. You’re back, woo hoo! I do think that if there is no raving lunatic party member standing in your constituency, you may have found your next calling.


  2. No Travis, as you might have gathered over the months, I feel nothing but utter contempt for politicians. I thought there could never be a government as inefficient and corrupt as that of Abel Muzorewa, but I was wrong. This lot are worse in both respects. Take care


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