A Monday Moan

Welcome to my new website, beautifully put together by my very clever Daughter in Law Gillian Lemon. I am not sure I really know how to use it yet, but will fiddle and faddle about until I get the hang of it.

I know this bit is entitled My Daily Rant but although I will try and get in here as often as I can to give you some of my somewhat jaundiced views on matters of the moment, I can’t promise to do it every day. At the moment my life is far too cluttered for that.

For today, just let me briefly vent my spleen on those Pratwinkles who claim to represent us the public in Parliament. Do they really care about their constituents? With a few honourable exceptions, I don’t think so. At the moment, the governing party are tearing themselves to pieces and we have the unedifying spectacle of five of them hurling insults at each other for the edification of a gleeful Channel 4 management who knew full well that people would tune in to see what they could be getting.

I am not sure I could support any of the candidates, but I think Mad Boris (actually I think he is cunning rather than mad) did himself no harm by avoiding last nights bunfight. I believe they are all squaring up to each other on the BBC tomorrow night but I shall be giving a talk – on elephants would you believe – in Plymouth so I will miss it.

Does that disappoint me? No it ruddy well doesn’t! Why don’t they just get on with the voting and put someone new in the chair, vacated by the hapless Mrs Maybe?

To Misquote Jesus at Calvary, ‘Politics, politics, why have you forsaken us?’

Perhaps we should get rid of them all and start again.

I will be back.

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