‘Friendly’ Coppering, Green Hypocrisy and Hansard

I can’t help worrying about Dame Cressida Dickhead’s strategy of permitting large Black Lives Matter demonstrations to go ahead in contravention of social distancing rules – and even encouraging officers to signal their support by ‘taking a knee.’ If this was supposed to prevent widespread disorder in general, it certainly has not worked. Instead, large night-time street ‘raves’ have sprung up with a criminal minority exploiting the size of the gatherings to attack officers.

Trouble has also broken out in several cities apart from London, including Liverpool where police were pelted with bottles by a thug element in the crowds celebrating Liverpool winning the football Premier League.

The worry is that the mistakes of the softly softly approach taken towards disturbances in Tottenham in 2011, which quickly led to riots and looting across the country are being repeated.

At the same time, many officers also worry that faith in them is fading away among the traditional, law-abiding majority of the British public. Of course it is. Most thinking people are dismayed by what they view as police appeasement of criminals and about Bobbies adopting supportive positions in respect to particular political causes.

Videos of squads of dancing officers at Gay Pride, Extinction Rebellion and other events, might have started out as harmless fun, but are now seen to signal that something is very wrong. Instead of being conscious of the need to behave as authority figures who naturally command respect, some younger officers have at times seemed to view their vocation as primarily an opportunity for self-expression. This is unfair on those whose lives and livelihoods they are supposed to be protecting. Life on the streets of urban Britain is far from a ruddy cabaret I’m afraid.

Policing by consent – a principle dating right back to Robert Peel’s inauguration of the British force – is one thing. Trying too hard to be everyone’s mate is something else. A fairer and more sensible way forward clearly needs to be found and I am sure most coppers would agree. For all my criticism of modern policing, I realise that the majority of officers are courageously doing their jobs.

The unarmed officers who recently tackled men on the rampage with knives in Reading and Glasgow put their own lives on the line in pursuit of public protection. Glasgow’s PC David Whyte sustained injuries that almost killed him.

We cannot help but give our wholehearted support for such people.

But what happens when such lions are led by politically correct donkeys? The situation becomes farcical and Priti Patel faces a major task in doing something about policing’s most senior ranks. In my coppering years I saw many incidents of police incompetence and that is natural in any job. However, we were apolitical and the idea of actively supporting one side or another in matters of politics or of regarding criminals as ‘clients’ whose preferences deserve to be listened to would not have occurred to us and should not be allowed today.

A police officer’s job is to enforce the law without fear or favour and that must be returned to be the norm. Let’s face it, there will never be one hundred percent satisfaction with the police. If the villains are not complaining about them and no longer resent their presence, the cops are doing something wrong.

On the other hand, successive gutless governments should stop making the lives of coppers more difficult. Cutting twenty thousand policing posts over ten years in which the overall population rose by more than four million was surely the height of folly and a recipe for disaster. Now Bunter Johnson promises to put another twenty thousand back, but where is he going to find them?

Another quick road to disaster was imposing upon the police a duty to intervene in matters of free speech and expression even where the criminal law has not been broken – so-called ‘non-crime hate incidents.’ What a load of politically correct nonsense that is proving and how terribly damaging to the reputation of police officers. If I am burgled or robbed, little action is taken. If I call someone a name they don’t like, I am hauled into the local nick. What a dreadful waste of everybody’s time!

The requirement for new recruits to have graduate-level academic qualifications, which is already temporarily in abeyance, needs to be permanently put out to grass too. Restoring a Dixon of Dock Green straightforwardness to the policing of this complex modern society will be no easy task. But it has to be done as a matter of urgency or anarchy will rule in Britain.

I have to laugh at the Green Party. Since their arrival on the scene, they have been committed to abolishing the ‘undemocratic’ House of Lords’ and that was a policy that certainly had my support. They wanted to replace it with a fully elected second chamber and that too seemed eminently sensible.

But why then are the Greens who already have two peers, now asking their few remaining supporters who should be put forward for the said House of Lords if it needs to appoint an additional member?

What a load of hypocrites! For a bunch of self-proclaimed save the world environmentalists, their principles seem like a load of hot air to me I’m afraid.

But I have to say a word or three in praise for the team of scribblers working for Hansard. Their job is to deliver official verbatim reports of what is said in Parliament and that must be hugely difficult at the best of times.

Last week they were really put to the test by the new Conservative MP for Workington, Mark Jenkinson.

As the son of a binman and an office clerk, who himself was once a British Steel apprentice, Jenkinson told the Commons that the traditional way to identify a fellow Cumbrian was by asking: ‘As thou e’er sin cuddy lowp a five-barred yat?’

(It translates as: ‘Have you ever seen a donkey jump a five-barred gate?’)

Naturally, the Hansard writers reproduced it word for word and without mistake. It seems there is a little bit of efficiency somewhere in that mausoleum known as the Houses of Parliament after all.

Leadership, Archbishops and a Long Dead Dog

What on earth had happened to the concept of good leadership in this modern world? I read a piece yesterday saying that the elevation of Bunter Johnson to the prime ministership marked the first occasion that Britain has had three disastrous prime ministers in succession. Occasionally there have been two misfits in the role, but then someone has appeared on the scene to clear up the mess.

This time, we might well have to suffer this chaos of leadership for another four years and then pray that we get that proper leader.

And it is not only in politics. Take the Church of England for example. Their leader, Justin Welby, the current Archbishop of Canterbury would seem to be completely out of touch with reality. Two years ago he claimed to be ‘finding inspiration in the lead up to the Royal Wedding by listening to the grime rapper, Stormzy’ – whoever he may be.

As the majority of church goers nowadays are middle aged or elderly, that was hardly likely to appeal to their sensibilities. This was just a naïve attempt by a silly little man to endear himself to the urban young by appearing culturally and socially ‘cool’ – that fatally narcissistic middle-class condition that seems to affect modern political leaders, celebrities and tens of thousands of households across the wealthier suburbs of London.

Welby went to Eton, and then to Oxford and then onto an oil company where he served as an executive before being ‘called to God,’ so his enthusiasm for the lower ranks of a music genre that has been accused of glorifying violence, particularly knife crime, is curious.

But the man has form in this regard. On the day of his appointment in 2013, he painfully attempted to diminish the privileges he had enjoyed by calling himself stupid. He was trying to demolish the documented link between a privileged upbringing and prominence in public life – that well-trodden path of opportunity with minimum effort available to so many of Britain’s middle and upper classes. But at the time there was already an abundance of unimaginative and very stupid Conservative politicians, so Welby’s denial that his appointment was consistent with Britain’s habit of rewarding connections was generally laughed at. He should never have got the job in any case.

Instead it should have gone to John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. Sentamu was born on the outskirts of Kampala and uniquely positioned to fill the role, given that his own calling was prompted by spending time in the hell of one of Idi Amin’s jails. Unlike Welby, Sentamu was not and is not stupid or privileged. Having trained as a lawyer, he arrived in Britain an immigrant, which even in 2013 should have counted for something – at the very least, to identify with the myriad complexities of building a multi-cultural society.

Sentamu actually cared about black people everywhere. In 2007, when the likes of Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma and Julius Malema were refusing to condemn the leader of my own country Robert Mugabe, he famously cut up his dog collar on television in disgust at the behaviour of Zimbabwe’s President. Where was support from his superior? Welby said not a word.

The Coronabug pandemic caused more problems for the Church of England I’m afraid. Under government advice, many churches closed their doors and services were reduced to virtual affairs, embittering some parishioners for whom the Church is the central, binding feature of their lives. Whilst this was an acceptable response given the information available, many among the elderly, suddenly alone, vulnerable and confused, were startled to see some senior bishops emerge to involve themselves in highly-charged political issues, none of which had anything to do with faith.

When the dust was beginning to settle over these regrettable incidents, Welby again went on the stupidly offensive. He entered the debate on the removal of statues by suggesting that the identity of Jesus as a white person needs examination. Some statues, he admitted, would have to come down, before going on to declare that ‘forgiveness for the past is possible…but only if there is justice.’

What? I am Catholic so I am not sure what the Church of England teaches, but I was brought up to believe that the basis – indeed the bedrock – of Christianity is unconditional forgiveness.

Even during colonial times, the Church of England largely showed a love and respect for humanity that transcended belief and to an admirable extent, made up for the country’s problematic history. It was the first institution to acknowledge that there were serious problems with how small countries were being occupied and occasionally pillaged in the name of governance. To make peace with the brutality of so much of the world being conquered in its name, the Church shifted its focus to the role of the family, encouraging stability and reflection. Without shirking responsibility, it re calibrated and successfully distanced itself from the establishment.

In contrast to a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie who was awarded the Military Cross for two astonishing feats of bravery during the Second World War, Justin Welby lacks the courage to resist fashionable opportunism and now appears about as useful as some of these hopeless Democrat Mayors in America, stumbling their way through excuses and platitudes as their cities burn.

What distinguishes Welby, however, from rank and file establishment profiles selling out for popularity sake is that his burden is not some ideological stage he can jump back on, as and when it suits him. Misinterpreting the fundamental principle of Christianity is not simply an insult to the religious, but it is a threat to order that emphasises fairness. And any country without this order is a country that is in serious trouble.

As the country opens up for business and entertainment – to a certain extent – today, the madness of the Black Lives Matter campaign continues to seem ever more deranged.

Now we learn that the gravestone of a dog named Nigger has been removed in Warwickshire. The dog died in July 1902 and his memorial in Coombe Abbey Park – a popular cultural attraction – displayed his controversial name along with the date of his death.

Following complaints made last year, Coventry City Council refused to remove the gravestone due to property reasons, but it has finally been taken away following the worldwide protests sparked by Floyd ‘s death in the United States.

A council spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm the historical gravestone in memory of a loved pet was removed. Our stance on racism is clear and although the gravestone was from another time it is not appropriate today.’

Why don’t these mealie-mouthed officials just tear up all the history books and start again from the year 2020. Offence can be taken to almost anything, if taking offence is wanted and the situation is becoming ever more farcical. With a name like Lemon, I have been subjected to bullying and insults for a goodly part of my life but it has left no lasting effect.

We must either blank out history altogether or leave its monuments alone, whether they it be graves or statues before this country has no recognisable history left and becomes yet another banana republic like the countries of Africa and other places that have rewritten their history books..

PMQs and Floppy Trunk

Over recent weeks Prime Minster’s Questions in Parliament has become ever more like an edition of the Goon Show. Bunter J was fine when he was facing the dim-witted allotment chief, Jeremy Corbyn, but in Keir Starmer, he finds himself up against a man who can think and knows not only how to prepare his questions, but how to back them up with well researched statistics.

This inevitably exposes Bunter’s fallibilities. Not because he is too lazy to properly prepare and is not nearly as clever as he imagines himself to be – though both of those things are probably true – but because the very idea causes his psyche to go into meltdown. Bunter J seems to be the supreme narcissist. He believes in his inalienable right to do whatever he pleases. It seems that even the merest hint of a challenge is an insult to his ego.

Someone more self-aware would surely realise that the coronabug crisis has been handled badly from the start. Huge mistakes have been made and others may well be in the future. A pandemic like this can make fools of anyone and a degree of humility might be in order if Johnson is to keep the country onside in the weeks and months of uncertainty still ahead. People can forgive a lot if they feel they aren’t being taken for fools. However, for our revered leader any admission of failure or liability would seem to be a psychological impossibility.

The problem Bunter has is that while he can dump wives, mistresses, ministers and friends, he just can’t get rid of Keir Starmer. For the first time in his life, he has come up against a man who can think clearly and prepares his brief with lawyerly care beforehand. Rather than accept the inevitable, Bunter has merely allowed himself to regress into bluster.

I feel that at first he saw the new Labour leader as a mild inconvenience – an unwelcome intrusion into his alternative reality – but, after discovering that he couldn’t make him go away with mockery, a few cheap gags and by trying to turn the session into an interrogation of Starmer rather than himself, his feelings have turned to active dislike. Starmer might not have much in the way of personality or pezazz but he has certainly got under the prime minister’s skin. Somewhere in Bunter J’s subconscious he knows that the Labour leader is both better briefed and a great deal sharper than he is. That he cannot abide, so all he can do is lash out, flailing wildly like a demented Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Part of Keir Starmer’s skill is to keep things simple. His questions have a logic that even a ten year old can follow. It seems a shame that the prime minister of a sovereign nation would appear to be stuck in the toddler age of development. All he has to offer is histrionics and gestures of feigned ‘What me Guv?’ innocence, combined with what I fear are blatant untruths.

Either he is lying through his teeth or Starmer is manufacturing the facts and figures that he brandishes with such aplomb every Wednesday. I know which alternative I find more plausible.

The few dozen Tory backbenchers in the chamber yesterday kept their heads down, seemingly as embarrassed as Bunter should have been. I think it is slowly dawning on most Conservatives that their anointed leader just isn’t up to the job as they witness him unravel at PMQs week after week. Nor do many have much faith in his ability to make the right calls at the right time with the coronabug problem. And having used up what little goodwill he might have had – Bunter has never bothered to conceal his contempt for most of his colleagues – his support must surely be dwindling.

Too many more PMQs like this and something will start to give. And as Boris is incapable of change, then it surely cannot be long before his suitability for the job comes under scrutiny from his own party. It was probably always inevitable that the person who would ultimately destroy Bunter was Bunter himself but Starmer is doing a great job of exposing his faults.

How long will it take I wonder for Tory MPs ask themselves why they have never noticed that this particular emperor has no clothes.

With the Black Lives Matter nonsense and the Coronabug, it seems to have largely slipped under the British media radar but more than four hundred elephant have been found dead in one area of Botswana.

That particular area has long been a centre for conflict between wild life and local tribesmen, but there does not appear to be any reason for the deaths, as they have not been killed as such. Many of the dead elephants seem to have died in mid stride and they have not been poisoned as happens in Zimbabwe, because scavengers feeding on the carcasses have not been harmed.

The Botswana government seem to have tried to cover up the deaths, but personally as an elephant man, I am not sure why. Elephants do suffer from outbursts of disease in the same way as human beings. Way back in the nineteen nineties, we had an epidemic of what was called ‘floppy trunk disease’ in Northern Zimbabwe where the bulls would lose the use of their trunks and die slowly as a result. Many tests were made but the reason or reasons for the disease were never discovered.

After a period of some years, floppy trunk disease faded away and I have never heard of it cropping up anywhere else. I wonder if this Botswana outbreak could be something similar and more violent?

On the other hand, ‘floppy trunk’ only affected bulls whereas the Botswana victims have been male, female and juveniles.

I can only pray that the Botswana government stop trying to cover it all up and get samples to relevant laboratories before their elephant population – currently the highest in the world – is completely decimated.

I have never much cared how many people die from the Coronabug – even if I happen to be one of them – but a world without elephants will – and I use that word rather than ‘would’ – be a sad place indeed.

Anarchy, Madness and Anarchy

It has surely been a week of madness and I fear that anarchy in the cities is just around the corner. After all, if the forces of law and order behave like kittens rather than lions, then the natural troublemakers will feel they have the upper hand and take advantage of it. That is just human nature.

At the core of the current pressure-cooker atmosphere is what I believe to be a complete failure of nerve by almost everybody in a position of authority – from politicians, the police, religious leaders and the mainstream media. The vacuum in moral leadership has been replaced by political virtue-signalling.

For example, the Archbishop of Canterbury seems obsessed by ‘white supremacy’ and has suggested that some statues in his cathedral ‘will have to come down.’ He also wants to portray Jesus as black. Why? How many black people would have been living in Galilee two millennia ago?

Rather than trying to expiate his own sense of privileged guilt, the worthy prelate ought to be trying to find more practical ways of repairing this fractured society. Everywhere I look, there seems to be an attempt to present modern Britain as something that it is not.

The radical Leftists who run Black Lives Matter (the group’s founders are self-declared Marxists) claim that Britain is a uniquely racist and unfair society, with historic sins unlike any other. They then build on this nonsense to try to impose a whole new set of values on this country. Instead of standing up to these lunatics, major corporations and once-great institutions have paid lip service and more to these demands.

We are told, too, that we must all be re-educated and reprogrammed to atone for our sinful and racist past, but there is never any positive or practical proposal for addressing the past – only a vicious insistence that everyone has to agree with these fanatics. They seem determined to shut down anyone who questions their extreme demands.

Against this background, a Cambridge academic called Priyamvada Gopal sent a message on Twitter saying, ‘white lives don’t matter.’

‘Now we have the opportunity to carry out a resolute offensive against the white, break their resistance, eliminate them as a class and replace their livelihoods with the livelihoods of people of colour and LGBTQ,’ this paragon of liberalism wrote.

So how did her university bosses react? They immediately sent out a message supporting her and presenting her as a victim because of the negative reaction that she had received. Next, by Gopal’s own account, the university promoted her to a full professorship.

Most of us cannot help but wonder what is happening to this country and we watch in despair as Society falls apart, but what we are witnessing is the result of decades of figures in authority pandering to political activists instead of doing their job.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how destructive the process becomes, they never learn. The more politically correct the police become, the more they lose control. The more they dance with protesters, take the knee or run away from them, the more that those who want to destroy the normal way of life, believe they are free to do so.

I find it somewhat ironic that police chiefs are now complaining that they might not be able to cope next Saturday when the British public is allowed to go back into the pubs. It is a case of you reap what you sow, Fellows. The fact is that Britain needs to return to normality as swiftly as possible. And that includes allowing us to regain some semblance of ordinary life again.

Let’s face it the entire situation is a complete mess. We have a lockdown in which people are not allowed to honour their dead or even have the joy of a proper wedding, yet half a million people can descend on to the Dorset beaches and BLM ‘demonstrators’ are allowed to throng the streets of cities.

It’s not just the Brixton mob who have gone feral – the whole country seems to have been driven to insanity by a virus other than Covid-19 that has infected the national nervous system.

Now is the time for strong leadership from all society’s institutions. We wait with bated breath for Bunter Johnson to address the nation – as perhaps only he can – in a spirit of optimism and positivity.

The malcontents, rioters and anarchist activists must be told that Britain will not be changed by violence or intimidation. That we live in an unusually fair country, not a bastion of racism these ill informed hotheads have been telling us about in recent weeks.

With the country reeling financially why waste nearly a million pounds on transforming an RAF Airbus into a cheap copy of Air Force One. Prime Ministers – unlike US Presidents – are not heads of state and should not pretend to be. Britain’s head of state is the Queen.

The flashy painting of a union flag all over the tail makes Bunter’s current vanity project look as if it belongs to a slightly dodgy holiday airline. It also draws attention to the fact that Britain no longer makes passenger jets of its own.

Margaret Thatcher used to use an unadorned VC-10 of RAF Transport Command, in which everyone had to fly facing backwards because that is what the RAF do as it is much safer. That ancient, graceful, wholly British plane was impressive precisely because of the absence of silly grandeur and self-promotion. Get your feet back on the floor please Mr Johnson. You are supposed to be a leader, although my doubts about that are rapidly increasing.

As for the politicians – after property tycoon and former pornographer, Richard Desmond paid £12,000 to sit next to the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, the pair cosied up through a series of texts. Desmond’s £1 billion development plan was then fast-tracked, which saved him £45 million – that is forty five million pounds damnit! That money could have been used for all sorts of noble purposes and might have alleviated the harshness of life for many people.

Oh I know Bunter J went down with the Coronabug and that is said to take away the sense of smell but let me assure our revered leader that this sort of nonsense stinks to high heaven.

On the other side of the House, I take my hat off to Keir Starmer for sacking Corbynista Rebecca Long Bailey after she refused to apologise for ‘liking’ an article by actress Maxine Peake that contained malicious anti-Semitic material. He had to argue his case with the likes of Corbyn and the ridiculous and thankfully gone Diane Abbot, but he stood his ground against their demands for Long Bailey to be reinstated.

Quite apart from the anti-Semitism involved, Long Baily could not have been very good at her job of Shadow Education Secretary. I mean, if she couldn’t flatten a cabinet minister as useless as the hapless Gavin Williamson, what could she do?

To add to all the chaos this week, the Premier League was at it again – multi-millionaires kneeling like medieval supplicants and sporting their ridiculous BLM badges on their shirts.

How many of those players, currently protesting against centuries-old slavery, will refuse to take part in the World Cup in Qatar, which will be staged in stadia built by the modern equivalent of slave labour? I wouldn’t bet on a single one having the moral gumption to boycott that.

And why oh why is this allegedly Conservative Government with its eighty seat majority so terrified to stand up to the Black Lives Matter mob.

A week or so ago, Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab made a harmless joke about only bending the knee before his wife and Her Majesty. Five minutes later, after the predictably tedious Twitter storm of condemnation, he was reduced to putting out a pathetic official apology for any ‘offence’ he may have caused.

Get off your knees, man. What are you scared of?

I must finish my rant with the sublimely fatuous debate raging in Australia over whether chess is a racist game – because convention dictates that white moves first.

Of course there is racism in the world and probably always will be, but this really is taking the matter to extremes. Though it is true that the player who moves first has a slight advantage in chess (statistics collected since 1851 suggest white tends to win between fifty two and fifty six per cent of games between Grand Masters), how can anyone seriously suggest that this makes the game racist?

I have a horrible feeling that there is worse to come.

Is This Really What We Want?

Reading through a National Daily this morning, I saw yet another article on the proposed toppling of the Rhodes statue outside Oriel College in Oxford. Half way through the article I was asked to vote as to whether I thought the statue should come down or not.

Naturally I suppose, I voted against taking it down and expected to be part of a small minority. However, when I had cast my vote, the newspaper informed me that ninety seven percent of readers were of the same mind and only three percent thought the statue should come down.

Why does that tell you? To me it shows that this country is being led toward disaster and anarchy by a tiny mob who are bent on mischief. Today’s young activists never miss an opportunity to congratulate themselves on their unprecedented moral self-righteousness.

Yet I can’t see anything admirable or clever about posturing in the street during a pandemic. Nor is there anything idealistic about haranguing journalists (I watched a video of protesters haranguing the columnist Peter Hitchens in Oxford last week) or anyone else who might happen to disagree with their cause.

What on earth is happening to the young people of today? I was brought up a child of the wartime generation who were genuinely brave and determined to do good. They were stoical and resilient, modest and self-effacing. Yes, they tried to keep their feelings to themselves but they never believed those feelings were important and refused to luxuriate in victimhood and self-pity like the snowflakes of today. How many times have you heard a World War II veteran insist he was not especially heroic and was just ‘doing his bit?’

Those wartime veterans survived hellish deprivation and in direct contrast with other news from Oxford last week, they remained steadfast and got on with their lives. Yet it seems that dozens of students are suffering ‘traumatic effects’ after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

I wasn’t there nor have I seen the video of Floyd’s death, but the American courts will have to decide whether it was legal or not. I find it frankly unbelievable that Oxford dons are now being encouraged to make allowances for these supposedly ‘mitigating circumstances’ which took place on another continent if their students perform badly in exams. The poor little turnips! However will they cope with the real world?

Yes there is racism everywhere as can be seen by the story of Ntokozo Qwabe, the South African-born Rhodes Scholar who founded the inane Rhodes Must Fall movement five years ago. 

On his Facebook page, this arrogant twonk actually bragged that when he was served by a white waitress, he took pleasure in telling her he would only give her a tip ‘when you return the land.’ The waitress, he wrote, started shaking and burst ‘into typical white tears.’

In other words, a hugely privileged, black Rhodes Scholar took great delight in taunting and humiliating a poorly paid young white woman so he could flaunt his supposedly progressive principles. How’s that for racism at its very worst?

No one dares correct the RMF campaigners when they describe Rhodes as an ‘architect of apartheid’ – despite the fact that he died in 1902, while apartheid was imposed on South Africa in 1948. In fact, far from facilitating apartheid, Rhodes opposed the attempt to take away the vote from black men in Cape Colony.

‘My motto is equal rights for every civilised man south of the Zambezi,’ he wrote at the time. ‘What is a civilised man? A man, whether white or black, who has sufficient education to write his name, has some property, or works.’

The modern leftie demonstrators don’t want to hear this.

Nor do they want to be told that Rhodes was an early sponsor of Izwi Labantu, the newspaper of what became the African National Congress, the party of the late Nelson Mandela. Nor do they care that, when Rhodes endowed the scholarships that have brought thousands of Commonwealth and American students to Oxford, he specified that: ‘No student shall be qualified or disqualified for election to a scholarship on account of his race.’

Nor that, within five years, one of those coveted places had been won by a black American. Nor that, as Chris Patten, the Chancellor of Oxford University, reminds us, Africa currently supplies a fifth of all Rhodes Scholars.

They don’t want to hear these things because they are not interested in Rhodes as a human being. They want him to be a target: a symbol of racist oppression that allows them to flaunt their supposed indignation.

Of course Rhodes was no saint. Many of his mines stood on land that he had arguably tricked out of the Matabele king Lobengula who had not understood the implications of the contracts they signed. 

That misunderstanding led to a brutal war but let’s bear in mind that wars over land were pretty much the norm in Africa at that time. The Matabele themselves had only recently acquired those lands by waging a far more gruesome campaign against the Shona.

That is not to excuse anything, simply to point out the difficulty of applying retrospective morality. ‘The study of the past with one eye upon the present is the source of all sins and sophistries in history,’ wrote the historian Herbert Butterfield. ‘It is the essence of what we mean by the word ‘unhistorical.’

Winston Churchill was in southern Africa at roughly the same time as Rhodes. So was Gandhi. The first opposed Indian independence, while the second viewed black Africans as dirty and savage.

Should we tear down their statues, too? Of course not.

Rhodes stands in stone because, having made a lot of money early in life, he did not spend it on himself, but gave it away to what he saw as deserving causes – including Oxford University, which he had first attended in 1873. None of this becomes any less true because of a killing in Minnesota that everyone agrees was stupidly indefensible. 

One thing is clear to me though is that an institution that treats a benefactor like this – not in the light of new revelations but simply because of the self-righteousness of a juvenile and noisy pressure group – will struggle to persuade anyone else to donate to it – ever!

I have spent the past few days reading up on Cecil John Rhodes and contrary to what seems to be popular belief, he was one hell of a man- and one of only three people to have a country named after him. The other two were Christopher Columbus and Simon Bolivar.

While I wonder with some trepidation whether the Oriel College statue of Rhodes will come down, I am reminded of similar happenings in Rhodesia when my country became independent and known as Zimbabwe. Rhodes’ statues were pulled down in Harare and Bulawayo which proved to be a symbolic event that set the country on a sad course to self-destruction under tyrannical rule.

Is this what the British people want?

Ineptitude, Futility and an Iconic Anthem

I understand that Bunter Johnson is to deliver another ‘address to the nation’ this Sunday when he is going to tell us about his ‘road map to the end of lockdown.’

That should be fun. Any road map drawn by our revered leader will look like the driving of a drunk with lots of swerving and drifting off at the corners. This is a man of whom it is often said that he has to surround himself with people capable of picking up the pieces as he wrecks everything in his path.

Even his road map to power has been a load of meandering zig zags that would have flattened for ever any other potential leader. It includes being fired from his job at The Times for making up two stories and for lying to Michael Howard, then the Tory leader about his affair with Petronella Wyatt.

That little hazard to progress occurred when Bunter was a shadow arts minister in 2004. Howard was his boss and when it was reported in the tabloids that Johnson’s long affair with The Spectator columnist had resulted in two terminated pregnancies, Johnson publicly stated the allegations were untrue. He called them an ‘inverted pyramid of piffle’ – a fairly typical piece of Johnsonian bluster.

When proof of the allegations was presented, Howard asked Bunter to resign and when he wouldn’t, fired him for his dishonesty. I don’t think being fired twice for lying is the normal road to becoming a prime minister, but Bunter seems to swerve around potholes that would have derailed any other politician.

Theresa Maybe tried to keep him happy by giving him the Foreign Office job, but that proved catastrophic and in the meantime, he seemed to be leaving wives, girlfriends and offspring lying sadly around on every turn of his road to the top.

I really do hope that he can come up with some sort of plan to get us out of the current situation and provide a way to keep Britain vaguely solvent, but judging by his driving so far, I reckon I want to get out of the car before that major accident takes place.

Meanwhile Formula One Champion and tax exile Lewis Hamilton has applauded the toppling of statues and called for all ‘racist symbols’ around the world to be removed. He rather spoiled the effect of this by being pictured wearing a baseball cap bearing a large Mercedes badge. 

I wonder does this twonk know that during World War II, under the Nazis, Mercedes used forty thousand slave labourers? The company even built Hitler’s car. 

When and if he does find out, I don’t suppose he will give them back the forty million bucks they pay him every year just because they have a racist past!

But Hamilton is not alone in his blatant hypocrisy. The crowds thronging the streets and town of Britain at the moment and making outrageous demands on behalf of Black Lives Matter are eerily similar to the witchfinders of the 17th century, piously searching for signs of dissent against their creed. The could even be likened to the commissars of the Soviet Eastern Bloc who spent their time rooting out thought crimes.

Such a sinister approach is the very antithesis of British democracy, which is meant to cherish open debate and freedom of speech, but that hasn’t stopped this loony rabble from being allowed to set the political agenda, using the menace of intimidation and accusations of collective guilt to further their power.

Rather than question why the protests embrace every form of diversity but diversity of opinion, politicians endlessly appease instead of upholding democratic principles.

‘I celebrate these acts of resistance,’ cried Labour MP Nadia Whittome after the recent vandalism of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol. That might have rung true if Britain was under the rule of an occupying power, but it is not and her ‘celebration’ is patently ridiculous.

Some senior police officers have even shown their subjugation by ‘taking the knee’ as the Chief Constable of Kent, did last week. I have already made my feelings clear on police behaviour at the moment, so suffice it to say that I am no longer particularly proud to have been a British Bobby, even if it was in a more enlightened time.

Where on earth will it end though? We need far greater statesmanship from our leaders at the moment. If a Conservative Party with an eighty seat majority cannot bring itself to defend these basic principles of freedom, it is difficult to believe they are in any way truly conservative. 

Unfortunately it means that most of us remain voiceless and unsure in the face of this cultural onslaught. Who can we turn to for leadership at the moment?

What also depresses me is that, for all the virtuous zeal from the demonstrators, throwing out statues of Rhodes or Colston will do nothing to address genuine social injustices. I am sure that the outrage of some students over discrimination or poverty or police brutality is genuine, but not a single black life will be improved by the departure of Rhodes from Oxford’s landscape.

On the contrary, this one-sided war on Britain’s past will poison race relations. Using identity politics to build an atmosphere of fear and resentment can only lead to even more division rather than the nation coming together. These self-styled progressives like to paint modern Britain as a land scarred by bigotry and hate, but it is probably the most tolerant country in the world.

Over recent decades, the UK has made huge advances in building a multi-racial society. That success is precisely why so many people want to settle here – six hundred and seventy seven thousand in the last year alone. Can this really be such a nasty place to live?

I am sorry but I feel it grimly ironic that the biggest danger to continued progress now comes from the deluded social justice warriors and their petulant crusade. Extinction Rebellion achieved little except to wreck lives and BLM are wrecking even more and will achieve less.

Even worse than the toppling of statues and the violence at some protests, we now learn that Swing Low Sweet Chariot – that iconic anthem which rings round the stands of Twickenham on match day is being reviewed by the Rugby Football Union. That august body – former England captain Will Carling famously described then as a ‘group of old farts’ – has launched a wide-ranging probe into racism.  

Written by a black slave in the American South during the nineteenth century, the song was first lustily sung by supporters when two black wingers – Martin Offiah and Chris Oti – became sporting heroes on the pitch at the end of the 1980s.

The RFU today announced its determination to ‘accelerate change and grow awareness’ but banning a song that is belted out by passionate fans in their hundreds of thousands is hardly likely to do that.

Yet a spokesperson said yesterday, “The Swing Low, Sweet Chariot song has long been part of the culture of rugby and is sung by many who have no awareness of its origins or its sensitivities.

‘We are reviewing its historical context and our role in educating fans to make informed decisions.”  

What pathetic, grovelling nonsense! If that is what the attitude and collective courage of the RFU amounts to then Will Carling had it right.

Faint Praise for Bunter J

I haven’t had much good to say about Bunter Johnson’s government of late, but I did approve of the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament yesterday. In it, he told us that the Department for International Development was seen round the world as a ‘great cash point in the sky’ that handed out money without regard to British interests or values. Quite right too – it is! He then announced that the department would be merged with the Foreign Office to create a new ‘Whitehall super department’ designed to help improve the way this country projects itself abroad. Mr Johnson told MPs: “This will unite our aid with our diplomacy and bring them together in our international effort.”He assured them that work on merging the two departments into the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office will begin immediately and is scheduled to be formally completed by September. I had hoped that it would mean that the mandatory target of spending 0.7% of the country’s GDP on overseas aid would be abolished, but we later learned that this will remain in force after the merger.

Predictably, opposition MPs and aid campaigners reacted angrily to the decision.

Labour leader Smoothie Starmer said the announcement was a distraction from how poorly the Government was handling the coronavirus pandemic and he probably has a point there. Bunter and his merry men – and women of course – need something to deflect attention from their coronabug ineptitude. All the same, it seems to me to be a sensible and long overdue move.

Mind you, that other Etonian turnip, Cowardly Cameron, whose coalition government decided on making it part of law that Britain spends 0.7 percent of national income on aid, described the move as a mistake.

He said: “The end of DfID will mean less expertise, less voice for development at the top table and ultimately less respect for the UK overseas.”

I don’t understand that. Does Britain need to gain respect by offering handouts these days? That surely is not respect as such, but what my Mother used to call cupboard love.

However, Bunter J insisted yesterday that the move would ensure Britain spoke with one diplomatic voice around the world and help get better value for money for UK taxpayers. That I do approve of!

I was not too sure about the cash point analogy though. To get cash from those funny little machines that are becoming ever scarcer, one needs to have that money in the bank already – as I know to my cost. So many inept and corrupt governments have come to Britain with their begging bowls rather than their debit cards – and Britain has duly handed out largess without ever checking whether it is used as intended.

Bunter also went back to bluster and boasted that the UK had the third biggest aid budget and diplomatic network in the world.

“We owe it to our people to make best use of these assets, which scarcely any of our peers can match. The British taxpayer has the right to expect that we achieve the maximum value with every pound we spend,”

That sounds more like the prime minister who has been in the headlines for his inane boasting rather than his competence of late. We are back to being ‘world beaters,’ if only at giving our money away.

Bunter told the Commons that with the departmental merger. Britain’s aid spending should be more in line with the country’s diplomatic aims.

“We give as much aid to Zambia as we do to Ukraine, though the latter is vital for European security. We give ten times as much aid to Tanzania as we do to the six countries of the Western Balkans, who are acutely vulnerable to Russian meddling,” he told his somewhat sceptical audience.

It seems that Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab will now have the power to decide which countries receive or cease to receive UK foreign aid under the shakeup. Let’s hope he does better with this new job than he has done so far with the coronabug crisis.

James Roberts, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign group, said: “This shift is good news for taxpayers, but it’s crucial that the end result is less of their money being wasted. Taxpayers must get the maximum possible value for every pound spent. For too long, cash has been thrown away by DfID on ineffective and unjustified projects – money must now go to those most in need, at home and abroad.”

But Daniel Willis, another politically correct snowflake from the aid campaign group, Global Justice Now said: “This is a terrible decision that takes us back two decades to when UK aid was subservient to the interests of British business. It’s bad news for the fight against global poverty, and good news for suppliers of corporate drinks parties in foreign embassies.”

I am afraid I agree with Mr Roberts rather than Mr Willis. The entire scheme has been an embarrassing disgrace so far. Let me give you half a dozen examples of our cash being squandered on crazy schemes.

  1. Britain handed one hundred and fifty million pounds to aid projects in China in 2018, despite that country having one of the biggest economies in the world.
  2. A few years ago, a pop group called Yenga, hailed as Ethiopia’s answer to the Spice Girls received four million pounds in UK aid as part of a wider programme, aimed at empowering women in Ethiopia.
  3. In 2018, the UK pledged nearly one hundred million pounds in aid to India despite the Indian government spending almost the same sum on a lunar probe while millions of its citizens live in abject poverty.
  4. Britain has also handed one and a half billion pounds in aid to twenty countries that are internationally recognised as the most corrupt regimes in the world – and they include my Zimbabwe.
  5. One and a half million pounds s of UK aid was spent on eradicating super-sized mice from uninhabited Gough Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean!

And finally, three hundred and twenty six million was spent on operating costs at the Department for International Development in a single year in 2018/19. They must use solid gold paper clips I reckon!

With a huge recession approaching in the not too far distant future, Britain needs to keep her money to herself and forget about trying to be popular. A government’s main priority has to be looking after it’s own people – and boy, they are going to need looking after when the coronabug has moved on.

Troubling Times

Another chaotic weekend is over and I am left wondering just what all this unrest is about. Over the past two days, the police have done their job. Properly equipped, they managed to contain a lawless mob and protect public property. Politicians and commentators alike have been outspoken in their criticism of the thugs – but which thugs? Those from the ‘Far Right’ or those from Black Lives Matter?

Nobody seems quite certain.

And where on earth were the coppers last weekend? Then, the politicians were calling the protestors ‘peaceful’ or even praising them. And the police in some cases not only kneeled before the mob but then, as it turned violent, ran away from them. As a former cop, that was a sad moment for me and made me feel sick inside.

I am sorry but our forces of law and order must take a stand. Permitted lawlessness, encourages more of the same and adds to the madness in the air at the moment. My worry is that anarchy will break out all over this benighted country if nothing is done to prevent it.

Why is it that the Cenotaph and the Churchill statue in Central London have to be boarded up and hidden from view? How did a debate on police racism in the US turn into an attack on almost everything in Britain’s past, not to mention protests – and now counter-protests – and rioting across European cities? This is a very dangerous time for the world I’m afraid but the authorities seem powerless to clamp down and restore order.

How did protests against a policeman killing an unarmed black man in Minnesota last month lead to the cancelling of an episode of Fawlty Towers, the destruction of statues and assaults on the police by different sets of thugs? I am afraid that police chiefs themselves must shoulder much of the blame. They set a dreadful example last weekend, standing by in the face of mass law-breaking. Why? Because like our whole society they fear that opposing any action by BLM will lead to accusations of racism.

And now we see the consequence of this retreat from reason. The destruction of  monuments, mob rule on the streets and festering hatred from all sides on the internet. What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was obviously a disgrace. The arresting officer’s actions were callous, brutal and indefensible. But he has been arrested, charged with murder and is awaiting trial. So why have people decided to apportion the blame on anyone who is white and not demonstrating in their support. These protestors are using the actions of a cop in Minnesota to push for the erasure of British history and culture.

Yes, there must be some people genuinely protesting because of Minnesotan policing. Others are just happy to get out of the house and be praised for their nobility in doing so. But among them lie people with the most hostile imaginable view of this country, people who will not stop until they have trashed all British history and forced everyone into feeling some undue sense of shame over it.

They – and the vacuum left by pathetic political leaders – have now created a counter-force. One that thanks to its thuggery will give further ammunition to their opponents.

I have read extensively about the Rhodes Must Fall demonstration in Oxford and it would seem that the entire event was utterly incoherent, moving from vague rage against the long-dead Rhodes, to concerns about the oppression of West Papua, to shouts against colonialism.

As far as I know, China is the only major colonial power left and Peking is certainly raping Africa on a scale Cecil Rhodes never dreamed of. But the people who demonstrate can’t quite bring themselves to attack that particular regime. Sometimes I think the radical Left are more nostalgic for the British Empire than any retired Indian Army colonel ever was. It gives them something to feel aggrieved about.

The important thing about these rioters, praised to the skies by the Labour Party and deferred to by ineffectual police chiefs, is that they strengthen the new establishment and will destroy the old one. They have already helped to make it difficult for traditional, normal, Christian conservative and patriotic opinions to be expressed at all. By using social media as a form of discipline, they have made everyone – including the radically Left-wing Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling – fear them. 

Anyone, as she learned last week, can now be ‘cancelled’ – the new radicals’ chilling word for the obliteration they like to visit on their victims. She has been pursued for saying the wrong thing about the transgender issue. In fact, there is no right thing. We all have our views but it is futile to try to respond fairly and reasonably to the new orthodoxy of the hysterically screaming masses. 

As for our so-called leaders, the Tory Party has done the militant Left a huge favour over the past few months. It has blindly destroyed itself – voters will not forgive the mess it has made of their lives and of the economy, especially when they get the bill and the inevitable public inquiry reveals just how wrong government actions over the Coronabug fiasco have been. 

I voted Conservative but I now feel that Bunter Johnson’s government is merely keeping Downing Street warm for Smoothie Starmer and his Blairite masses. But this will be far worse than 1997 when the Blairites moved softly and cautiously, nervous that they might rouse the Forces of Conservatism. This time they will ride roughshod over anyone who doesn’t agree with their policies.

Because over the past few weeks, we have been forcibly shown that all the pillars of British freedom and civilisation are hollow and rotten, and that we are ripe for a cultural revolution as devastating as the one Lenin and Dzerzhinsky launched in Russia during 1917. 

The Left are already in control of every lever of power and influence, from the schools that Tories are too weak to reopen, to the police, the Civil Service, the courts and the BBC. 

It is going to mean wholesale regime change I am afraid. Do not worry too much about the statues which are now coming down or being put away. They mean surprisingly little. Worry more about the ones they are soon going to be putting up, and what they will represent. Perhaps our grandchildren will find the courage to pull them down.

What a sad, sad world we now live in. I don’t worry for myself as I am on the home straight of life now, but I do worry for my Grandchildren. They surely deserve better from this sad mess of a government.

Drifting into Anarchy?

I cannot help wondering who is in charge of the good ship Great Britain at the moment? As we gear up for another weekend of mindless violence, this country does not seem to have a Government worth the name. Bunter J has lost the plot completely since his near-death experience from the Coronabug and his ministers are typified by a piece I read in the South African media yesterday. I quote,

The countless hours of mostly aimless and meandering briefings by various politicians reflect only the appearance of transparency – as matters of substance are carefully avoided or fobbed off.

Yes, they were referring to South African politicians but the situation is exactly the same here.

You would never imagine that only six months ago, Britons elected a Conservative Government with an eighty seat majority. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I am living in a Left-wing dictatorship.

In the face of the greatest national emergency since World War II, the nation is consumed by a ridiculous squabble over statues of long-dead white men with links to the slave trade, however tenuous. Mobs roam the country, breaking the law by so doing and committing criminal damage while police stand back and let them get on with it. 

Elsewhere, the ridiculous Chief Constable of Kent Alan Pughsley, wearing full uniform, ‘took the knee’ at an anti-racism demo in Gravesend. Police are supposed to be apolitical damnit!

Opportunist Labour politicians, like London’s useless mayor, seize the moment. ‘Genghis’ Khan is obviously quite incapable of doing anything about the black lives being lost in their hundreds on the streets of London to knife crime, but to show his support for Black Lives Matter, he going to be tough on statues. Well I suppose they won’t fight back. Other Labour councils across Britain are doing the same. In Poole, poor old Baden Powell who brought the scouting movement together across the world and moulded disparate youth from all backgrounds into a force for good, is being blotted out by a rainbow-hued council without the courage of a marauding mosquito.

In the meantime, Bunter and his merry ministers seem to have abrogated all responsibility. Priti Patel is the only one speaking out at the moment – and even she caved in to the ‘experts’ over the idiotic plan to quarantine airline passengers for fourteen days. That should surely have been done from the start, not now.

Unelected scientists are in charge of dealing with the coronabug, dictating policy to nervous ministers concerned only with covering their own backsides in advance of the inevitable public inquiry.

All our institutions are run by Left-wing placemen – and not just the senior ranks of police, infested as they are with brainwashed, politically-correct dummies, much better suited to social work than the tough grind of everyday coppering.

Even Aunty BBC seems to have reinvented herself as the official broadcast partner of Black Lives Matter, churning out endless propaganda portraying Britain as a hotbed of evil racism. Meanwhile, so-called ‘news’ programmes like Newsnight spew out anti-government, anti-Tory bile daily and nobody fights back or even denies the slurs.

Most schools remain closed because the teaching unions refuse to return to work, for purely political and definitely not safety reasons. Education is the proven way to get young people out of the ghetto and into the professions, but it is youngsters in the Labour-controlled inner cities who are hardest hit by the continuing closure of schools. Clearly black lives don’t matter at all to the hard-Left leaders of the National Education Union.

Spoilt, white middle-class students take time off to march against racism, deface and destroy public monuments and spout hatred against the police. Surely, they would make far more difference to their cause if they copied the example of most Britons in the current crisis and stayed at home?

Black Lives Matter militants demand change, but when pressed have absolutely no idea how that change can be brought about. Yet pathetic government ministers still grovel before this howling mob of the great unwashed.

They have also given in to the ‘green’ fanatics exploiting the pandemic to advance their own lunatic agenda, even though the effect on our already flattened economy will be disastrous and ultimately we will all suffer.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak basks in widespread praise, even on the Left, after discovering there is a magic money tree after all. Half the country is enjoying an extended, all-expenses-paid summer holiday at taxpayers’ expense.

But giving cash away is the easy bit. Let’s see how popular Dishy Rishi is once he has to stop everyone’s pocket money in October. By then idleness will have become a way of life and millions won’t have a job to go back to.

Bunter and his predominantly grovelling Cabinet seem incapable of pushing back against this tidal wave of institutional Left-wing bias. Michael Gove who seemed sensible and perhaps destined for great things now seems to have gone missing in action. Perhaps he is hoping that Bunter implodes and he can step grandly into power and save us all.

In their evening bug briefing, Ministers pompously boast about their ‘world-class’ this and ‘world-beating’ that. But the only thing Britain is beating the world at right now is the number of needless Covid deaths.

Bunter J may feel that he is modelling himself on Churchill, but in truth he is the absolute antithesis of his hero. Churchill recovered from his lowest ebb to lead Britain to victory. Even allowing for his coronavirus confinement, those folk who have supported Bunter and those like me who were willing to give him time to prove himself have to admit that he has been a hopeless ‘wartime’ leader up to now.

After the triumphs of Brexit and the General Election, it has been downhill all the way. If Covid-19 is a remake of the second world war Bunter has led us to abysmal and ignominious defeat.

The country is teetering on the brink of anarchy and I feel that the fiasco with statues is just the beginning of a long, violent summer. There is madness and hatred in the air and unless Bunter can rediscover his pezazz and quickly, the violence in Whitehall and Hackney may simply be forerunners of much worse to come.

Fairly typically I’m afraid, on the day they watched a mob tear down the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, without making any arrests, those ever so brave Avon and Somerset Plod raided a home in Frome and fined three people for breaking lockdown!

Once again quoting my friend Mfanasibili Nkosi, ‘Nuff said!’

Pride and ‘Protest.’

So Cecil John Rhodes’ statue managed to survive the night but for how much longer? Protesters blocked the streets of Oxford yesterday demanding that the statue be taken down but so far the authorities have not caved in.

I certainly hope they do not. Yes, Rhodes was an Imperialist but he was a man of the times, as were the other ‘targets’ that the Black Lives Matter rioters have picked out to have their statues removed from the towns and cities of Britain. These men were proud of being British.

The nearest town to me is Tavistock, a peaceful market community that is dominated by a statue of its best known son, Sir Francis Drake. Drake has long been considered a hero in this part of the world, but he too was associated with the slave trade, as were most of his famous contempories, so according to the rioters – and I really can’t bring myself to call them protesters – all memorials to them should be removed.

Yes, Rhodes was an Imperialist but if he was a racist, it was according to the customs of the time. He went alone into the Matopos hills to parley with the Matabele Chiefs and halt a burgeoning war and when he died, the funeral procession leading up into those same Matopos was lined with many thousands of grieving Matabele. Would they have mourned his passing if he was indeed a racist?

And believe it or not, the current protests in Oxford are being led and directed by a former Rhodes scholar. Ndjodi Ndeunyema, a law student whose education has been partially funded by a trust set up by Rhodes told the world last night that ‘The statue remaining is an affront on the university’s support for movements such as Black Lives Matter. Rhodes is not worthy of veneration or glorification because of the racism and subjugation he represents.’

Rubbish Sir! If you do go on to succeed in your legal career, I wonder will you ever think about who funded your learning. Somehow I doubt it and I don’t suppose it occurs to you that the revered – and I have never been sure why – Nelson Mandela had no hesitation in having his name associated with that of Rhodes in the Mandela/Rhodes Trust for further scholarships.

What these rioters cannot seem to grasp is that racism in one form or another has always been part of Society and their increasingly violent and vociferous protests in some sort of twisted support for George Floyd is far more likely to inflame racism than ease it. Floyd is dead and the policemen who killed him will be tried and if found guilty, sentenced to imprisonment. Only a few years ago in the same city of Minneapolis, an Australian lady called Justine Damond was shot dead in her pyjamas by a police officer called Mahomed Noor. Nobody rioted over that. Noor was duly tried and went to jail but the incident was quickly forgotten. Damond was an honest lady trying to help the local community so I suppose her death wasn’t news. Plus of course, she was white!

I am sorry, but the sheer hypocrisy of it all makes me angry.

Of all the images – and there were thousands – displayed in the British Press about the ‘demonstrations’ last weekend, the one that sickened me most was a photograph of uniformed police officers running away from angry rioters. Where was their pride in their uniform damnit? When you join the police, you know that you will be required to put your life on the line from time to time, but you do it because you are proud of your uniform. Most coppers have shown raw courage at various points in their career and regarded it as part of ‘The Job.’ Some have lost their lives, others have had their bravery recognised with medals and citations but I have never, ever witnessed a bunch of policemen fleeing from yelling yobbery like that lot.

My own pride at having been a cop both here and in my home country took a serious knock I’m afraid.

And yet, playing politics seems far more important than proper policing in this crazy modern era. The tone was set for this latest copppering fiasco by an official statement most folk will have missed.

It was issued last Thursday by all Britain’s Chief Constables, the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the chief executive of the College of Policing and the President of the Police Superintendents’ Association. The statement read:

‘We stand alongside all those across the globe who are appalled and horrified by the way George Floyd lost his life. Justice and accountability should follow.

‘Officers are trained to use force proportionately, lawfully and only when absolutely necessary. We strive to continuously learn and improve. We will tackle bias, racism or discrimination wherever we find it . . .’

What on earth was that about? Why should the most senior coppers in Britain feel it necessary to pass comment on an incident which happened on another continent? What the hell has it got to do with them? I can’t remember a similar statement condemning police brutality in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or anywhere else for that matter. Where is the official British police reaction to Chinese repression in Hong Kong or the ongoing torrent of police brutality taking place in South Africa, Zimbabwe and a host of other African countries?

So why now?

A silly question I suppose. These Tinpot Twonks never miss an opportunity to burnish their ‘anti-racist’ credentials so they thought they’d get their pathetic virtue-signalling in first. The ‘woke’ Left were always going to hijack the death of George Floyd for their own purposes, even though most of them couldn’t point to Minnesota on a ruddy map.

I am sure that many of those who attended the weekend protests were sincere, but there is a time and place for everything, and this wasn’t it. We are currently in the middle of the greatest civil emergency since the second World War. As part of the efforts to combat the Coronabug, gatherings of more than six people have been banned. We can argue about the wisdom of that decision – and many of the Government’s other restrictions – but most people have happy to comply and many of those who have not done so have been prosecuted and fined.

Black Lives Matter shattered that sense of national unity. Thousands flooded into London, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh in open defiance of social distancing rules.

We are told that members of black, Asian and ethnic minorities face a greater risk of dying from the coronabug, yet here were black (and white) citizens rubbing shoulders with complete strangers, regardless of the risk of transmission. Were they not worried that they could take the virus that has killed so many people back to their own families and communities? Why were they allowed to flout the rules so blatantly in any case?

Yet despite the fact that the demonstrators were breaking the law, they were cheered on by the usual turnips on the Left. Kneeling among the crowd, like an embarrassing disco-dancing uncle at a gay wedding, was the ridiculous Corbynite MP, Barry Gardiner – last seen leading the lynch mob against Dominic Cummings, the PM’s adviser who drove his family to Durham for the duration.

For a week, the self-righteous Left railed against Desperate Dom and all those Brexit-voting plebs who took their families to the seaside during the hot spell. But none of them has uttered a word of criticism about the people, whether sincere or not, breaking the lockdown in their thousands to join Black Lives Matter.

The police have threatened to fine anyone caught entertaining more than six people in their back garden so why did they allow the ‘protests’ to go ahead? If these were football fans, protesting about not being let back into grounds when the Premier League resumes, the Yard would have sent in the armed response units. If you or I decided to turn up at Downing Street, let off flares and throw a bicycle at a police horse, our feet wouldn’t touch the ground and quite rightly so. But if you’ve got a ‘cause’ – be it anti-racism, or climate change – the modern Plod are happy to let you get on with it.

We’ve been here before, most recently with Extinction Rebellion being allowed to bring London to a standstill for a week. Remember the skateboarding constable and the pink yacht in Oxford Circus?  Was anyone surprised that Bristol police stood back and watched a gang of thugs demolish Edward Colston’s statue? This is the force – sorry ‘service’ – which gave that preposterous Thunberg adolescent a police escort in an electric car to address thousands of schoolchildren playing truant, just as we were becoming aware of the Coronabug threat.

Meanwhile, back in Whitehall, it was only a matter of time before ‘peaceful protest’ turned into violent anarchy – just as it did before during the student fees protests, the anti-globalisation protests, the anti-capitalist protests and virtually every other occasion when London mobs were allowed to do as they wanted.

Churchill’s statue defaced, the Cenotaph violated, frontline coppers attacked and so on and so forth. Some things just don’t change.

Only this time the craven posturing of Scotland Yard’s self-serving, careerist top brass – in thrall to all things diverse and fashionable – ended up with forty nine coppers injured and a young woman officer hospitalised with cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a collapsed lung.

The British Police used to be regarded as the finest police force in the world but that is a title it has long since forfeited.