I was interested to read about the current political furore regarding the Conservative junior Minister Mark Field. This worthy was at a black tie dinner in London when the event was ‘invaded’ by a bunch of Greenpeace activists. One young lady hurried up to the top table where Field grabbed her and hustled her out of the room.

That was the inevitable cue for mass outrage among the twitterati. Why? In the light of recent terrorist attacks in London, Field acted with commendable courage. That woman might have been armed, might have been prepared to blow herself and the rest of the top table to smithereens. Like it or not, it happens and I feel that Field did well to get her out of that room as quickly as was possible. If she was manhandled, well she surely brought that upon herself. As for the predictable cries of outrage from the feminists, they want to be seen as entirely equal to men so they surely cannot complain when one of their number is subject to firm handling.

Of course, it was manna from heaven for the Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties, all of whom had voluble and pretentiously idiotic commentators sounding forth about brutality and the beastly Tories.

Needless to say though, the weak-kneed bunch of snowflakes that make up the Conservative party have suspended Field, while the lady in question – I can’t remember her name and am not really interested in it – bravely tells the media that she doesn’t want to prosecute the man.

‘I only wanted dialogue, not violence,’ she says, cuddling a rabbit to her bosom.

But you were the one promoting violence by gate-crashing the gathering, Ma’am.

And where oh where were the security people? I am sure responsibility for security of the event must have been outsourced to a private company, but Philip Hammond, our worthy Chancellor was speaking at the dinner and he would surely have had police bodyguards on hand?!How could these people have been allowed to get in?

I always used to be proud of the seven years that I spent as a British Bobby, but now I would rather say I was a bus conductor or window cleaner. In general – and there are of course exceptions – the modern police in Britain couldn’t catch a ruddy cold and are far too keen on racist or hate crimes to worry about ordinary villainy.

That I find rather sad.

While on the subject of politicians and policing, I couldn’t help shaking my head at the headline in most papers today. Would you believe that the front runner to become Prime Minister of the land, which would enable him to hob nob with what few great leaders there are left in this world- and don’t ask me to name them please! – had his neighbours call the police at around midnight the other night. Apparently he and his popsy – her name is Carrie Something – were having a stand up row and disturbing the neighbourhood. Glass or crockery was being smashed and the language quoted was that of kids from the gutter rather than someone who wants to lead Britain into Independence from Europe.

I was nice about Boris Johnson yesterday, but perhaps – only perhaps mind you – I was wrong. Mine is probably an old fashioned view but this sort of puerile squabbling bodes ill for the future – not of Johnson himself but of the country.

Mind you, the alternative is hardly inspiring!

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