Never Never Land

After a fairly brutal day yesterday – I left early to drive 160 miles or so to Gloucestershire, gave a talk then drove back again – today it is back to the problems of what is said to be the Real World. I think I prefer the world of Peter Pan!

My Talk yesterday was called A Taste of Africa and at one point I mentioned that modern Africa is comprised of 54 free and independent countries. Many of them fought for their freedom and all of them wanted to be free and independent from outside control. I added that the only country in the world which apparently doesn’t want to be free and independent is Britain. That drew a nervous titter from my audience and it really does seem that this country is tearing itself apart over the independence issue.

Does that mean that Britain was wrong to grant independence to her colonies, most of whom were in far more parlous states at the time than Britain is today? Of course it does, but such is the perfidy of British politicians that they cared nothing about the people they were condemning to an uncertain future. Yet now that they face a vaguely uncertain future themselves, the political cognoscenti are running around like headless chickens.

What a pathetic bunch they are!

Now it would seem that even the resignation of Kim Darroch as Britain’s man in Washington is being put down to sneaky Brexiteers. Everyone wants to know who leaked the incriminating memos that cost Darroch his job and have caused such enormous diplomatic problems. Yesterday the government announced that the police are now involved in a probe being led by the Cabinet Office. 

There are four main theories about who could have been responsible: Someone acting for a hostile state, a US spy source, a Brexiteer government minister or a disgruntled snivel servant.

Perhaps the most popular of the theories is that a pro-Trump, pro-Brexit minister must have leaked the material in a bid to force Sir Kim out so that he could be replaced with someone more sympathetic to Brexit. The fact that Boris Johnson served as foreign secretary between July 2016 and July 2018 has meant he has been viewed with much suspicion by the Remoan lobby. How damned ridiculous this whole affair is becoming! The offending memos date from 2017 right up to the present day so Johnson could hardly have had anything to do with them. He was fired from government circles a long time ago.

To my mind, the leaker is bound to be another snivel servant who works on the ambassador’s staff and is not very happy about things. I hope they do discover who he/she is and he/she is made an example of but I am not holding my breath. It means that the cops will have to find the culprit and are they really up to that?

The standard of policing in modern Britain was typified for me this morning by a piece in one of the papers about an incident where a young mother in Newcastle was left horrified when police knocked on her door. The cops had received a report from the NSPCC – another grandstanding body of interfering busybodies – that her children were naked in the garden. That I presume meant that the kids were in grave danger of something, so needed to be protected. The nanny state once more springing into action

The officers found the children – aged 2 and 5 damnit – playing happily in a paddling pool.

With all their protestations about cuts and overwork, how on earth can two bobbies be detached from other duties to attend to what was obviously a silly complaint. It was a warm afternoon with plenty of sunshine. I am sure hundreds of children were playing in paddling pools around the country and few if any of them would have been fully dressed.

When I became a police officer all those years ago, it was drummed into me that common sense was to be used at all times. What on earth has happened to common sense among modern guardians of the law?

In another piece, a Christian doctor is suing the Department for Work and Pensions says he lost his job after a recruitment agent asked whether or not he’d call a bearded man ‘madam’.

Dr David Mackereth says that he was wrongfully sacked for refusing to call people who were born male ‘she’ even if they now identify as female. The good doctor is totally justified in his behaviour. Each and every one of us is born the way we are and this current craze to choose one’s gender is leading to ever more fatuous cases like this one.

I hope Dr Mackereth wins his case and is awarded millions although where this benighted government will find the millions I really don’t know.

One of the joys of my Taste of Africa talk is that it takes me and my audiences back into an apparently crazy but far saner world where political correctness does not apply.

Oh for such a world!

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