A New Prime Minister

So after weeks of arguments, insults and speculation, it is settled. Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister. I would like to think he will be allowed to get on with the job, but I fear the biggest obstacle to that will be his own colleagues in Parliament.

On the Politics Live show yesterday not half an hour after the result was announced, the leader of the Scottish Nationalists in Westminster, Ian Blackford was vowing to bring Johnson down at whatever the cost. What an obstructive, self-important prat the man is. No, not Johnson but Blackford. He couldn’t even out argue Theresa Maybe at the weekly PMQs so I hope Johnson will quickly put him in his place.

Labour have been ominously quiet so far, but Tory ministers seem to be resigning en masse before they are fired and I fear they will be as obstructive as Blackford from the back benches. Do none of them ever think about the folk who actually voted them into their cushy jobs – the voters like you and me? I fear not. We are courted and given numerous promises until they are actually ensconced in power, then we are conveniently forgotten.

I have my doubts about Johnson. He was a disaster as Foreign Secretary after all, but at least he has personality and will hopefully stand up to the bureaucratic and unelected charlatans in Europe. They won’t like him but won’t be able to bully him either.

My morning trawl through the newspapers was a real treat today and showed just how mixed up and divided this country is. I am all for people having differing views, but the papers today were either enthusiastically pro Johnson or virulently against him. There was no middle ground and no reasoned argument either for or against. It was all hot air and woffle.

For God’s sake, give the man a chance. If he makes a mess of things, he can be booted out in a general election but at least let him have a bit of breathing space. We all need a resolution to this Brexit mess and if Johnson delivers some sort of reasonable outcome, he will have done a hell of a lot more than his predecessor. I voted for Brexit along with over seventeen million others. The leave vote won the argument, but despite numerous promises to bring Brexit about, we are still foundering in a morass of argument and obfuscation. I am sure I am not the only one who is sick to the back teeth of the political classes. Whatever they might claim to the contrary, there is currently very little if any sense of democracy in the supposedly United Kingdom.

In many ways, Johnson reminds me of Trump. Both men are show offs and both put their foot in their mouths with awesome regularity and in so doing offend a number of people. However, whether one likes him or loathes him – again there doesn’t seem to be a middle line – Trump has lived up to his pre election promises and again, that is a hell of a lot more than his predecessor managed. Give Boris Johnson a chance to do the same for the sake of us all.

Theresa Maybe meanwhile has managed to offend me yet again on her last full day as prime minister. Firstly, she has extended the ‘sugar tax’ to include milkshakes. Now I very much enjoy the occasional milkshake – probably a sad confession from a regular boozist – and object to paying more for my treat. I don’t need protection at my advanced age damnit! I have looked after myself for a very long time and am neither obese nor unhealthy.

Then – Heaven forbid – the government announced yesterday that smoking WILL be eliminated in this country by 2030. Why damnit? I have enjoyed my pipe since I was eighteen years old and wanting to look older than I was. It has kept me sane in difficult or troubled times and I refuse to give it up. It is easy for people living in cosseted comfort to rail against the tobacco industry but for folk on the breadline, smoking is their only solace. Look at photographs of people in war zones or anywhere life is cheap. Cigarettes keep them going, whether they be commercially manufactured or mere wisps of tobacco-like substance wrapped in any paper they can find.

The government green paper say that this is part of a range of measures to tackle the causes of ‘preventable ill health’ and claim that promoting physical activity, developing guidelines on sleep and targeting those at risk of diabetes are also priorities in their plans. They also want to extend tooth cleaning in children damnit! Surely that is the responsibility of parents?

Huh! They go on to claim that men and women in this country spend over a fifth of their lives in ill health – 19 years for women and 16 for men. Those in deprived areas experience the longest periods of poor health.

Of course they ruddy well do but all the nannying legislation in the world is not going to change that. I don’t suppose I will still be alive in 2030 but if I am, I shall still be puffing contentedly on my corncob.

Sorry Mrs Maybe but you and your army of hectoring nannies will not stop that. So there!

One thought on “A New Prime Minister

  1. Morning David – I’m in full agreement with everything you wrote today – particularly the fact that “we” voted for Brexit but that fact is still being ignored?? MP’s are put in place by”us” – but once in place. ignore what is asked of them. It’s all so daft – ask a question, you get five minutes, ok maybe three – of talk that doesn’t answer the question. At least the next few weeks will be different!


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