Broken Promises, Political Correctness and Taxpayers’ Burden

What is it about the modern Liberal Democrats? If they are indeed liberal, so be it. That is probably a good thing. They certainly don’t seem too democratic though.

Their current stance on Brexit, put stridently forward by their new leader, the Scottish harpy, Jo Swinson is completely undemocratic. Okay, they are unlikely to ever be elected to power, but Ms Swinson talks about herself as a possible prime minister of the future and tells us that as such, she will throw out the democratic vote of seventeen and a half million people and make sure that Britain remains in the European Union.

How can that be justified? I am sure most Lib Dems are nice people with all the right intentions, but let’s remember that their party in recent years have not been particularly nice. It has become surprising ruthless and adept at twisting the rules and forgetting all the promises made.

Do you remember how during the 2010 election campaign the Libdems repeatedly promised to abolish tuition fees? Oh yes, they were aiming at the young voters but as soon as Crafty Cameron tempted that Pratwinkle Clegg into forming a coalition government, they promptly agreed to treble the ruddy fees.

Even by the dire standard of modern politics, that took one’s breath away and would surely have won any awards going for cynicism. It was the action of a sanctimonious party even more shamelessly inconsistent than its larger rivals. The Harpy is part of that horrible tradition. With her soft Scottish accent and youthful features, she seems as straightforward a woman as you could hope to encounter, but she is as cynical, devious and slippery as the worst of them. Not only is she happy to kill off the 2016 referendum result. She openly admits that she will. Yet there was a time, although she has chosen to forget it when she was herself in favour of an EU referendum.

On Sunday, she declared sententiously that she couldn’t ‘forgive David Cameron for calling the referendum’. Yet in 2008 she proposed an In/Out poll from the LibDem benches, and criticised Brussels over its undemocratic procedures.

How on earth are we expected to trust these people? They really are a bunch of conniving criminals at heart. I am beginning to wonder if the politicians of Africa are at least more honest in their corruption than this lot.

I can well imagine that the head of the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service (not a brigade anymore) is a liberal democrat too. He has dropped the TV character Fireman Sam as the service mascot thanks to alleged ‘negative feedback.’ 

This ‘feedback’ says that the character is not ‘inclusive’ enough and might discourage women from joining. What utter poppycock! Isn’t it amazing how ‘negative feedback’ from politically correct fanatics gets listened to, while the rest of us can whistle in the wind if we have any concerns about the emergency services? 

I am a mere man but I am sure most women don’t want to be firefighters. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be a nanny damnit! Yes I know some men would and some women doubtless crave the thrills of firefighting but it just is not a natural thing.

When he was Home Secretary all those years ago, Jack Straw (bless him) set a target of fifteen per cent women in the fire service by 2009, a giant increase on the figure at the time, which was one point four per cent. 

By 2017, years of effort had got the figure up to five point two per cent of firefighters in England. But to achieve this the requirements for height and strength have had to be greatly watered down.

Apart from ensuring that we have far too many undersized men in the fire service, I reckon this is political correctness gone mad – again!

It won’t be long before the Royal Biscuit flies out to Africa with his Tame Yank. It is supposed to be a ‘family visit’ but they are taking with them a private secretary, an assistant private secretary, two programme coordinators (I wonder what they do?) a personal assistant. a social media manager, three – yes THREE – communications secretaries, a logistics something or the other, a director of royal travel, a nanny and a hairdresser.

That is not to mention the Gingernut’s squad of personal protection officers. The smarmy couple have announced on Instagram that they will pay for the hairdresser. How thoughtful that is. They also announced that this time they will be taking a commercial flight rather than a chartered jet. That isn’t really surprising, I don’t suppose there is a private jet out there that is big enough to carry all that lot.

And all for a ten-day visit. The mind boggles I’m afraid and the sooner this drain-on-the-taxpayer couple move as promised to America, the better.

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