Justice and the Courts

Okay so the Supreme Court has decided that the prorogation – where do they find these words – of Parliament was illegal. Whichever way you voted in the referendum, all of us must accept that but can we really have faith in British courts?

I don’t believe we can. Justice in this country has gone seriously astray and while I am often ranting about the police, far worse are the courts.

Last year, more than sixty rapes and killings were carried out by suspects on bail for other crimes. They were among thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty-six offences committed by so-called ‘bail bandits.’

Of those, nine thousand and seventy-nine cases were indictable, that means they were crimes so serious that they could only be heard in Crown Court. It has led to calls for the system to be overhauled to protect the public. The 2018 figures reveal there were thirty-one killings, thirty-five rapes, sixty-five sex offences against children and one thousand, five hundred and five burglaries carried out by people on bail. 

That is plain lunacy. Why on earth are these people, many of them with long criminal records being allowed to walk among us? The figures mean that more than one in every fourteen house burglaries, and one in every twenty murders was committed by a suspect bailed for another crime. 

Overall, almost forty people a day became victims of crimes committed by suspects bailed by the courts. 

Over the past three years there have been fifty-three murders, thirty-five manslaughters and two hundred and four rapes carried out by criminal suspects on bail. Don’t these appalling statistics worry anybody in the upper echelons of power or are they all too busy screaming insults at each other and hatching Machiavellian plots to thwart what the public voted for?

Of course, the ‘suspects’ I mentioned might have been on police bail where the plod have released them while further enquiries are carried out. It is probably more likely that they were allowed on to the streets again having been bailed by a court after being charged.

The statistics I have quoted were released recently by the Ministry of Justice, who seem quite proud of their successes.

I think there should be a major overhaul of the justice system and a drastic review into what is going on with the Courts. Every day we read about more and more cases where vicious and violent criminals walk free for one spurious reason or the other.

Why then should we really have any faith in the so-called Supreme Court? It was put into place by the Blair government and the reality is that they are not ‘supreme’ at all. While we are part of the EU, they can still be overruled by the European justice system.

As an experienced cop myself, I soon lost faith in the court system but this lot seem more ineffectual than the magistrates and judges of my day – and that is saying a lot!

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