Politics, Protesters and the Rugby World Cup

Well, for all his foppishness and ridiculous mannerisms, Bunter Johnson has done exactly what he promised to do. He has come up with a deal to get Britain out of the European Union. This should surely be a reason for us all to celebrate – shouldn’t it?

Regretfully, I don’t know and although I am cautiously optimistic, I quail inside at the thought of the proposed deal being thrown out by those ridiculously self-important MPs tomorrow.

There they all were on the idiot box yesterday; Corbyn frowningly telling us that he could not possibly vote for this deal because it let us down by not attending to ‘workers’ rights’ – this comment coming not after careful perusal and consideration of what was proposed, but twenty six minutes before the details were even made public.

That fact alone strips Corbyn’s statement of any shred of credibility.

Then we had the Poison Dwarf from Scotland and the Lib Dem Harpy plus squawking Soubry Loo, the smugly overweight Scottish Blackbird and the former Conservative moaners giving us all the usual twaddle. It was sickening to listen to I’m afraid. Tomorrow they will have a chance to debate the deal. Let them wait for that debate, listen to what is said, consider the options and cast their votes accordingly. Then they can tell us all about it and explain why they voted the way they did.

But I fear they will all be busy again today with their grave pronouncements of gloom and doom. What on earth has happened to the calibre of politicians in this country? I had no great faith in Bunter when he came to power, but like Trump across the pond, he has backed up his bluster by doing what he promises.

I have no issue with that and just pray that a few more than usual of the career politicians in the House of Commons will actually give due consideration to the way they vote tomorrow.

Or is that asking too much of the modern political class?

At last it seems that Londoners might be rebelling against the mass tyranny of Extinction Rebellion protesters. Hoo – ruddy – ray!

Yesterday, ordinary commuters – those hard-working people who spend their lives trudging backward and forward to work and over the last two weeks have repeatedly found themselves thwarted by smug do-gooders protesting about the state of the planet, finally fought back.

One of the protesters was Mark Ovland, who gave up his full-time Buddhist teacher training studies this year to join XR as a ‘full-time protester.’ Full-time waste of space, would be a more appropriate description. I wonder who is funding his protesting lifestyle? Probably all of us.

Anyway, Ovland was booted off the train roof by a furious-looking bloke in a tracksuit top. Even Buddha himself couldn’t save him from falling into the maw of the crowd.

He could have been beaten to a pulp by travellers driven mad by the fact they had missed their connection, had not other commuters formed a protective ring of padded jackets around him.

I wonder if he even thought about thanking them?

Watching footage of the action, I wanted to cheer the angry commuters to the rafters. At last ordinary citizens were doing what the police have so dismally failed to do this year, which was to stop one of these XR events in its tracks. One has to wonder why this XR mob are always treated with such kid gloves, even as the city grinds to a halt around them.

For example, one thrilled-looking granny who had glued herself to the top of a train yesterday had a safety helmet popped on her head, a harness wrapped around her body and clearly a nice chat and a laugh with the police officers who unglued her. How pathetic the forces of law and order have become. Do they care nothing about their citizens being prevented from going about their daily lives by these hooligans?

The demonstrators put themselves in harm’s way. They should not be treated by the police like naughty children while law-abiding citizens are expected to suck up the disturbance without complaint. The right to protest must surely end when you violate the rights of others to go about their daily business. That is not protest, it is civil disobedience.

There is no way that holding up commuters is going to make them sympathetic to your cause — surely Extinction Rebellion and their pathetic celebrity eco-terrorist chums must see this is a warning of what I hope is to come? Certainly, my patience ran out long ago. I suppose there are reasonable points to their cause, but they preach an apocalyptic rhetoric of death, claiming billions of people are going to die soon because of climate change.

What a load of claptrap! Billions? Come off it. Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam even promises that ‘your children are going to die of starvation’ unless the economy is completely transformed in five years.

They talk of imminent catastrophe, mass suffering and deaths, but science doesn’t back this up. Hallam has also said it is ‘great fun taking down capitalists’. So at least he’s honest about that.

The mood among the protesters darkened during the week when the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali. One protestor explained:

“It was supposed to be Greta,” He said to the camera, “she was overlooked by a panel of white men because Norway is a fossil fuel country.” This statement went unchallenged by the reporter, who probably didn’t know that the panel member announcing the prize was in fact a woman. Dr. Abiy won because he brought peace to a region wrecked by war for thirty years and to suggest that Ms Thunberg deserved it more was just plain daft. Greta Thunberg, whether she likes it or not, is the movement’s global figurehead and thus protected from scrutiny or criticism by its supporters, none of whom really have any idea as to what actually goes on in the world. She has brought chaos and fear rather than peace to the world, unlike Dr Abiy.

The alarmist language is bad enough, but a lot of goodwill is being washed away by the hardline stance taken by these cretins and the utter ghastliness of many of their supporters. The well-to-do grandparents, the trust fund kids, the anarchists, the Octavias, the Ruperts, the Buddhist students, the unwashed, the unemployed, the bored, the Benedict Cumberbatches and all the other luvvies spring to mind.

Once, XR fought against public indifference. Now, they must contend with public rage. Good. I am firmly on the side of the public.

I read today that Sainsburys has become the first British supermarket chain to stop selling fireworks. What wonderful news. If there was a Sainsbury store around here, I would change my allegiance immediately.

The company has apparently made the decision amid concern for pets and older people – as well as frustration at antisocial behaviour. The paper says Britons spend more than £20m a year on fireworks. That is twenty million quid going up in smoke while charities still beg us all for money. My concern is not necessarily for pets or old folk, but for the soldiers returning from war zones and being subjected to terrible memories by the horrifically realistic sounds being made by modern fireworks. Unfortunately other supermarkets will continue to sell them.

I often rant about the iniquities of television, but I shall be glued to the idiot box as I call it for the next two days. With four absolutely cracking games of rugby scheduled in Japan, I will be difficult to move.

Hopefully I will be ranting again on Monday and the weekend promises to give me a great deal to rant about.

See you on Monday.

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