Politicians and Princes

I squirmed when I watched clips of Squeaker Bercow’s ‘performance’ in Parliament yesterday. This little man – in every sense – really did scale new heights of pomposity and self-justification and it was horrible to watch.

He was never going to permit Bunter Johnson’s deal to be put to a vote – especially once it became apparent that the Government might just have cobbled together enough support to get it passed. So he waffled and blustered and it seemed largely irrelevant which reason he plucked out of the air to nullify the wish of the People. If it hadn’t been this one, it would have been another.

At one point, Bercow said that he wouldn’t allow a vote because Parliament had already voted on a similar motion and some arcane rule prevents the same question being put twice. How can that possibly be the case? Can we now expect him to stop MPs putting forward amendments calling for a second referendum and continued membership of the customs union – both of which have already been rejected on numerous occasions?

Somehow, I doubt it.

What really makes me mad though is the repeated bleating of Bercow and his fellow Remainers that democratic accountability demands that Brexit is subject to Parliamentary scrutiny.

What a load of cynical claptrap!.

This rotten, corrupt Parliament has shown nothing but contempt for democracy over the past three and a half years. Having promised to respect the referendum result, the majority of MPs have done their very best to overturn it. The only reason they are insisting on Parliamentary scrutiny now is because that’s the best way of preventing Brexit ever happening.

It is an appalling thought but I fear we could be in for another three years of this dreadful nonsense. Because of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, brought it by Twister Cameron, there needn’t be another General Election until the summer of 2022. Labour isn’t going to back an election it would undoubtedly lose, so the only way a general election could be triggered is if the Government is defeated in a vote of confidence and Corbyn’s Cowboys refuse to move one.

Despite agitating for a ‘People’s Vote’ or a ‘confirmatory vote’, the Opposition in general is scared stiff of letting the people decide. Among those demanding a People’s Vote are a couple of dozen MPs who have resigned from the Tory and Labour parties recently and either joined the Lib Dems, set up Change UK, or are sitting as independents.

Chocky Umunna for instance is on his third party in the past few months as is the good doctor from Totnes, Sarah Wollaston.

Not a single one of these flip-flopping no hopers has had the decency to offer themselves back to their constituents in a confirmatory by-election, even though they now represent a different political party to the one they were elected to represent.

So I think we can take whatever they say about a People’s Vote with a large bucket full of salt.

I read through Bunter’s deal yesterday and was not impressed. It is much the same as the one Mother Maybe put forward but has a few minor tweaks here and there. I don’t really understand the triumphalism we are seeing in some quarters, but I suppose it is a deal of sorts and that is what our erstwhile MPs have been braying about.

Good deal or bad deal, it is probably the best we can expect in the circumstances. It is a deal damnit and if it does get through, at least this whole sorry farce will come to an end. I would have preferred to leave without a deal I’m afraid, but the MPs have vetoed that. Yet when they are presented with a workable deal, they throw it out.

Where oh where is the sense in that? Are these people really part of the same world the rest of us live in or have they all been lobotomised?

I didn’t watch the documentary last Sunday about the Royal Biscuit and his Yank’s trip to South Africa. Had I done so I would doubtless have been as appalled as seem many of the media commentators.

It seems that instead of detailing the problems faced by ordinary people in Africa, most of the programme focussed on the problems being experienced by the Biscuit and his Bride. They both seem worried about being in the media spotlight but I’m afraid that comes with the job. We taxpayers keep this couple in their luxury lifestyle and if people want to know what they are doing and how they live (I certainly don’t!) then they must put up with it or forfeit their reliance on the taxpayer.

I had a certain amount of feeling for the Biscuit when he was a wild student at Cirencester and again when he went off to Afghanistan with the army. Since meeting the Yank though, he seems to have metamorphosed into a whining, self-pitying grouch and I only wish the pair of them would head off to America and get out from under our collective noses.

Mind you, it might not be a bad idea if the entire Royal Family (except perhaps for Queenie) disappeared from the scene. Think how much money could then be diverted into the NHS and other essential services.

I have nothing against some of the Royals but I am a Republican at heart and fail to see why I should pay to keep them living in luxury and in the Biscuit’s case, taking flak for not treating him as he feels he ought to be treated.

I am sorry his Mother died early but that was twenty years ago and I wish he would stop reminding us of the pain he is apparently still experiencing. Most of us have tragedies in our lives and some of them are ongoing, but we just get on with things and make the best of life as it stands.

It is high time the Royal Biscuit and his Bride stop telling us about their hardships and worry more about the people they are supposed to be worrying about. She claims to be doing a great deal of good for various charitable causes, yet all she seems to care about is herself and the same applies to her royal husband.

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