Political Insincerity and Devastating Drought

It was pathetic to hear the sentimental and totally insincere claptrap dished out to Squeaker Bercow by Britain’s pathetic parliamentarians in the House yesterday. Bunter J did at least ply him with a couple of barbed comments such as mentioning that this had been ‘the longest retirement since Sinatra,’ but to listen to the rest of them, one would have thought that this poisonous little man had been a wonderful role model for anyone else wishing to become Speaker of The House.Instead of which, Bercow has spent ten years grandstanding and violating his historic role’s neutrality to impose his own prejudices — while interrupting proceedings with tedious outpourings of convoluted drivel that he thought made him sound clever.

Any successor can only be better. He has taught them all how not to do it.

But of course, yesterday was all about the forthcoming election and I hope the commentators are wrong about it being a close run race. This country needs stability and there is absolutely none of that at the moment. Mind you, perhaps this election will weed out some of the clowns we have in Parliament at the moment.

Take that woman, Layla Moran of the Liberal Democrats – no I shall call them liberals from now on because they are anything but democratic! She believes that her boss, the Harpy Swinson is set to be the next prime minister.

I fear it is more likely that a donkey will win the next Grand National but Moran is fairly typical of these people who live in hermetically sealed bubbles and have little knowledge of the real world.

When pressed on Brexit, she idiotically stated, “We will make this all go away. That is what people really want.”

Is it really? Has this barmy bird from leafy Oxford West ever deigned to meet someone who favours leaving the European Union? For that matter has she ever spoken to anyone who doesn’t share her somewhat extreme view that a new government of whatever persuasion can just ignore the votes of seventeen point four million people and forget the whole thing.

I rather wish she was standing for Princetown. I would love to explain to her that she needs to take a bit more tonic in her sundowners.

Away from the political madness of Britain, my own country is being hit desperately hard by drought. It is so bad that animals in the Mana Pools national park are dying in droves and well meaning people are putting out fodder to feed them.

It probably sounds brutal of me but for all their good intentions, I just cannot approve. Nature is brutal at times. I gave a talk on lions earlier this week and explained to a large audience that for all their power and status at the top of the food chain, lions actually lead a very uncertain life and only a small percentage of them grow to full maturity. I showed them some pretty horrible photographs to reinforce the point and although I was initially nervous about doing this, the talk went down exceedingly well.

Nature ensures that only the fittest and strongest get to the top and every so often she hits Africa with testing disasters like droughts, floods, earthquakes etcetera. These are not random events. They are part of Nature’s plan and despite being dedicated to the bush and to conservation, I feel we are wrong to interfere.

Mind you, my heart bleeds for those animals and I can understand why people want to help.

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