Common Sense and The Law

Every country needs a system of law, mainly because the human animal needs direction in how to live its life. But the law must surely be tinged with compassion and common sense, not be enforced with extreme rigidity whatever the circumstances.

Take the case of Mavis and Dennis Eccleston who had been married for sixty years and lived in the West Midlands. Dennis was riddled with cancer and when he told Mavis that he could not continue the battle and intended to end his life, this doughty lady told him, ‘I am coming with you.’

They duly took a cocktail of drugs, said goodbye to each other and drifted into unconsciousness, but their daughter Joy Munns found them and they were rushed to hospital.

Dennis died there but the medical staff managed to save eighty year old Mavis. The day after this all happened, she was arrested on suspicion of murder and taken away by police, still in her dressing gown, nightie and slippers. She was then held in a cell for thirty hours.

Where is there a shred of humanity in that scenario? But it gets worse. On April 1 this year, Mavis and Dennis’ three children were given the devastating news that their mother was to be charged with murder.

In September, this poor woman was subjected to a harrowing three week trial before jurors found her not guilty and she was discharged.

Thank God for those jurors but what on earth were the West Midland cops, the Crown Prosecution lawyers and all the relevant pen pushers who caused this travesty of justice doing to even allow the case to come to trial.

Surely someone in authority could have quietly spoken to Mavis and given her a caution or something similar. And when will the strutting popinjays who are currently electioneering for their lives set about debating the iniquities of the current laws on assisted suicide? This has gone on far too long and as I said at the beginning of this little piece, the law has to contain an element of compassion.

Meanwhile, a group of eight ladies from my own country came across to Britain in search of jobs as ‘trained and qualified nurses.’

Huh! The authorities in the NHS did not take long to discover that none of the ladies in question had any idea about nursing. Their ‘qualification certificates’ were all identical and after in depth enquiries, it was found that they had been forged, probably by the same person on the same machine.

Reprehensible and far more worthy of punishment than the ‘crime’ committed by poor old Mavis Eccleston, but apparently not. They promptly claimed and received asylum on the grounds that they were afraid to go back to Zimbabwe When questioned by the Media, a spokesperson for the Home Office said that it would be a ‘violation of their human rights’ were they to be deported as should have been the case.

So they will stay here and we the poor taxpayers will pay for them.

I can’t remember who it was first said that the law is an ass – it could have been Shakespeare or Rumpole – but that is hard on asses, which are relatively intelligent animals.

The law in Britain is little more than a laughing stock and it is administered by cretins without a shred of common sense in what passes for their brains.

Meanwhile a birth coach has been forced out of her government role for saying that only women can have babies.

For most of us that is pretty obvious but she apparently offended the trans gender lobby so she was fired.

At the same time, a female prisoner was sexually assaulted in a women’s prison by a transgender inmate with a male body. This man had previously been sentenced for rape.

I am not sure that according to law rape can be committed by females so surely a convicted rapist should serve their sentence in a male jail? Compassion for those who claim to be trapped in the wrong body is one thing, but destroying the career of a dedicated healthcare professional who simply states an incontestable medical fact is not only outrageous, it’s insane.

And deliberately putting women at risk of rape in pursuit of a fashionable political agenda is nothing short of criminal.

The entire legal and moral set up in Britain needs drastic overhauling. This surely cannot be allowed to continue.

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