Student Leaders and Royalty

Where will the collective insanity that drives the young of this world end? I dread to think.

We are now told by leaders of the Universities and Colleges Union (whoever they may be) that anyone should be allowed to ‘identify’ as black regardless of the colour of their skin or background. These hysterical and opinionated twits have set out their stance in a report on the ongoing row about whether men should be able to self-identify as women and be treated as female regardless of their anatomy.

The UCU’s ‘position statement’ did not just stand by its support for self-identification of gender, but also insisted people can choose their own race, saying: ‘Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry and stereotyping. UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.’

I am not alone in my opposition to this sort of idiocy. Recognising ‘self-defined’ women as fully female is deeply controversial among many leading feminists too. Mother Maybe’s pathetic government did consider changing the law to allow people to choose their own gender, but Ministers have put those plans on hold after a backlash from female voters.

Many female academics say they have faced harassment from students and activists for questioning trans-inclusive policies, and several high-profile female speakers including Germaine Greer and Dame Jenni Murray have been ‘no platformed’ from university debates for their refusal to accept that anyone who says they are a woman must be accepted as female.

We are different for God’s sake! I can’t have a baby so why should I be allowed to call myself a woman just because I feel like it? If I want to dress up in feminine clothes, that is fine but it doesn’t entitle me to use the ladies’ loo.

But it is not only the gender issue. The union’s position on race was last night mocked as the latest ‘nonsensical’ demonstration of ‘woke’ thinking imported from US campuses. I am not sure what ‘woke’ means, but the choosing of one’s own race has already proved highly controversial in America: in 2015, Rachel Dolezal resigned as an official with the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People after her white parents disputed her claim to be black. They should surely know!

The British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen also came under fire across the pond over his character Ali G, a white man from Staines who asks critics: ‘Is it because I is black?’

In Britain, the actor Anthony Lennon – born in London to Irish parents – faced criticism last year when it emerged, he had won funding from an Arts Council scheme to help ethnic minority actors develop their stage careers, because he ‘identifies’ as a ‘born-again African.’ He should have been prosecuted for fraud damnit, not given a grant.

There are a few – a very few – dissenting voices however. Kathleen Stock, a philosophy professor at Sussex University and UCU member, has questioned the union’s position on race, saying it was ‘nonsensical, anti-intellectual propaganda.’

No My Dear, it is pure and undiluted garbage designed to provoke. Each and every one of us is as we are and while we can change inwardly, our bodies remain the same and so does our colour.

The UCU is led by Jo Grady, a lecturer at Sheffield University Management School. If this is the calibre of lecturers in our higher seats of learning, God help this country. It wasn’t her, but another union spokesman confirmed that the UCU considers ‘it is up to individuals to choose if they wish to be recognised as black.’

When is the world going to wake up and recognise that this collective insanity is dangerous? These retarded twonks who come out with their idiotic pronouncements are going to be the leaders of the future – and then what?

I am not by any means a Royalist but I do feel very sorry for Queenie. The newspapers today are full of articles condemning her second son, the Duke of York for an interview he gave to the BBC yesterday. It was to give his side of allegations that he was engaged in sexual romps with under age girls, laid on by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pederast.

Without exception, the articles I read – and I didn’t see the interview last night – were excoriating. The Duke was accused of ‘obviously lying’ and ‘thinking only of himself and never the victims.’ That I am afraid is how this overweight ass has always been. He apparently denied being a ‘playboy prince’ but it is the image he has always conveyed. At ninety-three, her Maj does not need this, particularly after the furore over the Biscuit and his American duchess boycotting the Royal Christmas.

As I said, I did not see the offending interview and have no intention of seeing it but what I want to know is why the Duke of York – a complete drain on tax payers money and not much good for anything else – was being interviewed by a BBC reporter and not the police.

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