Christmas Clowns

I was in the pub with a friend the other day when the ladies were putting up Christmas decorations. It seems to start earlier every year with Christmas culinary delights on supermarket shelves in August, but for me, the magic of Christmas has long gone.

As a boy it was always a magical time with a Christmas stocking and little gifts, most of which were home made. Nowadays that doesn’t seem to do and gifts for children become ever more lavish and expensive. Does that make them more appreciative I wonder? Somehow, I doubt it.

But for many, it is still a wonderful time of the year – if adults don’t spoil it for them. My youngest Grandson – bless him – prepares for the arrival of Santa with a great deal of refreshing enthusiasm, decorating the tree and leaving snacks and sherry out for the great man. He is getting big now but I pray it continues for a while yet.

Yet only this week, in a speech for which she has since apologised, the Mayor of West Bridgford in Nottinghamshire, Christine Jeffreys used a Christmas countdown event of all places, to tell an audience full of very young children that the rustling under the Christmas tree is ‘just mum and dad.’ What happens to these political bigwigs when they take office. Are they all compelled to undergo a lobotomy before donning their chains of office or is stupidity and lack of common sense a prerequisite for the taking of that office? This cretinous woman has intentionally spoiled a happy time for those children but I wonder why she stopped at that. Why not disabuse them of notions about the Tooth Fairy too? 

Of course they would have found out the truth soon enough as we all must do, not just about Christmas, but about life in general.  Children grow up so fast these days, terrorised by the likes of that irritating brat Greta Thunberg, confused by issues such as transgender that not in our wildest dreams would we have thought of during distant childhoods, but surely they deserve at the very least to hold on to the idea of a benevolent Father Christmas. 

The season of good will – huh! – is almost upon us. Don’t let’s shatter childhood dreams just yet. 

To illustrate my point a bit further, I can only shake my head in bemused wonderment when I read about the shenanigans going on at the moment with the political ‘debates’ taking place on television channels in the run up to the election. Last evening there was a debate between leaders on climate change (I didn’t watch it) and when both Bunter Johnson and Farage declined to participate, the Channel 4 organisers substituted ice sculptures for them. This despite the Gove fellow turning up and offering to take Bunter’s place. He was told that he could not as he was not the party leader.

Mind you, one report of the fiasco that I read claimed that the winners of the debate by a very long way were the ice sculptures themselves. The audience paid far more attention to their inexorable dripping than to the banalities uttered by the participants.

Which for me rather sums up the level of political debate taking place at the moment. I think I would prefer to believe in Father Christmas than in any of the political clowns squabbling to run the country.

At least I can trust dear old Santa.

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