A New Beginning – Perhaps

I found the picture of Bunter Johnson and the Bearded Trotskyite entering Parliament yesterday quite amazing for their contrasting expressions. The roly poly one was beaming all over his chubby chops while Corbyn had a scowl that would have melted soap.

I confess I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the Queen’s speech and its attendant promises but with the majority he now has, Bunter will need to do more than promise us the world.

It won’t be enough to hire an extra 20,000 coppers for a start. He has to ensure that they are deployed on the streets, fighting crime and tackling burglary instead of pursuing politically motivated prosecutions for ‘hate crimes.’ More foot work and less paper pushing is required.

The fire brigade must be reminded that their job is fighting fires, not ‘celebrating diversity’ and putting the safety of firemen ahead of the lives of the people they’re paid to rescue. The Armed Forces should be told they will be judged on their ability to defend us against our enemies, not on how many sexual and ethnic minorities they employ. Ministers should ensure that schools exist to teach children to read and write, to teach geography, maths and foreign languages – not fill their heads with a revisionist Left-wing version of history and endless propaganda about climate change and gender fluidity.

Above all, Bunter must ensure that the extra billions being pumped into the NHS go to benefit patients and do not disappear inevitably into the black hole of the self-serving  bureaucracy that run the hospitals.

With an eighty-seat Tory majority and the support of most ordinary people, Bunter must sort out the mess that is parliament for once and for all.

If Labour is to have any credibility at all, they must get rid of Corbyn’s hard left supporters as well as the so-called moderates like that po faced clown, Keir Starmer who not only went along with the corruption of a once-respectable political party, but instigated its cynical attempts to thwart the democratically expressed will of the people it purports to represent.

What comes next for Labour? I don’t think I really care. A prolonged period of silence – at least four years, ideally – is overdue. Thankfully Squeaker Bercow has gone. This preposterous garden gnome abused his high office to derail Brexit and should be destined for well-deserved ignominy. Mind you he seems to be cultivating a second career as an entertainer now. He has just been paid to appear on an Italian talk show in which he shouted in Italian his catchphrase ‘Order, order.’ It is probably the most suitable role he could possibly play I’m afraid. He was always much more suited to the role of a novelty act than a serious politician and once he’s exhausted that vein, other opportunities await – town crier, placard holder announcing the end of the world, unicyclist, footman, food taster for a dictator, door-knob polisher. They would all suit him admirably. No, forget about all those jobs, let’s give him the career he was born to – a somewhat inept but very funny circus clown. The only drawback is that he is being paid vast sums for his performances and that is an insult to the rest of us.

I hope but am certainly not sure that we will hear no more from that weird woman, Gina Miller. Having failed to stop Brexit with her expensive court cases, she is threatening more legal action to throw a spoke into Bunter’s proposed constitutional reforms, so she could be back on our screens fairly soon.

Hopefully too we will hear no more from the Tory turncoats Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, David Gauke, the Totnes quack and the rest, who thought they were entitled to overturn the democratic will of the British people but were turfed out by their own indignant constituents. Now perhaps pro-EU has-beens Johnny Major, Michael Heseltine, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair will also shut up, although the last of those still kids himself that he is a force in the land.

We’ve had to put up with decades of being patronised by the smug, self-appointed metropolitan elite and betrayed by an arrogant, self-serving political class. Hopefully – only hopefully at this stage – those days are now over. Please let the government of this country be run with a modicum of common sense for a change.

You know I have never agreed with the concept of police and crime commissioners. What are they for damnit? Police forces have always been run by experienced coppers and it is only in recent times that the wheels seem to have come off. Now they are run by amateur politicians who surely know nothing about policing the streets.

For me, the calibre of most of these numptys is typified by the police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire. This buffoon has had to resign after sending suggestive messages and a photo of his own wedding tackle to a vulnerable woman.

Jason Ablewhite is said to have struck up a dialogue with the fifty-year-old at the Cambridgeshire force’s headquarters. The lewd comments continued for nine days until she reported him to his force via its online system after she ‘threw up’ after getting the image of his private parts.

He should be prosecuted for bringing his force into disrepute damnit. The coppers of Cambridgeshire do not deserve this.

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