Luvvies and Lords

It seems that Foxy is in trouble again. He has risked sparking further controversy by criticising Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes for including a Sikh soldier in his World War I drama 1917. 

He is quite right of course. Natural warriors, Sikhs fought with outstanding bravery in their own regiments, rather than in British ones in many of World War I’s most horrific battles, including Ypres and the Somme. Yet putting a token Sikh into a British regiment is playing to the politically correct Luvvie gallery I fear.

This seems to be the gong season among the acting fraternity with award ceremony after award ceremony hitting the headlines every week. This week it was the SAGS – whatever they may be. But what on earth is it all about? Actors are paid vast sums of money for mouthing the words of others and surely do not need these additional plaudits which seem to come mainly from their fellow actors and the comic section of the media..

As for the ceremonies, they really are cringe-worthy. Women glammed up to the nines, sometimes in outrageous gowns and winners standing up to lecture the rest of the world on what we are doing wrong – in their opinions, which really are not worth a pinch of salt. None of these people live in the real world, yet they seem to feel themselves so superior to the rest of us.

Why is this I wonder? Yes, they have far more money than most people can ever aspire to but this surely doesn’t make them experts on how you, I and the man next door should act.

As for 1917, I won’t be watching it but as far as I can make out, it is a fairy tale with almost no connection to reality but doused in blood – perfect for the war game videos that the younger generation – and I watched my grandsons growing up – seem to enjoy.

Two Great War soldiers are sent on foot across no-man’s-land on a ‘desperate mission’ to prevent a massacre. What rot!! Futile massacres were a regular occurrence throughout the First World War, and there’s no sign that the high command cared all that much, so why go on foot?

As the two heroes stumble from hazard to hazard in what is apparently just like a video game, they watch British planes flying overhead. Couldn’t these planes have taken the message? 

Having wriggled and struggled sweatily through a deadly maze to get into no-man’s-land, the pair are then overtaken by a convoy of British lorries, which appears to have got there by taking the first right turn off the Ypres by-pass. If the roads are open for trucks, why not send the message by motorbike? And here’s another question. 

When was the last time a film started collecting awards before it had even been shown in cinemas? This really doesn’t make sense but is typical of the plastic world inhabited by these so-called ‘stars.’

I read with horror that Jeremy Corbyn has nominated both former Squeaker Bercow and Tom Watson to be elevated to the House of Lords. On what possible grounds can he claim that either of these two numpties are fit and proper candidates to grace the benches of the Upper House? I know there are a lot of other unworthy candidates in there but surely it is time for common sense, or are we going to stuff all political failures in there so they can keep drawing the tax payer’s dollar?

Bercow did all he could to defy the democratically expressed will of the British people to leave the European Union. Surely he has forfeited any right to have a say in the future governance of this country. He was a disgrace to his position and loved humiliating those unfortunates over who he held power.

And how on earth can Corbyn possibly believe that his former deputy, Watson deserves to be elevated to the peerage? As a reward for services to perverting the course of justice perhaps?

Let’s just remember that this man was in cahoots with a convicted paedophile and a dodgy ‘news’ agency to bring very nasty allegations against predominantly Conservative members of the Establishment. He put pressure on Scotland Yard to pursue investigations into outrageous claims made by a known fantasist, smearing decent men with impeccable histories of public service, as rapists and murderers.

While their lives and those of their families were ruined, Watson has been able to walk away from the wreckage and reinvent himself as a diet guru and author. I find it quite sickening to see the way in which broadcasters fawn at the feet of this odious man while ignoring his disgusting track record. If Watson had any sense of shame or decency, he would have slithered back under whichever stone he emerged from – and ruddy well stayed there. If he makes any money from his new book, he should be forced to donate all profits to the families of his victims, some of whom died before they could clear their names. 

The idea that he will soon be in the Lords is an appalling one. Presumably, it’s a pay-off from Corbyn for not rocking the Labour boat during the election campaign. Watson was noticeable by his silence and absence from our screens. What a relief that was.

Meanwhile, Bercow has embarked on a new career as a circus act, recently demeaning himself, parliament and the nation, yelling ‘Order, Order!’ on a late-night Italian TV show. He also plans to cash in his notoriety on the after-dinner speaking circuit. Surely the Lords can live without him.

So can this anti-democratic outrage be stopped? Perhaps. All nominations have to be ratified by the House of Lords Appointments Commission. They are vetted to verify that potential life peers ‘ensure the highest standards of propriety’ and satisfy the commission that ‘the past conduct of the nominee would not reasonably be regarded as bringing the House of Lords into disrepute.’

Please Committee members, use a little bit of common sense with these two nominations – or is that too much to ask of politicians?

The election result was supposed to mark the moment that voters took back control from the rotten, arrogant political class. Those politicians who did their damnedest to defy the will of the people were booted out. Others, like Bercow and Watson, scuttled away in disgrace. If they are now allowed to resurrect their political careers in the House of Lords, it will send a depressingly clear signal that absolutely nothing has really changed.

Private Frazer had it right – ‘we are all doomed!’

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