Sunday Miscellany

Inspired by Screeching Greta, nearly three-quarters of eight to sixteen year olds in this country are worried about the environment, with some parents even getting professional counselling for their kids’ ‘climate anxiety.’

Serves them right I’m afraid. They are so busy trying to convince the rest of us that the end of the world is night that they are frightening themselves to death. The snowflake generation is melting faster than the polar ice caps and while these eco warriors as they grandly entitle themselves are allowed to get away with virtually anything in the name of climate change, the situation is only going to get worse.

MPs have been awarded a three point one per cent pay rise, taking their salary to £82,000 and that does not include their allowances for housing, gold-plated final-salary pensions and expenses.

The armed forces, teachers, prison staff and police officers all got less than that, without the perks. The pains of a decade of austerity seem not to have been visited on our MPs. Perhaps they should spare a thought or two for their struggling constituents before digging their sticky little fingers in to the public purse yet again.

Bunter Johnson – bless him – explains his absence from the flood disaster zones, saying he was told by emergency services they would have to down tools, distracting them from their job of helping people.

Yes I can understand that, but he should remember that the Queen was given – and initially heeded – that advice after Aberfan, later recalling it was the greatest regret of her life. 

Think about it Bunter.

It occurs to me that if we had not discovered that the coronavirus existed and so had not descended into a floundering panic about it, it would be doing far less damage than it is.

Yes, some people would have fallen ill and died, but they always have and always will. This is not the Black Death damnit and we might be better off if we stopped behaving as if it was. 

The most dangerous and frightening political leader in our part of the world is Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan. Not only does he ceaselessly stir the pot of war in Syria, making it almost impossible to end that conflict but he is now making criminally cynical use of migrants. 

To get his way in Syria, he deliberately encourages these poor people to head for the Greek frontier in a blatant, almost medieval piece of blackmail. There they are routinely arrested, beaten robbed and turned back but Erdogan doesn’t care.

In his own country he has destroyed formerly free media and independent courts, and flung scores of journalists into prison. Surely he should be condemned in the loudest possible tones by the British government?

But no, this dictatorial clown is Britain’s Nato ally so Bunter and Co dare not undermine him. Instead they whitter on and on about Vladimir Putin instead. 

But I did read a lovely quote from Vlad the Hulk this week. He said, ‘To forgive a terrorist is up to God, but to send them to God for forgiveness is up to me.’

We could do with a few more strong leaders in the world I fancy – even if that does mean not bothering too much about ‘human rights.’

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