Political Correctness and Running the Country

According to a statement issued by a hundred health professionals and led by King’s College, London, we should stop calling people fat or lazy because it does not help combat obesity. Oh, for pete’s sake! What do we call them? Trying to pretend someone is not fat is hardly likely to help them.

Ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions and that applies to obesity as much as to alcoholism, gambling, smoking and drug addiction. Save in some rare medical conditions and in some people with mental health problems, the causes of serious obesity are simple – gluttony and idleness. 

The fat eat too much and exercise too little. That is surely pretty obvious to anyone apart from the political correctness brigade. Fat is fat; thin is thin and trying to disguise either condition with fancy expressions just to be politically correct doesn’t help anyone at all.

It merely justifies excuses and in any case, how can we possibly take these supposedly well-qualified idiots seriously? As far as I can see, woke ‘experts’ are like spoiled five year olds who keep screaming until mommy buys them a sweetie. Then when the sweetie is finished, they start screaming again and stamp their petulant little feet until we all give up in disgust and accept what they say as the gospel truth they tell us it is.

I don’t think I know anyone who is genuinely fat, but if I did, I am not sure how I could describe them apart from being fat.

This crazy modern world is very difficult to follow at times.

As coronapanic envelops the country, it turns out that a health minister, Nadine Dorries has developed the disease. This makes parliament itself a potentially hazardous place so it will be interesting to see how many MPs appear to hear the new chancellor’s budget speech this afternoon. Budget presentations usually attract a very full house with parliamentarians packed in like overfed sardines.

Will they be sensible today and listen to their own government advice about staying away from crowds or will they be too interested in making headlines by praising or criticising what measures Chancellor Sunak proposes for the economic future?

It will be interesting to see but really, every single one of our politicians and their staff should now be put into quarantine for two weeks. Let the clowns run the country. In most cases, they already do so it won’t make much difference.

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