Bunter and The Bug

Sunday morning and our posturing government is in trouble yet again.

I mean, what on earth is one to make of Bunter Johnson, particularly now that his top aide Dominic Cummings stands accused of flagrantly disobeying the rules that he helped make up and then chose to ignore?

Anyone else would surely have been fired on the spot yet Bunter persists in defending the man. Yes, Cummings is probably a vital cog in BJ’s plans for running the government but he is now a huge liability, not only where the opposition and even Tory MPs are concerned or with the left-leaning media but also with the majority of the general public who are inevitably asking why they have to obey the rules, but this man doesn’t.

If Bunter J doesn’t act decisively over this, his own standing with the public – already somewhat rocky – is going to drop alarmingly as more and more people lose faith in him. And let’s face it, seldom has any prime minister fallen from grace as quickly as this man has. The more we learn about the government’s handling of the Coronabug crisis, the more it is revealed to have been bungled from the start. The frenzied attempts to cover all this up rather than put it right are being exposed one by one.

I have marvelled at Bunter J for a very long time and rather dreaded him ever having the top job, mainly because I thought the rest of the world would laugh at Britain for having such an obvious fop at the helm. Yet when he took that job with an overwhelming majority in Parliament, I was prepared to give him time to prove himself. That time is fast running out.

After all, Johnson has the qualifications to be a leader. He is an Old Etonian, a classics scholar (which should have taught him to pay attention to detail) a journalist (later fired for inventing quotes) and a political animal right down to his fancy cotton socks. Yet it is as the last of these that he has proved to have but a tenuous grip on reality and the truth.

Suddenly though, he has a new and very real threat to his pretensions. Facing him across the Commons is Keir Starmer, the new leader of Labour and he is lawyer, lawyer and lawyer to his little cotton socks. Since taking over from that bumbling revolutionary Corbyn, Starmer has been quietly firing the Hard-Left rabble that kept Corbyn in power.

With that necessary task almost done he can divert his attention to the Prime Minister and he is revealing at Question Time that he can take the blustering, rambling PM to bits and leave those bits all over the despatch box. He never raises his voice, waves his arms or shows off to the gallery, but like a cross-examining barrister he simply quotes verbatim, from previous government pronouncements to prove the PM’s protestations that the Government got it right are complete rubbish.

And it is about time someone did because the present shambles cannot go on or we’ll have no country left.

Yet it seems only a few short weeks since Bunter had it all. A long but successful campaign for Brexit, a stunning election victory with the Labour collapse in the North giving him an unassailable Commons majority of eighty and media adulation.

Then came the Coronabug and what will surely go down in history as the five-month cockup that tarnished Bunter’s legacy and has probably destroyed what last bit of credibility he had.

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