Anarchy, Madness and Anarchy

It has surely been a week of madness and I fear that anarchy in the cities is just around the corner. After all, if the forces of law and order behave like kittens rather than lions, then the natural troublemakers will feel they have the upper hand and take advantage of it. That is just human nature.

At the core of the current pressure-cooker atmosphere is what I believe to be a complete failure of nerve by almost everybody in a position of authority – from politicians, the police, religious leaders and the mainstream media. The vacuum in moral leadership has been replaced by political virtue-signalling.

For example, the Archbishop of Canterbury seems obsessed by ‘white supremacy’ and has suggested that some statues in his cathedral ‘will have to come down.’ He also wants to portray Jesus as black. Why? How many black people would have been living in Galilee two millennia ago?

Rather than trying to expiate his own sense of privileged guilt, the worthy prelate ought to be trying to find more practical ways of repairing this fractured society. Everywhere I look, there seems to be an attempt to present modern Britain as something that it is not.

The radical Leftists who run Black Lives Matter (the group’s founders are self-declared Marxists) claim that Britain is a uniquely racist and unfair society, with historic sins unlike any other. They then build on this nonsense to try to impose a whole new set of values on this country. Instead of standing up to these lunatics, major corporations and once-great institutions have paid lip service and more to these demands.

We are told, too, that we must all be re-educated and reprogrammed to atone for our sinful and racist past, but there is never any positive or practical proposal for addressing the past – only a vicious insistence that everyone has to agree with these fanatics. They seem determined to shut down anyone who questions their extreme demands.

Against this background, a Cambridge academic called Priyamvada Gopal sent a message on Twitter saying, ‘white lives don’t matter.’

‘Now we have the opportunity to carry out a resolute offensive against the white, break their resistance, eliminate them as a class and replace their livelihoods with the livelihoods of people of colour and LGBTQ,’ this paragon of liberalism wrote.

So how did her university bosses react? They immediately sent out a message supporting her and presenting her as a victim because of the negative reaction that she had received. Next, by Gopal’s own account, the university promoted her to a full professorship.

Most of us cannot help but wonder what is happening to this country and we watch in despair as Society falls apart, but what we are witnessing is the result of decades of figures in authority pandering to political activists instead of doing their job.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how destructive the process becomes, they never learn. The more politically correct the police become, the more they lose control. The more they dance with protesters, take the knee or run away from them, the more that those who want to destroy the normal way of life, believe they are free to do so.

I find it somewhat ironic that police chiefs are now complaining that they might not be able to cope next Saturday when the British public is allowed to go back into the pubs. It is a case of you reap what you sow, Fellows. The fact is that Britain needs to return to normality as swiftly as possible. And that includes allowing us to regain some semblance of ordinary life again.

Let’s face it the entire situation is a complete mess. We have a lockdown in which people are not allowed to honour their dead or even have the joy of a proper wedding, yet half a million people can descend on to the Dorset beaches and BLM ‘demonstrators’ are allowed to throng the streets of cities.

It’s not just the Brixton mob who have gone feral – the whole country seems to have been driven to insanity by a virus other than Covid-19 that has infected the national nervous system.

Now is the time for strong leadership from all society’s institutions. We wait with bated breath for Bunter Johnson to address the nation – as perhaps only he can – in a spirit of optimism and positivity.

The malcontents, rioters and anarchist activists must be told that Britain will not be changed by violence or intimidation. That we live in an unusually fair country, not a bastion of racism these ill informed hotheads have been telling us about in recent weeks.

With the country reeling financially why waste nearly a million pounds on transforming an RAF Airbus into a cheap copy of Air Force One. Prime Ministers – unlike US Presidents – are not heads of state and should not pretend to be. Britain’s head of state is the Queen.

The flashy painting of a union flag all over the tail makes Bunter’s current vanity project look as if it belongs to a slightly dodgy holiday airline. It also draws attention to the fact that Britain no longer makes passenger jets of its own.

Margaret Thatcher used to use an unadorned VC-10 of RAF Transport Command, in which everyone had to fly facing backwards because that is what the RAF do as it is much safer. That ancient, graceful, wholly British plane was impressive precisely because of the absence of silly grandeur and self-promotion. Get your feet back on the floor please Mr Johnson. You are supposed to be a leader, although my doubts about that are rapidly increasing.

As for the politicians – after property tycoon and former pornographer, Richard Desmond paid £12,000 to sit next to the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, the pair cosied up through a series of texts. Desmond’s £1 billion development plan was then fast-tracked, which saved him £45 million – that is forty five million pounds damnit! That money could have been used for all sorts of noble purposes and might have alleviated the harshness of life for many people.

Oh I know Bunter J went down with the Coronabug and that is said to take away the sense of smell but let me assure our revered leader that this sort of nonsense stinks to high heaven.

On the other side of the House, I take my hat off to Keir Starmer for sacking Corbynista Rebecca Long Bailey after she refused to apologise for ‘liking’ an article by actress Maxine Peake that contained malicious anti-Semitic material. He had to argue his case with the likes of Corbyn and the ridiculous and thankfully gone Diane Abbot, but he stood his ground against their demands for Long Bailey to be reinstated.

Quite apart from the anti-Semitism involved, Long Baily could not have been very good at her job of Shadow Education Secretary. I mean, if she couldn’t flatten a cabinet minister as useless as the hapless Gavin Williamson, what could she do?

To add to all the chaos this week, the Premier League was at it again – multi-millionaires kneeling like medieval supplicants and sporting their ridiculous BLM badges on their shirts.

How many of those players, currently protesting against centuries-old slavery, will refuse to take part in the World Cup in Qatar, which will be staged in stadia built by the modern equivalent of slave labour? I wouldn’t bet on a single one having the moral gumption to boycott that.

And why oh why is this allegedly Conservative Government with its eighty seat majority so terrified to stand up to the Black Lives Matter mob.

A week or so ago, Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab made a harmless joke about only bending the knee before his wife and Her Majesty. Five minutes later, after the predictably tedious Twitter storm of condemnation, he was reduced to putting out a pathetic official apology for any ‘offence’ he may have caused.

Get off your knees, man. What are you scared of?

I must finish my rant with the sublimely fatuous debate raging in Australia over whether chess is a racist game – because convention dictates that white moves first.

Of course there is racism in the world and probably always will be, but this really is taking the matter to extremes. Though it is true that the player who moves first has a slight advantage in chess (statistics collected since 1851 suggest white tends to win between fifty two and fifty six per cent of games between Grand Masters), how can anyone seriously suggest that this makes the game racist?

I have a horrible feeling that there is worse to come.

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