The Summer of Stupidity

This crazy summer of stupidity continues to become ever more over the top. Let me forget the political inanities that are affecting all our lives at the moment because now it has hit and badly shaken the rough, tough world of professional rugby union. Exeter Chiefs rugby club has been prevailed upon to ditch its Red Indian mascot to appease anti-racism campaigners, who complained it was offensive to Native Americans.

That would, I suppose be all those members of the Cheyenne and Commanche tribes living in Devon. Strange that I have seen no sign of them in my wanderings around Dartmoor.

No I do not suppose it has anything to do with the local feathered braves and their squaws. The Big Chief Must Fall campaign is spearheaded by the usual bunch of privileged, white middle-class morons who attach themselves to everything from Extinction Rebellion to Black Lives Matter. (I wonder if I will be in trouble for using the word ‘spearheaded?)

Anyway, after twenty one years, Big Chief has been forced to hang up his head-dress. No more will he lead supporters in their traditional tomahawk chop salute and war cry. The Exeter followers will have to content themselves with a round or two of polite clapping.

Club directors said in a statement that they had ‘listened to the response of our supporters, the wider rugby community and certain sections from the Native American community.’

Where on earth did they find sections of the Native American community in Devon damnit? Is there perhaps an Indian reservation tucked away in Chagford or Widdicombe in the Moor? Perhaps the Sioux nation pitched their tepees in the Exeter Chiefs’ car park after the illegal travellers’ camp was moved on by the police.

It could even be that while Border Control was watching the Channel, flotillas of canoes were landing at Budleigh Salterton, containing huddled masses of Cherokee refugees prepared to risk a perilous Atlantic crossing in order to seek asylum from Donald Trump supporters.

Whatever the background, the directors of Exeter Chiefs have bowed to the intolerant masses and decided – reluctantly they say – to dump the mascot, rather than be accused of cultural insensitivity.

But that won’t be enough for Rentamob I’m afraid. The Big Chief Must Fall shower will not be satisfied until the club changes both its name and logo, which features an Indian Chief.

‘As human beings, we are horrified that we still live in a society where a major sports club can treat indigenous peoples like this. It reflects badly on rugby, Devon, and the UK and we should all be thoroughly ashamed,’ spluttered an outraged spokesman for Exeter Chiefs 4 Change.

I am sorry but this is just another depressing example of the lunatic Left in Britain jumping on the latest bandwagon from America. Once the Washington Redskins NFL team caved in to demands to change their name, the woke warriors on this side of the pond were always going to seek out similar targets here.

Before you know it, rugby will have gone the way of football and cricket. Players will be forced to wear Red Lives Matter logos on their shirts and – never mind taking the knee – they will probably have to perform a traditional ruddy rain dance before play starts.

It still won’t be enough though. The name Exeter Chiefs is doomed to disappear for ever. Although the club claims ‘chiefs’ dates back more than a hundred years, it was only adopted in 1999 – as part of a cynical marketing exercise aimed at flogging overpriced merchandise. It was the same kind of commercial thinking that led to Leeds rugby league club being rebranded ‘Leeds Rhinos.’

Mind you, they will probably be the next major target when the animal rights brigade spot the chance. After all, rhinos are an endangered species and you don’t find too many of them in West Yorkshire.

Elsewhere the madness continues. Snowflake civil servants are demanding the Churchill Room at the Treasury is renamed. How in the name of all that is holy did anyone who denigrates arguably Britain’s greatest Prime Minister, the man who defeated Hitler, as a ‘racist’ ever get a job at the heart of government? It really does beggar belief.

Churchill once said that history would be kind to him since he intended to write it. I wonder what he would think of the ignorant, statue-toppling Left-wing fascists who are trying to rewrite it.

Having emasculated every other organisation, the diversity Nazis have inevitably turned their attention to the Armed Forces. The RAF is introducing ‘dress-down’ Fridays, to promote a more ‘inclusive’ atmosphere and it is reported that the Royal Navy is dropping gender pronouns and replacing titles such as ‘seaman’ with the more neutral ‘seafarer.’ They also want to ban the use of words such as ‘unmanned’ and ‘manpower’ in a bid to avoid being called out by the mob for sexism.

First Sea Lord Tony Radakin has called for the changes to be rolled out to avoid female recruits feeling excluded.

Sources said there was an acceptance within the force that some terms are no longer appropriate and considered problematic and that leaders wanted to get rid of gendered terms where possible.

On the other hand, one very senior officer told the media that ‘This is a pathetic, woke distraction from keeping Britain safe. The only reason to change the labels is if it’s a barrier to recruiting women, but recruitment has never been stronger.’

These are fighting forces damnit and employed to protect us all, not to humour the politically correct zealots. Why oh why will nobody stand up to these crazed people?

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