Petty Tyranny and a Learned Judge

What on earth is the matter with our Revered Leader? Did the Coronabug act as some sort of lobotomy when it struck him down, I wonder? He panicked in March by ‘following the science,’ which was an inane thing to do as the ‘science’ was saying a number of different things at the time. In the process, Bunter J did immense damage and must surely realise that, yet he continues to hammer the economy and the British people. 

Rather than admit that he hugely overestimated the danger of the Coronabug, he continues to insist that it is a deadly plague and that it will be back soon in an even more terrible second wave. 

Yet the official Coronabug death and hospitalisation figures have been declining ever since 8th April and are now bumping along the bottom of the graph, only just above zero.

Yet the government continues trying to pretend that we are still in serious trouble. How simple-minded does anyone need to be not to see the nonsense in this? Last Monday, the media reported new coronavirus cases in the UK had risen to two thousand nine hundred and eighty eight on Sunday, the highest daily total since May. Was that meant to panic us all into believing the twaddle they are feeding us with? I can’t see any other reason for it and the underlying facts certainly do not support the need for drastic action.

Have a look at official government statistical charts and you will find that out of more than 1.1 million tests each week, there were fewer than ten thousand positive results. Judging by the state of the hospitals and the death rates, I think we may assume most were of those tested were just fine, as most who catch this disease are. 

So, for this, our benighted leaders have decided to to stop people gathering in groups of more than six? I am sure that even those who have up till now, put up with this rubbish are becoming heartily sick of it. Someone in authority somewhere has to make a stand for all our sakes and demand truthful explanations of why children’s education has been ruined, why legions of people will lose their jobs, why daily life is an intensifying misery of rampaging desk jockeys and bureaucracy, and why hundreds of businesses, built up with years of sweat and sacrifice are now dying, If nobody will stand up to these numpties, we are all in considerable trouble. It doesn’t matter too much for me at my advanced age, but I fear for my Grandchildren and their children.

And it seems that Bunter J and the Government (for whom I sadly voted) have no legal right to impose the severe restrictions on our lives with which they have wrecked the economy, brought needless grief to the bereaved and the lonely and destroyed our personal liberty. This is the verdict of one of the most distinguished lawyers in the country, the retired Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption.

He said last week in an interview: ‘I don’t myself believe that the Act confers on the Government the powers that it has purported to exercise.’

Sumption was referring to the Public Health Act of 1984, the basis for almost all the reams of increasingly hysterical decrees against normal life which the asinine Health Secretary, Mathew Hancock has issued since March. The law was my life for thirty years and I know it is not usual for a retired senior judge to use such language in public so there must be a good reason for him to come out now.

The 1984 Act was drawn up to give local magistrates the power to quarantine the sick. Nothing in it comes anywhere near justifying these astonishing moves – confinement to homes, travel restrictions, harsh limits on visiting family, interference with weddings and funerals, closure of churches, compulsory face coverings, bans on assembly and protest.

Huh! Belay that last one. You can bet your lives that extremist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion will be allowed to carry of with their disruptive and destructive antics at the expense of us all.

But that is beside the point. English law just does not allow an Act of Parliament to be stretched as far as this one has been. It is a principle of British law that fundamental freedoms cannot be invaded or overruled unless the law specifically allows it.

As he is one of the most distinguished legal minds of our time, Lord Sumption’s opinions on this matter are surely important so I just hope and pray that the Courts of England, which have so far been content to let the Government do what it likes, will listen to what he says when they look at the matter again later this month when Simon Dolan, a businessman is seeking a judicial review of the Government’s policy on the Coronabug.

It is extraordinary for someone as learned and eminent as Lord Sumption to go public in this fashion. And he went on to point out that powers do exist – in the shape of the Civil Contingencies Act under which the Prime Minister could do all the things he has done. But that Act requires regular parliamentary scrutiny and renewal.

The Government’s team of lawyers must surely know this. So why wasn’t the Civil Contingencies Act used? We can only guess that the Bunter and Mr Hancock were worried that if they had to keep coming back to Parliament, even the dim-witted and gullible MPs we have nowadays would eventually have seen through and put a stop to the immense power grab now under way.

Lord Sumption’s intervention is, of course, so huge and important that the media of this country does not seem to have noticed it, but believe me, it is an indication of just how deep into the swamp of despotism this Government has already waded.

We have to get out of it soon or we will be so badly mired that escape will be impossible. Let us get Parliament back to work and doing their jobs to save us from the same sort of petty tyranny that I have not known since the days of Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

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