Shambolic Dictatorship and the Rainbow Nation

What is it the song says? ‘Britons never never shall be slaves’ or words to that effect. Well I am sorry but unless someone stands up to the cretins in power at the moment, this country is more under the government thumb than even my own country, Zimbabwe.

In a gesture, curiously reminiscent of the late, unlamented Robert Gabriel Mugabe, our ‘Revered Leader’ has created an untrained army of ‘Covid marshals’ and threatened that he will use the police and the army – both created and sworn to protect us – to persecute us. That is blatant dictatorship I’m afraid and yet Bunter J ploughs along and doesn’t listen to anyone but his coterie of obedient ‘yes men.’ Unsurprisingly perhaps, there do not seem to be any ladies among his immediate advisers. We all know what Bunter thinks of the Ladies!

He has become the obedient servant of a painfully incompetent bunch of pseudo-scientists whose only record is of having got everything – and I mean ‘everything – wrong and equally useless bureaucrats who have spent many billions of tax payers’ money in failing to set up even a moderately usable test-and-trace scheme. Thousands of offers of help from some of the most successful private-sector sources in Europe have been contemptuously rebuffed, often with their calls not even given the courtesy of an answer.

Having lived under two authoritarian and shambolic governments, I am horribly sure of one thing and that is that unless Britain’s elected parliamentarians who listen to their constituents, act and act fast the tyranny – and there  is no other word for it – of our new and useless masters will never be broken. But broken it must be if the British people are ever to be a free nation again.

Back in the Commons, the hapless Hancock managed to avoid an urgent question on the 10pm curfew in pubs by translating it into a ministerial statement on further lockdowns in Liverpool. He might not be good or even mildly competent at his job, but he is a typical politician who cannot even answer simple questions. Even so, he did not seem at all happy to be dragged back to the chamber for his third appearance within a week. Like Bunter J, he has reached the point where he can no longer tolerate any criticism.

This was evidenced – is there such a word I wonder – when the shadow health secretary, Jon Ashworth reminded the house that the main problem with the government’s strategy was the failure of its test-and-trace system. He also pointed out that the 10pm curfew had created as many problems as it had solved by kicking everyone out inebriated on to public transport at the same time but his questions drove hapless Hancock into a fit of pique.

The curfew was fine he said, test and trace was fine and he would not hear anything derogatory mentioned about either of them.

But there wasn’t too much sympathy for the Health Secretary from either side of the house I’m afraid. Many Tory MPs are getting it in the neck from hospitality companies in their constituencies. Philip Davies was fed up with the nanny state and thought people should be allowed to choose to get coronavirus or not, and Desmond Swayne reckoned pubs should be allowed to determine their own opening hours. Now there is a good idea! If people are allowed to drink themselves into unconsciousness and are left where they are, then there’s little chance of them transmitting the virus to anyone else.

But the questions rapidly got tougher for the hopelessly inept Health Secretary. Did he perhaps think people had stopped obeying the rules after Dominic Cummings did what he liked? Apparently not.

“I will not have this,” he snapped, when asked a perfectly reasonable question about a wrong answer he had given two weeks back. “I just won’t have it.”

I can just picture him stamping his foot like a toddler told off for sticking his finger in the jam.

But he will have it though because this buffoon does not have the honesty to admit his government’s mistakes. He is Bunter J’s personal doorMatt I’m afraid and until the pair of them are unceremoniously booted out of power, this country will continue to tremble on the brink of breaking apart and life is going to get considerably tougher for all of us.

Back in the so-called Rainbow Nation, violence by black criminals on the white farming community continues to get ever more horrible. I have seen many horrific crime scenes in my life but reading about the latest episode made my senses reel. Let me describe it briefly although I will leave out the grimmer details.

Sixty four year old farmer, Waldi Van Zyl was in the workshop on his farm at around six on a Sunday evening when he was attacked by six black men, one of whom was armed with a pistol.

Waldi’s wife Cynthia heard a commotion from the farmhouse and went to see what was going on. She was immediately grabbed by the gang and the couple were beaten with metal pipes and planks. The attackers demanded cash and when they were told there wasn’t any, they cut deep wounds in Waldi’s legs with an angle grinder. They used a vice grip on Cynthia’s nose and tried to force her face into the angle grinder.

The gang eventually fled in the farm truck, having taken two firearms, cash and jewellery from the safe in the house. Fortunately, the couple’s son arrived soon after the attack and called for help. Waldi was airlifted to a Johannesburg hospital with horrific injuries including extensive fractures to the bones of his face and head. He is in a critical condition. Cynthia is also in hospital with severe but not life-threatening injuries.

No arrests have been made and I can’t help wondering what world reaction would have been had this been a black couple set upon by white men. Think about it – there would be general uproar worldwide with leaders like Bunter J piously deploring the incident in Parliament and asking the House to join him in sending condolences to the victims. The Biscuit and his Yank would piously remind us that black people are being persecuted en masse but they intend to repair the world themselves. The Pope would also be vociferous in his condemnation yet not even in the Rainbow Nation – what a misnomer that is – has there been a word of condemnation by officials or the media.

What makes it even sadder is that Waldi and Cynthia were lucky in a peculiar sort of way. They are both still alive and yet every week, there are similar incidents all over South Africa where other victims of horrific torture are killed before the attackers flee.

There is a war going on in the farmlands of South Africa but because the victims are usually Afrikaners, no mention of this war is made by the politicians and governments in the rest of the world.

When I mention my dislike of the human race, the two ladies in my life, gently remind me that most people are good, decent folk but then I read about this and other similar incidents or I listen to Bunter and his tame DoorMatt trying to take over the world without admitting to their own incompetence and any vestiges of faith I might have in humanity immediately vanish.

One thought on “Shambolic Dictatorship and the Rainbow Nation

  1. Humanity is sick and dying. No one gives a damn and if they do and it’s on the wrong side of whatever pc bulls*** is in vogue at the moment, they get shouted down and called insensitive, abusive, racist or worse. Oh well, I’ll hop of the soap box now. No one is listening anyway.


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