A Frightening Case of Deja Vu

As I meander through daily life, I have a horrible feeling that I have been here before – not in a past life, but having had a great deal of experience of African governments, the current chaos, ineptitude and obvious corruption we are experiencing from Bunter J and his merry men seems all too familiar and frightening.

Let’s take the corruption issue first. Yes, it is a serious accusation to make but when one man – a mere middle man apparently – is paid twenty one million pounds for arranging a deal between this government and an American jewellery designer to supply PPE, what else can it be but corruption?

Let’s take another example. The lynchpin of Bunter J’s mass testing scheme, grandly known as Operation Moonshot is an American company called Innova Medical.

Formed in 2017 by private equity group Pasa Capital, its two contracts – to supply nearly two hundred million pregnancy test-style ‘lateral flow’ kits – are worth some four hundred and forty million pounds sterling.

So how did this company end up with such enormous contracts to supply the British Government?

The answer lies in a terrace house in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, the residence and office of Kimberley Thonger, who is the director of a company called Disruptive Nanotechnology Ltd – whose last accounts, published in 2019, say it then had no reserves and debts of two thousand three hundred and sixty eight pounds.

Mr Thonger once worked for DKNY shoes and Dr Marten’s and never previously had anything to do with healthcare. In June he took on a co-director, Charles Palmer, a surveyor who runs a property business in Harrow. Again a man with no experience of healthcare.

Innova CEO Dan Elliott says he came across Mr Thonger through an organisation which deals with nanoparticles which are used in medicines. Thonger agreed to help Innova negotiate the bureaucracy and trials it had to go through to win its Government deal.

Mr Thonger and Mr Palmer are now the UK distributors of the Innova tests and will get ‘a few pence’ for every test sold – which will total millions and leave them as rich men for life. 

So who did these two blokes who have no previous experience with anything medical know to approach for this boundless largesse?

Then we have a lady appointed to lead Bunter J’s grandly titled vaccine taskforce who has billed the taxpayer six hundred and seventy thousand pounds for a team of boutique PR consultants to oversee her media strategy.

Kate Bingham, the lady in question has already spent half a million pounds on eight full-time consultants from Admiral Associates – with the team contracted until the end of the year.  The costs involved mean that each consultant is on the equivalent of a one hundred and sixty seven thousand pounds a year salary, according to leaked documents. What do they do for all this loot? Well, it is understood that the team help Ms Bingham to draft statements and prepare for media appearances. 

This, despite the fact that there are more than a hundred communications staff already working in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy!

But Ms Bingham is said to have ‘insisted’ before the decision was signed off by civil servants – rather than Business Secretary Alok Sharma. One Whitehall insider told the media that, ‘The consultants are bossing around civil servants but no one knows who they are, what their experience is or what authority they have.’ 

Meanwhile, it emerged that Ms Bingham, who is married to Conservative Minister Jesse Norman (nepotism perhaps?) will hold a virtual conference next year for ‘executives, bankers and venture capitalists.’

It is thought she will discuss her part in the taskforce to ‘find and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine’ with tickets for this bunfight priced at just under two thousand pounds a head. Really – what part did she play in this blatant display of ineptitude and why would anyone pay through the nose to listen to her?

I am not sure that corrupt as he was, Robert Mugabe in his heyday would have been able to get away with such blatant corruption and cronyism.

Another obvious casualty to this sort of government is – as happened in Zimbabwe – the end of policing as we have always known it.

It is how we ended up with police turning a blind eye to Extinction Rebellion extremists defacing the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. I suppose we should think ourselves lucky that they did not take the knee, or run away, as they did during the Black Lives Matter violence in the summer.

It does seem a pity though that they did not use the same response with the bagpiper who admittedly deliberately, provoked them during the locked-down Remembrance Service on Sunday. They flattened him, unceremoniously.

Still, he was only an old soldier who had served his country, and wanted to honour our war dead, not a spoilt middle-class Brat who aims to defund the police and destroy capitalism and the nuclear family.

And what else can we expect from the Cops in these troubled times? This is the skateboarding police force – sorry, ‘service’ – after all which connived in enabling the shutdown of bridges and Oxford Circus. I am only surprised they did not turn up in a pink yacht, rather than a Black Maria.

This is the same police ‘service’ which cannot be bothered to investigate burglaries, assaults or thefts because of ‘lack of resources,’ yet can rustle up a riot style response to a fitness club opening during lockdown.

Last week, the Cops in Essex sent thirteen officers to close down a gym in Harlow. They were out again team-handed a couple of days ago when members decided to stage an open-air exercise class outside the club. And anything Essex can do, the Met can do better.

The sent no fewer than thirty coppers to shut a gym in Wood Green, North London, opening in contravention of the lockdown. Half of them looked as if they could do with a few hours on a ruddy treadmill themselves but couple that with the clowns in Humberside who handcuffed a seventy three year old woman for the crime of taking her ninety seven year old mum out to a garden centre a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, and Greater Manchester’s Boys in Blue (should that perhaps be ‘persons in blue?’) who boasted on social media this week that they had nicked a man for the grave offence of having a cup of tea in a friend’s house.

I am sorry but this is not proper coppering. I used to be proud of my service in the Gloucestershire Plod but it was never like this. Yet after Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Robert Gabriel Mugabe was put into power by Britain, the newly named Zimbabwe Republic Police lost all its morals and resorted to similar stunts as those we are seeing now from what was once the world’s finest police force.

And to outline one final – for the moment – parallel between Bunter Johnson’s Britain and Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, we in Britain now have our revered leader following the lead of his much younger girlfriend who would seem to be leading him by the unmentionables. Having fired his two most senior aides in deference to Carrie Symonds, Bunter J has just announced totally nonsensical plans for a green revolution that is as practical as a blind man pushing a pencil up a cliff using only his nose.

Mugabe too was in thrall to a much younger woman, also perhaps coincidentall,y picked out of his political headquarters. Like Carrie Symonds, Grace Mugabe had ideas way above her station and like Carrie Symonds went on to insist on their implementation. In the process, she destroyed a country with a healthy economy and plunged an entire nation into abject poverty.

Is this what Bunter Johnson wants for Britain? As I said at the beginning of this little rant, I have been here before and it scares me witless.

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