He Was Not As Bad As He Was Made Out To Be!

It has been a traumatic week throughout the world, what with Donald Trump leaving office, the Coronabug outbreak seeming ever stronger and Britain being racked by more stormy weather.

But it is Trump leaving office that I want to deal with today. Donald Trump is not a nice man by any standards. He is brash, boorish, outspoken, boastful and probably narcissistic, but in that respect, he is surely a typical politician.

Yet in every other aspect, the Trumpet is the very antithesis of a modern politician. Devoid of diplomacy, he was never afraid to offend others and stuck to his guns throughout his four years in office. His main problem and it eventually unseated him was that his brash egotistical manner offended the American establishment as well as the Media Mob and they eventually brought him down.

Indeed, even before he was elected, he was cast in the role of a would-be Hitler. ‘This is how fascism comes to America’, declared neoconservative commentator Robert Kagan immediately before Trump took office.

Yet Donald Trump came to power with what certainly seemed to be a laudable agenda based on sound principles. He never failed to express his pride in the underlying goodness of traditional American values and core beliefs that were based on Christian fundamentals. This infuriated the progressive elites of the metropolitan East and West coasts and that same establishment, which the president liked to refer to as ‘the Swamp’.  He seemed to understand the plight of the American working class and moved to cut taxes. He wanted to secure his country’s borders, cut better trade deals for America, confront China’s expanding global aggression, pressure the presumptuous Europeans to spend more on their own defence and extricate US troops from costly, unwinnable wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

He rightly pointed out that America was overly indulgent to its enemies and started to withhold aid to countries he considered hostile. Closer to home where I am concerned, he criticised African governments and was rude about the state of some countries and anyone familiar with what is taking place in Africa today will struggle to disagree with his opinions. Through Mike Pompeo, his secretary of state, he did what no other Western politician has dared to do and expressed concern about the safety of South African farmers. Though many of his goals have been frustrated, to a large extent as a consequence of relentless harassment from so many different directions, he achieved much that is positive during his term of office.  He said himself that there is more to do and that opportunity is now denied him. The new administration will move quickly to undo what was done and reverse course.

With the election of Joe Biden, this sad course of events is set to accelerate, not least because his Vice President, Kamala Harris, a racist who hails from the radical left is likely to assume the presidential reins sooner rather than later. Their policy programme looks set to strengthen and consolidate the liberal tyranny that seeks to destroy western democracy as we know it.

Uncontrolled immigration into the US will speed up the process of marginalising and diluting the soon to be white minority. An abrupt move to socialism will increase the burden placed upon the predominantly white, working and middle-class while the number of people wholly dependent on the State for their survival ratchets up. The new administration is likely to be largely bereft of conservative whites who hold dear their country’s history and traditional ideals and culture.

In a way this follows the same path that so many of us went down in Africa and I fear there is little doubt where it will lead. America is on a path to self-destruction and that is not good for any of us in this topsy-turvy world. But for the Chinese and all those who seek the final erasure of all semblances of Western civilisation, it is a bonanza that is not to be sneezed at.

In his twenty minute pre-recorded farewell speech, Trump said that his administration did what it came to do – and more.

I suppose, one can debate the significance of his accomplishments – whether four hundred miles of rebuilt border wall, tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks, confirmed judges, trade wars, and modest Middle East diplomatic agreements amount to much in the way of substantive achievement. He was the first American President in a very long time not to start any wars during his time in office and it is perhaps significant to note that Joe Biden in his eight years as vice president was instrumental with Obama in starting no fewer than seven conflicts. In the course of those little wars, America dropped well over twenty six thousand bombs. Yet the liberal establishment hails this man as a peacemaker?

Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 to shake up the existing political order. He campaigned as an outsider giving voice to those who distrusted the establishment. Opportunistic perhaps but I find it sad that the unrest and resentment that bore the Donald triumphantly to the White House came to a sad and possibly predictable end in the US Capitol two weeks ago.

After four years of shattered norms and traditions, of turning expectations of presidential behaviour on their head, Trump leaves US government changed – fundamentally and hopefully irreversibly.

I am not an admirer of the man for himself but do believe that he had his country’s best interests at heart and did not deserve the vitriol and abuse that has been heaped upon him. For all his faults, Donald Trump was a man who put the welfare of the American people before everything else and that is something that most other politicians in this supposed ‘free world’ would do well to bear in mind. We, the ordinary people want politicians to pay heed to our views and look after us rather than the ruddy ‘Establishment.’

(I seem to have had another disaster with the font on this one but have no idea why it keeps jumping around the way it does. Sorry.)

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