Government Lies and the Americanisation of Cricket

I do not often watch television but when I moved to Princetown, I began watching the BBC evening news at six o’clock and over the past months, one small segment of the bulletin has never failed to raise my blood pressure, sometimes to the point of explosion.

I refer of course to those interminable Covid statistics released daily by the government. Firstly they announce the number of ‘new’ cases. They actually mean, the number of positive tests but even more annoying than that little falsehood is the number of deaths that are announced as being from the Coronabug. I am sorry but these figures are blatant lies, sponsored by Bunter J, Mathew ruddy Hancock and the scientific goons who are ruling us all so badly at the moment.

Anyone who has died and has coincidentally tested positive for the virus is recorded as dying from it. Because people already on their last gasps with cancer, organ failure, advanced dementia – you name it – are recorded as victims of coronavirus if they have tested positive within the preceding twenty eight days. Yet the cause of death in such cases has clearly little, if anything to do with the virus.

To my mind, this is sheer, unadulterated madness and slanted in this manner so as to terrify the British public into obeying the draconian ‘laws’ being promulgated by Bunter and his cronies. You might as well say they died of a cold if they happened to have one on top of whatever was actually killing them. Even road accident casualties who subsequently died of terrible injuries are recorded as coronavirus deaths if coronabug blood tests prove positive.

‘Never mind the catastrophic brain damage caused by being hit by that truck, Old Chap. Got the virus too? Sorry, that is what has put paid to you and that is bloody official!’ This has been annoying me – and raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels – for months and I have often walked out swearing on the news when this particular segment comes on.

How long will it be I wonder before Covid becomes a viable defence against a murder charge, on the grounds that the victim tested positive for the bug three weeks before he or she was chopped. Sound a bit far fetched I know but I would not bet against anything in this time of madness – government inspired madness at that.

And this week the Office for National Statistics came through, completely agreeing with me. They revealed that almost a quarter of registered Covid deaths were of people who actually did not die of the disease. 

Latest analysis shows that twenty three percent of registered ‘coronavirus deaths’ were in fact people who died ‘with’ the infection rather than ‘from’ it. Other re-evaluated statistics show that daily death figures for April are being wildly exaggerated.

Britain has had no more than twenty eight deaths per day since the beginning of this month, even though the Government put the figure as high as sixty a day. That is because their daily update is based on the number of deaths reported in the last twenty four hours – that often includes cases from days or even weeks previously.

Meanwhile, why have we only ever been given daily figures for hospital admissions and deaths? Why not figures for people who have recovered from Covid and been discharged? It is always an absurdly one-sided presentation.

In my humble opinion there is only one reason for this official lying. It is because Bunter J’s – and remember the man has a history of proven lies to his name – Government, with the connivance of the BBC in particular want to scare us into meek compliance with the tyranny of their lockdown measures.

The sad thing is that it has worked. What on earth has happened to the strength and spirit that brough this country and its allies through two world wars. Gone for ever I am afraid.

What for you has been the most noteworthy event of the past week? The Cameron lobbying ruckus over his mate Les – or is it Lex? – Greensill? The eulogies to the Duke of Edinburgh? Russia beating war drums in Ukraine?

For some of us dotty supporters of ‘the summer game’ all these pale into insignificance alongside the pronouncement that when English cricket’s new-fangled and idiotic competition, ‘The Hundred’ starts, the word ‘wicket’ is to be replaced by ‘out’ and batsmen will become batters – the latter term is insidiously prevalent among many commentators already I am afraid and it sounds horrible to those of us who have grown up with the game. Many people from the Great and the Good to poor old Simon Heffer have already commented on the Americanisation of this wonderful game of ours and indeed, not since Dennis Lillee, the Australian fast bowler walked to the wicket (can I still use that word I wonder?) in 1979 carrying an aluminium bat, has cricket known such a furore.

Perhaps all we cricket lovers should rise above it and treat The Hundred with the disdain it deserves.

After all, it is simply not cricket.

So there!

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