Hysteria, Invasion and Ineptitude

What on earth is going on with this benighted government? If Britons go abroad, the chances of being locked up when they return are very good indeed, yet this does not seem to apply to the pompous pratwinkles who Bunter has appointed as his ministers.

Take Alok Sharma, whom the Prime Minister appointed ‘president’ of the coming UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, known as COP26. Can you have a president of a conference I wonder?

Anyway, this so-called ‘climate tsar’ has over the past seven months flown to at least thirty nations (never once quarantining, although at least six of them were on the Government’s red list) and covered about two hundred thousand miles.

Bunter Johnson’s spokesman defended this globetrotting: ‘Travel to key countries for face-to-face talks is essential. For example, immediately following his visit to Japan and South Korea, the governments there committed to ambitious net zero targets.’

Do these numpties expect us to accept that such commitments emerged as a result of Sharma’s amazing personal presence – which would come as a surprise to his underwhelmed parliamentary colleagues. 

Yesterday, Sharma told The Sunday Times that online meetings would have failed, describing them as ‘the doom of Zoom’.

Hold on a moment Mr Sharma. I thought it was meant to be excessive plane flights that would bring about doom for the planet – or is that only when it’s being done by the rest of us? Truly, some of the most vocal proponents of a ‘zero carbon’ strategy are reminiscent of those Renaissance Popes who preached against lust and professed celibacy while enjoying the favours of sundry mistresses.

The Christian churches however, also had good news to offer: if you behaved well, loved your neighbour and so forth, then there was a prospect of avoiding hellfire and instead proceeding to the heavenly afterlife. There is nothing like that from those who are currently warning of a fiery apocalypse on Earth.

It seems to me that the more extreme ‘Greens’ are rather like the Jesuits who educated me. They are obsessed with the idea of salvation through leading a pure and simple life, but at least the preachers of my youth believed in mankind as well as God. 

By contrast, the modern green prophets see man as a blight on the planet, and the fewer of us the better which I fear is the reverse of God’s injunction to ‘be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it.’

Weirdly, however, a number of leading figures in the Church of England have made common cause with the fanatics of Extinction Rebellion. For example, during the XR demonstrations of October 2019, the Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, led twenty vicars in reading the complete Book of Revelation – on the same platform as various XR doomsday cultists had been performing a silly ritual they called a ‘die-in.’

And this cult has its own equivalent of an Old Testament prophet, in the awful Greta Thunberg. Thunberg definitely knows how to communicate her own terror at the alleged imminence of a planet in flames – and she has nothing but contempt for the likes of Alok Sharma.

Like her followers in XR, Thunberg regards the governments of the West as too wedded to the wickedness (as she sees it) of perpetual economic growth to take the necessary steps to ‘save’ the planet from apocalypse. Unfortunately for her, it is the people, and not just those who govern them, who are not ready for the misery and privation that her own narrow vision demands. 

Perhaps that is why Bunter J’s government is wondering about enforcing any of the measures to which it has committed itself by promising net zero emissions by 2050. Yet this is daft really. Britain contributes little more than one per cent of global CO2 emissions. China not only produces twenty seven per cent of the total but has almost two hundred and fifty gigawatts of new coal power in planning or development – an increase which exceeds the entire coal-fired energy capacity of America.

China is not worrying about Greta’s sermons though, regarding them with as much hostility as it did those of Christian missionaries, whom it often slaughtered. When Thunberg told China to ‘change course,’ Beijing’s English language newspaper, Global Times, quoted one of its ministers that this was ‘an attempt to deprive Chinese people of the right to improve their quality of life. Thunberg, who started skipping school for her climate protests, is merely eighteen years old. She is short of sufficient academic knowledge and study.’

I am not a great admirer of the Chinese but it seems that they are the only people prepared to stand up to the fanatics who are holding the world to ransom. Yes, the climate is changing. It has throughout history dammit! Yes, there are too many people but even when China itself tried to control the population, the experiment failed and Bunter’s turnips are not going to fare any better. Nor will Sleepy Joe Biden who I am afraid, should probably be locked away in a care home before he does any real damage.

In the 1940s, Britain stood strong against a planned German invasion yet despite of torrent of promising rhetoric from the current Home Secretary, the country is now being invaded by a group of mainly male and mainly young people who call themselves ‘asylum seekers.’

Despite being installed in hotels far more pleasant than the quarantine ones for ordinary Britons, being fed and being paid thirty eight pounds a week in pocket money, hundreds – possibly thousands – of the ten thousand that have come in this year have disappeared, doubtless seeking fortunes in the black economy.

And what are the government doing about it? Now there is a question. Despite all the tough talking from Pritstick Patel and Bunter J, the people who rule us are sending out Border Force and R.N.L.I vessels to take over from the French authorities who despite having being paid millions of pounds of our money to sort things out on their side of the channel are escorting the overloaded dinghies to the English border.

Where on earth is it going to end? There are forecasts of another ten thousand of these wastrels arriving before the end of the year and next year will be worse. Tough talk is not going to help. As a British citizen who has always paid his taxes, I want action and a stop to this madness.

But how on earth can I get it? I have written on three occasions to my own MP, Sir Geoffrey Cox of West Devon but have never even received the courtesy of an acknowledgement, let alone a reply. I am reliably told that the ever-so-grand Mr Cox is earning vast sums of money as a practising barrister and so does not have time to acknowledge mere plebs like me.

In that he seems typical of so many of his parliamentary colleagues on both sides of the house. Oh for some fresh faces, honesty, enthusiasm and strength of character – all characteristics that are sadly missing from the current set of corrupt and lack lustre desk jockeys that we have at the moment.

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