Where Are We Going?

What a weird lot our political elite are proving to be. In 2016 we were told that we were to vote either to remain in the European Union or to leave it. That seemed straightforward enough, but apparently it was not. We were also told that whichever way the vote went, the government would follow the will of the People and that this was to be a once in a lifetime choice.

What total tarradiddle that turned out to be! I voted to leave but did not expect to be on the winning side so when the result was announced, I was pleasantly surprised and optimistic for the future. Having handed out independence to all its former colonies, Britain was going to become independent itself. That surely had to be a good thing. Doesn’t everyone want freedom?

Huh! Perhaps the politicians were reading the history books and noting what disasters befell the countries they gave away. Whatever the case, the political elite faddled and fudged along for three years without getting anywhere. Mother Maybe promised everything, didn’t deliver and had to go, so Bunter Johnson (He does rather remind me of Greyfriars Billy) took over.

I have always looked upon the man as a clever buffoon, but so far, he has shown a will of steel. So much so that those who lost the referendum have started to panic. Heaven forbid that the will of the Great Unwashed is actually carried out! Let’s shut down the country. Let’s take the government to Court. Let’s have another referendum – then presumably another when the same result is declared. Eventually the public will have had enough and throw up their arms in surrender.

Then we, the British people can remain as vassals of Europe rather than masters of our own lives.

One of those involving himself in legal attempts to thwart Bunter J’s plans is the former boss man John Major. As prime minister, Major is only remembered for his love of cricket (very commendable) and having it off with Edwina Curry – I won’t comment on that! Yet now he has joined forces with Guyanan businesswoman, Gina Miller and is attempting to get the Courts to declare the prorogation of Parliament – for but five days remember – illegal.

Has this hapless Wannabe forgotten his own record of prorogation? He used the same tactic way back in 1997 when he prorogued Parliament early for the election in what was seen as an attempt to avoid scrutiny over the cash-for-questions scandal. In that case, the Houses were suspended nineteen days earlier than was necessary before the general election, delaying the publication of a damning report. 

Which of course left the door open for Anthony Blair and we all know what he did to this country.

I suppose the hapless Major is hoping everyone has forgotten all that that but why is he getting involved in any case? Is he perhaps missing the limelight all of a sudden?

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has declared he is also taking part in the bid. That should make the prime minister quake in his boots!

It is quite sad really and I hope that whichever judges are hearing the three separate attempts to derail Brexit will prove to be as learned as judges ought to be. I am not holding my breath though.

With all the brouhaha going on at the moment, the House of Lords have remained a bit quiet – I suppose they can’t get a word in edgeways. But they have been busy though. They have brought in a rule by which peers can work outside Parliament without having to reveal the identity of their paymasters.

How can that possibly be anything but dangerous to the security of the Nation? Any one of them could be employed by corrupt foreign governments or disreputable corporate interests and no one need know anything about it. 

It seems to me that the Upper Chamber risks becoming even more of a crooks’ paradise than it is already.

Needless to say, this shocking change was made without debate.

Hereditary peerages were abolished some years ago and at the time I felt it was probably a good move, but there are so many shysters in ermine these days that I now have my doubts.

Abolish the lot I say. We don’t need them and could save a fortune for the NHS, the police, schools etcetera.

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