Politics and Policing

As this poor deluded nation braces itself for more traffic disruption and hysterical outpourings from leftist loonies today, I can only wonder what heroic figures from days gone by would make of it all. Can this really be the nation that ruled and developed a large part of the world? Cecil Rhodes, Clive of India and many others devoted their lives to making Britain a power in the world, but now the country they gave their lives for is becoming a laughing stock.

As a nation, modern Britain seems to have lost all semblance of rationality. This is supposed to be a democratic society where specific people are employed by the rest of the population to carry out our wishes.

That at least is what I was brought up to believe yet look at the current mob – and there is no other word for it I’m afraid – of agitators making hay with the will of the people. They tell us that they are merely protesting against the ‘coup that is taking place in this country.’

That is arrant nonsense I’m afraid. Parliament voted to grant us, the British people a referendum on our membership of the EU. Parliament voted to trigger Article 50 when a majority of us voted to leave. Five hundred and sixty-eight of the six hundred and fifty current MPs were elected on manifestos pledging to respect the referendum result.

Parliament also voted on three separate occasions to prevent Britain leaving the European Union with a deal. And Parliament voted on March 26th to take control of the Brexit process, held a succession of votes on its preferred Brexit model and spectacularly failed to find a majority for any of them.

All the hysterical expressions of democratic outrage we have heard over the past few days ignore one simple fact. The people of Britain voted to leave the European Union in the biggest expression of popular will seen in this country since the introduction of the universal franchise. Yet more than three years later, our duly elected representatives persistently and pig-headedly refuse to respect and implement that democratic instruction.

‘Boris Johnson is acting like an unelected dictator,’ they cry while literally plotting to install Jeremy Corbyn or Harriet Harman or Kenneth Clarke or any other dunderhead they can think of in Downing Street. Who is really acting like a dictator? The person who is attempting to force Parliament to act in concert with the wishes of the people or those who are yet again and for the umpteenth time attempting to impose a never-ending parliamentary veto over the wishes of the voters?

When are the Remainers going to be honest with us. They don’t want to recognise the referendum result. They don’t want to see a No Deal Brexit or a soft Brexit or anything that even resembles Brexit. They think that when Britain voted to leave, Britain voted the wrong way. They want another referendum to reverse the result they didn’t want originally. But the majority of them just can’t muster the courage to say so and to be honest, I feel that were another referendum to be held, the leave folk would have a bigger majority than they did before.

So this week the Remainers bless ‘em will begin their own act of insurrection. The fact that Bunter Johnson is specifically attempting to avoid the very No Deal Brexit they profess to oppose is irrelevant. They will take to the streets. They will occupy bridges. They will cause mass disruption to people attempting to get on with their lives and they will blandly assure us that they are doing it in the name of democracy. In other words they will lie through their collective teeth.

A coup is indeed under way. But it is not being mounted by the Prime Minister.

How the rest of the world must be laughing at Britain. The Europeans know that they merely need to wait and the likes of Corbyn and his cronies will scupper Britain for them and bring us all meekly back under the European heel.

Squeaker Bercow has called the prorogation an ‘offence against the democratic process,’ but the real offence has been the past three years of anti Brexit actions, many of them brought about by the Squeaker himself.

What sort of democracy is this if a Remain campaigner, Gina Miller with a former prime minister by her side can somehow manage to persuade the courts to block Brexit? Is it democratic to allow unelected judges to go against the will of the people?

If the demonstrators against prorogation had any sense of irony, they would not be adopting the umbrella symbol in an attempt to equate their protests with those of the demonstrators in Hong Kong. The Remainers are at no risk of being gunned down in their thousands like the pro-democracy demonstrators who face a tyrannous Chinese regime. It is a pitiful mockery of the Hong Kongers’ perhaps foolish bravery to try to co-opt their symbol, and yet another example of Remainers’ over the top rhetoric.

All I can say is that surely the majority of British citizens are heartily fed up with the hyperbolic hysteria being harnessed and moulded by the few usual culprits like Soubry, Grieve, Swinson and Lucas as well as a few more arrogant politicians. They are backed up of course by public figures like Owen Jones, Hugh Grant and the rest. In other words, ineffectual politicians, left-leaning rabble rousers and actors no longer in the public eye. Grant for instance showed us his intellectual powers by using the F word twice in a short twitter rant. Like most actors, he can only sound other than vacuous when the words are written for him.

Everyone is entitled to a point of view, but mobs are mobs, whatever cause they think they are espousing and I am sorry to point it out, but mobs are ruddy dangerous.

Also ruddy dangerous is the modern police attitude to drug laws. If even thirty years ago, a police force had proposed to let off drug dealers and give them free driving lessons and gym memberships, the Chief Constable involved would have had to resign immediately and everyone would have been up in arms.

Yet Avon and Somerset Police have announced that they are to do just that and nobody seems to care.

And it is drug dealers we are talking about, not casual users. For years, senior coppers have excused their failure to pursue mere users by saying this would free them to catch the evil dealers. Now they are to reward the said ‘evil dealers.’ I am sorry but it makes me ashamed to have ever worn the uniform of a British Bobby, even though the plod of the 1960s were a vastly different organisation.

What pathetic nonsense it all is! British coppers long ago ceased to be police as I understood the term when I pounded pavements in this country. They are just armed and uniformed social workers, full of excuses for crime and utterly opposed to the idea of punishing responsible wrongdoers.

This particular outfit (Avon and Somerset) announced in 2004 that it had given up arresting cannabis users. In 2016, it became the fifth police district in the country to say openly that it just wasn’t interested in acting against possession of the drug, despite the fact that cannabis causes a great deal of the violence currently taking place in British towns and cities.

Yet using cannabis is still a criminal offence and carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. So what gives any officer the right to ignore laws passed by Parliament?

Why does nobody protest or demonstrate against this outrage I wonder? To have an official police force – sorry, I still can’t call it a service – reward serious criminals for committing serious crime seems far more outrageous than closing down an argumentative Parliament for a few days.

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