A Nation at War – With Itself

This nation is not really at war, but with all that is going on at the moment, it seems somewhat like it. This week is crunch time: our elected leaders return to Westminster tomorrow and regretfully they hold the destiny of the nation in their hands. If MPs choose to back the Government’s policy on EU withdrawal, then the referendum decision will finally be implemented after three long and fretful years. If not, this country will be plunged into an even deeper crisis, made all the worse by the slight chance that Jeremy Corbyn could emerge from the chaos to seize power.  

The fight – and fight it will be damnit – has been given fresh intensity by the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks from September 9th, a move that is said to restrict the Remainers’ room for manoeuvre in their bid to thwart Brexit. But ninety percent of these overpaid nincompoops will be living it up at their various party conferences for most of that time, so the reality is that Parliament will be prorogued for a maximum of six days.    

Johnson’s decision brought thousands of demonstrators on to the streets over the weekend to protest at the prorogation. Marches were held in thirty-two towns, while the centre of London came to a standstill. These demonstrations were accompanied by frenzied language from left-wing politicians and anti-Brexit campaigners. Typical was the hysterical outburst from the Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, who proclaimed that Johnson’s “declaration of war will be met with an iron fist.”


Another demonstrator called for Brexiteers to be gassed and ‘Auschwitz for Brexiteers,’ while a radio host claimed that the flu vaccine should be restricted to Remainers. I hope he will be fired but once again, I am not holding my breath.

Beyond such tinpot agitation, the anti-Brexiteers are stepping up their plots in Westminster. They have drawn up a plan to call an emergency debate tomorrow, then seize control of the order of business in the Commons. They would then pass legislation both to block a no-deal departure from the EU and to demand a further extension of Article 50.  

If these tactics fail, then they will have to resort to a motion of no confidence in the Government. In this, they will be assisted, not only by up to twenty diehard Tory rebels but also by the Pipsqueaker himself who from his holiday in Turkey, melodramatically described Bunter’s prorogation of Parliament as a ‘constitutional outrage.’

More of a constitutional outrage is Bercow himself with his arrogant mix of bellowing self-importance and complete partisanship, both of which will be on full display this week, God help any parliamentarian who dares to disagree with the little twonk.

But let’s face it; this has to stop. Victory for anti-Government forces in Parliament would be a disaster, a recipe for more paralysis, more uncertainty and more self-indulgence from the political elite – they think of themselves as elite at any rate! After three years of stalemate, most of us are fed up to the back teeth by the failure of Westminster to implement Brexit.    

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am also fed up with the huge hypocrisy of Remainers, who blather about democracy but seek to overturn the referendum result, which was reached after the greatest democratic exercise in UK history. The pro-EU brigade’s phoney indignation about the constitution is just a cover for their longing to stay as part of Europe.  

These jumped up fanatics trumpet the fact that 1.6 million people have signed a petition against prorogation. Sure they have, but that total is pretty insignificant beside the 17.4 million who voted Leave. Has everyone forgotten that I wonder?

Fortunately, Bunter Johnson shows no signs of being cowed. On the contrary, he has fought back with spirit and whether you like him or loathe him, he should be supported against the fanatics. The defensive timidity that characterised Mother Maybe’s European negotiations has been replaced by a new spirit of resolution. Despite my doubts about Bunter, I find his attitude somewhat refreshing.

I suppose it is partly because the Prime Minister knows that hard-headed determination is the only way to crack EU intransigence and get a better deal. As he put it yesterday, “the one thing that could undermine the UK’s ability to negotiate would be Brussels thinking that there is some chance the referendum result could be cancelled and that Brexit could be blocked.”

He is right and last week there were signs that Europe’s leaders, for all their stubbornness in public, may be willing to be more flexible. That must surely make it all the more imperative that Johnson is not undermined at home. Given what is at stake, he is right to be as tough as possible and this is reflected in his threat to deselect rebellious MPs who defy the Tory whip.

Despite all the froth in the media and condemnation from the Remain lobby, much of the public seems to back Johnson’s approach. An opinion poll yesterday put the Tories 11 points ahead of Labour. Most voters just want the Government to get on with Brexit.  

For the sake of national unity, Bunter Johnson must win this week. The Remainer insurrection against what so many of us voted for must not succeed.

For me, one of the most horrific pictures of the weekend nonsense was that of a young couple burning a tourist version of the Union Jack outside Parliament. In most countries (including European ones) they would have been arrested instantly and thrown into the nick – or worse. Here they are looked upon by many of their fellow Remainers as heroes.

I just pray that common sense prevails this week and not the mindless anarchy that has been on display over the past few days.

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