Modern Madness and an Indomitable Oldie

When will this hypocritical witch hunt ever end? A double murder charge has been brought against a former British paratrooper over alleged atrocities on Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland in 1972. 

Now in his sixties, he is known as Soldier F. Every Prime Minister from Blair to Mother Maybe has vowed on taking power that Britain would end the hounding of former soldiers, yet nothing has been done. In fact, it was Blair who personally pardoned the IRA terrorists while still allowing the soldiers to be investigated and persecuted.

Each one of those Prime Ministers should hang their head in shame. We can only hope that Bunter Johnson might actually do something.

Three cheers for eighty-one year old Doreen Jones who fought off a cashpoint thief who was trying to steal her pension money.

‘No, you’re not having my money. I’ve worked hard for that,’ the former factory worker told the young female thief, before grabbing her by the collar and flinging her across the pavement.

‘I was brought up in the War,’ she said. ‘I learned how to fight in the air-raid shelters. They picked the wrong one when they picked on Doreen.’

Good for you My Dear but I am just glad you didn’t hit out with your walking stick, or in these ridiculous times, you would be in court facing assault charges.

I have a sneaking admiration for many of the youngsters protesting so vociferously about climate change at the moment.

Okay, a lot of them are far too young to have a clue as to what they are protesting about and others are only to pleased to have a reason for playing hooky from school, but others really believe in what they say and whether I agree with them or not, who am I to dampen their enthusiasm?

But have they really thought it all through I wonder? How many of them realise that  their perfect world would mean never travelling in a car or catching an aeroplane, never eating a Big Mac with chips or any other meat for that matter and no more disposable fashion — just bicycles, vegan wraps and endless yards of sackcloth and ashes.

Is that really what they want?

Mind you, on that subject, I and millions of others like me will have to be brought up before a court of law if that eminent and very rich buffoon, Michael Mansfield has his way.

Moneybags Mansfield as he is known is the well-connected QC who has made millions from defending a number of famous faces, some of which he actually managed to get off.

Today this idiot, obviously in search of the perfect world mentioned above will urge the Labour Party conference to make the eating of meat into a crime. Ecocide would you believe – a crime against humanity.

Is there perchance, one iota of common sense left in these people? I have to go into town today and the first thing I shall be looking for is a nice piece of steak.

Sorry Mr Mansfield, I am sure you are good at your job, but you really have lost your marbles if you think anyone but the total loons of the Labour Party would even listen to such claptrap!.

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