Courts, Governments and a Sick Bag

I found the evening news on BBC somewhat unedifying yesterday. The judgement of the Supreme Court earlier in the day surprised me somewhat, but in her summing up, Lady Hale mentioned that the judgement had nothing to do with Brexit.

Well, she didn’t put it quite like that but that was what she implied. Why then was the self-styled Remain Alliance bouncing up and down on the steps of the court afterwards? I am sorry learned lady, but it was all about Brexit from start to finish.

There they were, beaming for the television cameras, Anna Soubry-doo, the green madwoman, the overweight pub bore from the SNP and Choccy Umunna, all of them celebrating madly like infants being let out of school early.

If this wasn’t about Brexit, what were they doing there? If this wasn’t about Brexit, why did Gina Miller bring her case in the first place?

Why otherwise, were they so violently opposed to Bunter Johnson suspending Parliament for five weeks? It’s not as if any of them have ever objected before to having more than a month off. Parliament rarely, if ever sits in September damnit! It normally breaks up in the summer and doesn’t reconvene till after the conference season in October, so what on earth is this mass hysteria about?

‘MPs are being silenced,’ is the general scream, but if only that were so. This rabble never shuts up. No, the real reason for this totally feigned outrage has to be that Bunter J was denying them a few extra days to moan and pontificate before the cameras about the Brexit process.

In their submissions before the court, the plaintiffs (Gina Miller, John Major and the Cherry woman from North of the Border) insisted they were simply interested in defending parliamentary sovereignty. 

Rubbish! The only reason Gina Miller is so keen on Parliament is that her best chance of blocking Brexit altogether lies with the overwhelming number of remain-favouring MPs who are determined to overturn the result of the referendum and to hell with the will of the People.

Miller if you remember, is the wealthy businesswoman who said that when she realised Britain had voted Leave, she felt physically sick. That is akin to what I feel now I’m afraid. How can this woman from Guyana and her wealthy backers, most of whom live elsewhere use the courts in a shameless attempt to block the democratic vote of nearly seventeen and a half million people – including me. Not just once but twice.

This is merely justice of the wealthy in which cases can only be brought by those with very deep pockets. They can afford the best lawyers and finance legal action right up to the Supreme Court. Risibly, they claim to be ‘defending democracy’ — the same dishonest excuse trotted out by fanatical Remainers in the Commons, including Squeaker Bercow who was unable to contain his smug delight at yesterday’s ruling. 

Has Bercow not been abusing his power over the last three years, making up the rules as he goes along? Have MPs not acted in contravention of long-established parliamentary tradition? We voted to leave Europe. Do none of these people remember that?

Can you imagine the outcry if a wealthy Leave supporter — financed say, by rich Republicans in the U.S. — decided to do a Gina Miller and challenge the behaviour of Bercow and Remain MPs in court? And can you imagine the howls of outrage if judges ruled that Bercow and his cohorts had acted illegally and ordered them to vote through a No Deal Brexit without further delay.

So how can the referendum result now be dragged through the courts like this? And it IS all about leave or remain damnit! All the rest of the insincere claptrap being spouted by Londoners is just that – claptrap.

Lady Hale may solemnly intone that the Supreme Court’s decision was nothing to do with Brexit, but the case was brought for nakedly political reasons and places unelected judges above elected politicians, including the Prime Minister.

This result was hardly cause for celebration by a handful of pathetically ineffectual politicians and BBC reporters. It was a disgraceful parody of justice in a country that really has gone mad.

Inside the London Bubble, this is being presented as a victory for parliamentary sovereignty, for justice and for democracy. Outside, where most of us live, we can see it for exactly what it is – a disgraceful, but well-executed Remain stitch-up.

They’re trying to drum into our thick heads that they know best and our votes are worthless. I am sorry but it is not justice, and it’s definitely not democracy. 

Nor is Labour’s promise to abolish private schools should – heaven forbid – they get into power. To see this arrant nonsense being defended by the moronic Diane Abbott – herself a shadow minister for something or the other – on the idiot box yesterday made me feel sick again.

As I said, the evening news made me reach for the Rennies and a paper bag. I can’t remember when I felt so little respect for a particular group of people.

The Abbott woman sent her own son to a private school for God’s sake, but she brushed that off by saying that ‘it was a long time ago.’

Her jaw-dropping arrogance — together with that of other members of the Labour executive who are also products of private education — seems to have done nothing to dampen the baying Labour mob’s enthusiasm for the idea. Nothing spurs them on more than the thought of sticking it to the so-called elite. Well I am sorry but I cannot agree. I went to a private school and one of my Bratlets goes to one now and the Lemon family are a long way from the Elite. If Labour really wants to tackle inequality in the education system, they could always try to improve the standard of State-run education.

Instead, Corbyn’s Cowboys plan the opposite — as well as getting rid of independent schools, they also propose abolishing Ofsted, the government body that monitors standards in education

Of the two ideas, this is perhaps the most sinister. Because if you remove Ofsted, you remove accountability — and with it all safeguards against poor practice. So failing schools will not be noticed and good teachers will have no way of raising standards. The Abbott woman sent her boy to private school because the educational choices in her own Labour-run borough of Hackney were so bad. She had to choose between being a good parent and a good politician — and chose the former.

Okay that is very commendable but the blatant hypocrisy of a party that wants to rob future generations of the chances they enjoyed themselves, all in the name of blatant class warfare is difficult to take.

I have railed against the politics of Zimbabwe for over thirty years. My country is definitely a failed state due to political corruption and inefficiency. Now my adopted country – well, not quite but the country in which I live – is going the same way for the same reasons.

I wonder if I can book a moon flight any time soon?

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