Whittering Experts and Global Warming

I don’t watch a great deal of television but of late, coverage of world affairs seems to have been totally skewed. Take the recent assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the hardline leader of the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Listening to coverage on some TV stations, you’d be excused for thinking he was a cross between Mother Theresa and Dumbo.

But let’s face it – as Bunter Johnson pointed out – this is a man ‘with the blood of British troops on his hands.’ He has been in command of an organisation with an off-shoot of a terrorist group for two decades and has been engaged in terrorism in countries such as Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and, of course, Iraq. An international travel ban had been imposed on him and the UN had imposed a financial restriction order on any assets he had overseas. 

Last year, a British tanker was seized in the Straits of Hormuz after Iranian troops descended from a helicopter. Add to this that the current Iranian government wishes to keep advancing until all Israelis are pushed into the sea, and you start to get a feel for this bunch of international murderers and cut throats. 

While that should surely be enough for most of us, the human rights activists, lawyers, peace campaigners, US-haters and ‘Middle East experts’ have been queuing up to get on TV and radio here and in America. The BBC and Channel 4 showed footage of protesters burning the Union Flag and the Stars and Stripes in Tehran as if this had never been seen before. Of course it has damnit and frequently. Some of these fanatical demonstrators would probably set flags alight if Britain won the Eurovision Song Contest! This is what they do. Why should it be news?

The parade of doom prophets have predictably, been joined by the usual suspects from the world of politics. Jeremy Corbyn, who has seemingly never encountered an enemy of the UK he didn’t support, piously lectured the House of Commons about the legality of the US action? His Marxist pal John McDonnell also expressed his opposition, but then he would, wouldn’t he?

These two buffoons are the biggest Labour losers in nearly eighty years. The idea that the pair of them, who have been cosying up to terrorists and terrorist sympathisers for years, can lecture us about international security is as laughable as their campaign that failed so spectacularly last month.

Equally as laughable are the claims from so many of these whittering ‘experts’ who warn that we are on the verge of a Third World War and Iran will unleash untold hell. Yes, there will undoubtedly be incidents but in their first attack on the US air bases, all they managed to achieve was to shoot down a civilian air liner, mistaking it for a missile. I don’t think we really have much to worry us.

When Barack Obama sanctioned the killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011, the world rightly breathed a sigh of relief, so why should this be any different?  The obvious answer is that these armchair generals on both sides of the Atlantic share a visceral loathing for Donald Trump and his policies. 

I might be completely wrong but I don’t think there will be much of an escalation of danger in the world. A few more flags will be burnt and a lot more vitriol will be spouted by ‘experts’ but the world will be a safer place without General Soleimani.

Then there is the coverage of the Australian bushfires, particularly by the BBC. Night after night, I watch and listen to reports highlighting the tragedies that are occurring. Yes, it is all very tragic and my heart bleeds for those affected but the BBC labour the point only because it supports their fanatical preaching about man-made global warming.

But does it? I have been researching the matter ever since my last little rant about the fires and a have discovered that Australia has been just as hot before, according to measurements as far back as 1889. 

Various excuses are now made for ignoring these inconvenient figures but there really isn’t much doubt about it. Huge forest fires are also common in Australia’s history, some of the worst having been in the very hot summer of 1938-9. 

After lethal blazes in 2009, a Royal Commission in Victoria strongly recommended the ‘prescribed burning’ of brush to prevent future fires – an old Aboriginal method and one used extensively in Africa. 

The Commission report criticised the ‘minimalist approach to prescribed burning despite recent official or independent reports and inquiries, all of which recommended increasing the programme. The State has allowed the forests to continue accumulating excessive fuel loads, adding to the likelihood of more intense bushfires and thereby placing firefighters and communities at greater risk.’ 

It doesn’t appear that anyone took any notice of these findings in Victoria or any of the other states. The Green lobby didn’t want any interference in ‘National Parks’ and indeed, they managed to increase the area of these parks, thereby increasing the risk of fires, which are now taking place.

This is hardly the fault of global warming damnit!

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