Sensationalism, Schooling and the EU

Amid the daily gloom and doom that we are served as ‘news’ in various newspapers and the ubiquitous television, I can’t help wondering how much is real news and how much, mere sensationalism.

For instance, less than three months ago, at least two of the ‘respectable’ broadsheets published photographs of the Victoria Falls without any water falling. These were accompanied by apocalyptic forecasts that the Falls would dry up through global warming and the world would lose its most iconic waterfall.

At the time, I poo-poohed this nonsense in my rant. At the end of the dry season, the Falls always show patches of bare rock which even an amateur photographer can use to illustrate a story of impending doom. However, yesterday – less than three months after the original reports in highly respected British newspapers, the Victoria Falls reached its highest level of flow in a decade. Will those self-same newspapers publish that though? Somehow, I doubt it.

What a pity there are no visitors to admire the Falls in their true glory, but what does this say about the integrity of the Media and how much of their coronabug propaganda can we believe?

My parenting days are long behind me but I can’t help wondering how modern parents are coping with educating their brats at home. It must surely give them a chance to redress some of the liberal nonsense peddled by so many teaching bodies in this politically correct twenty-first century.

Tell the children more about the good things achieved by the British Empire for a change, about the poverty and corruption rampant throughout Africa and about the dangers inherent in the current trend for dissatisfied youngsters to change their gender at will. You know, it is a wonderful opportunity to redress the politically correct balance a little.

Yet there is a crazy woman in Darkest America who is loudly warning the world that home-schooling is dangerous. Professor of Law Elizabeth Bartholet said: “It’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless.”

What nonsense is this now? Parents, ‘powerful’ and their children ‘powerless?’ More often than not nowadays, it is the other way around.

The worthy professor added that home schooling gives parents ‘authoritarian control’ over the kids. Should that not be the case in most parent/offspring relationships? Let’s face it, teachers have been brainwashing children with their own ‘authoritarian control’ for a very long time.

For me, it is somehow comforting to know that even in this crisis, the liberal leftists are still as weirdly round the bend as ever.

Pope Francis has pleaded with the EU for countries to ‘come together’ to fight the coronabug pandemic.

Huh! I can’t see much chance of that Your Popeyship.

The European Union is falling apart at the moment and it is as a direct consequence of this crisis. All the member states have been doing the sensible thing and ignoring everything the EU desk jockeys have had to say.

Germany has introduced very tough anti-immigration measures, for example and the governing body has been roundly criticised for abandoning Spain and Italy.

There are big rows over a joint debt fund to help the worst-hit countries. There are arguments over what phone app should be used to track virus carriers. None of them seem able to agree on anything. One leading European economist said that the EU was in danger of ‘imploding.’ In fact the entire situation is in a state of total chaos.

Ah well – Isn’t there a saying about clouds and silver linings?

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