Plastic Politicians, ‘Experts’ and the Bug.

And still the coronabug nonsense continues. We are told that Bunter Johnson will be back at the helm tomorrow and hopefully the current ‘headless chicken’ syndrome will ease a little.

 Let’s take the evening media briefings for a start.I watched a couple of the very early ones, but now I would prefer to watch old comedies on Youtube than sit through an hour and a half of pointless woffle from the Cabinet B team and their chosen ‘experts.’

I suppose it must have seemed a good idea when Bunter first announced the lockdown toward the end of March but now the briefings are totally counter-productive. Yes a grave national – or in this case global – crisis probably needed a grave daily update from Number Ten so that our elected leaders could impress upon us how dire the situation is and put the fear of God into us so that we won’t dare have family gatherings in the garden or wander in the park with other people.

Well I am sure we are all – most of us anyway – duly terrified, but the daily procession of plastic politicians saying the same damned things over and over again is getting us down. Sadly, Bunter J is the only one of the current political crop with enough charisma to keep us not merely listening, but also managing to see a ray of hope in the darkness. His charm keeps us onside but the twonks who have taken his place while he has been fighting the bug are not inspiring by any means.

Mathew Hancock seems overwhelmed, panicked and horribly irritable for a senior politician. Dominic Raab is soothing but tells us absolutely nothing. Meanwhile the smoothly impressive Rishi Sunak seems frustrated and obviously does not fully believe in what he is telling us. As for the others occasionally wheeled out, they look mostly lost – and they are boring as hell – perhaps an inevitability when they are saying the same thing over and over again.

Even when Bunter gets back, can’t they cut the press briefings to two a week so there might actually be something new to tell us? Those interminable graphs might seem a little more relevant if we see them less often. We’d get a better sense of progress and we’d feel less irritated by the same old questions from jaded reporters.

And maybe we’d feel less annoyed with the Public Health England team whose daily appearances reveal infuriating inefficiency. Take the question of the public wearing face masks. There is endless dithering from the ‘experts’ and nervous indecision from ministers.

But of course we should wear masks when we are out and about among other people – shopping for instance. No one’s saying they are a cure for coronabug and; no one is saying we want to wear medical quality masks which would only deprive key workers of protection because due to inefficiency on someone’s part, there are not enough to go around.

Home-made masks pulled over nose and mouth have to be better than nothing and most other countries have made the wearing of them compulsory. Why not Britain damnit? Surely it is a matter of common sense? We are told that masks can slow the spread of the virus. Yet one comment from a professor of health psychology made me angry.

“There is a concern that people may feel too safe in them raising concerns over whether they will practice social distancing and wash their hands properly.”

Who does this silly bat think she’s talking to? Kindergarten children? Sometimes I feel very cross at being patronised by these people.

As I have repeatedly written, Bunter J has yet to prove himself but this is surely his big chance. I think we have all had enough of the B team and their gloomy ‘experts.’

Personally I have had more than enough of the media too. They also parade a string of left-leaning ‘experts’ who have been happy to confidently confirm their prophecies of doom. If their goal was spreading terror across the globe to induce people to relinquish their freedoms and livelihoods – to stave off a threat to their health – they have succeeded. But at what cost and who exactly are these people who have all the answers?

I am sure we all remember the ‘experts’ who were trotted out to tell us that Saddam Hussein definitely possessed weapons of mass destruction, including dangerous chemical weapons, locked and loaded for delivery to Europe. This information was pounced upon by the media and the politicians spreading apprehension and a measure of alarm through Europe and America. The mysterious death of David Kelly, a scientist who dissented from the popular view was a grim reminder of how high the stakes were in the disinformation game. Because most people believed what they read or heard, millions applauded when Bush and the Blair creature took their respective countries to war; dispatched Saddam and caused a regional convulsion that reverberates to this day; a catastrophe that has brought early death and suffering to millions. We now know, no such weapons existed and the whole exercise was based on bogus ‘expert’ information.

And of course there are the ‘experts’ from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, led by the ‘Global Warming’ media darling of the time, Rajendra Pachauri, who assured us that the polar ice-caps were about to disappear along with Polar Bears; that hundreds of islands were about to be submerged due to rising sea-levels, and that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear. Pachauri was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for peddling this claptrap! The few who disagreed were accused by him of ‘voodoo science.’ A core-group of IPCC scientists was caught red-handed deleting data and manipulating graphs that did not fit their models. In the investigation that followed it turned out violations of scientific ethics on the panel had become common. Pachauri resigned following the levelling of allegations of sexual harassment. None of the dire predictions made by him or his fellow experts have come to pass.

With this fresh in mind, why should I believe what the main stream media tell me of the current crop of epidemiologists, scientists and associated experts?

It seems the ‘spike’ or ‘apex’ of the coronabug pandemic keeps being delayed or put off. Does this mean the people of many nations should be on lockdown indefinitely? And if not, what is the actual purpose of the current confinement because this threat is not going to simply disappear.

Patrick Buchanan, a man seldom heard from in media reports has recently pointed out the American political response to the virus threat has resulted in the loss of 1,000 jobs for each person who has died with the virus.

He does not point out that the ‘experts’ at the Centers for Disease Control predicted 1.7 million fatalities in March and have now reduced that figure to 60,000, but even at 60,000 this translates into 60 million people unemployed.

The jury is still out on the severity of this pandemic, but there is little doubt in my mind that the fear that has swept the world, leading to almost certainly the worst depression in history, is based on ‘expert opinion,’ amplified by a rampantly gloomy media corps that might well prove to be wrong.

All they are doing is spreading fear and panic among ordinary people and fear is always dangerous. It holds back balance and judgement and it is far more contagious than any bug.


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