Racism, Murder and Prostitution

What is it about twenty first century ‘civilisation’ that makes people think of themselves as so important rather than minute cogs in a very large world?

Take the current furore about racism in America and the huge ‘demonstrations’ held in London and other cities around the world. What are these ‘demonstrators’ trying to prove? Their actions, particularly the violent and illegal ones are hardly likely to change the minds of politicians or for that matter do anything other than make the situation worse than it already is.

I was brought up in Colonial Africa so have some experience of racism, albeit mainly from the controlling point of view. Yet I have spent a goodly portion of my adult life wandering among simple tribesmen and have never experienced any hint of racism or felt in any way superior to the people I wander among. They accept me and I accept them as members of the same species, even though our cultures, degrees of education and ways of life – indeed our views on the outside world – are markedly different.

Now I look on with horrified wonder as supposedly educated people riot for a cause and my heart bleeds for Mankind. Yes, the death of George Floyd was horrific but four policemen have now been charged with murder and depending on the facts that will come out in Court, face lengthy spells in prison. Yet only a few days later in the town of Tulbagh in the Western Cape province of South Africa, a prominent local doctor was murdered by unknown black men. Dr Roelof Botha was on his way home from a pleasant Sunday clay pigeon shooting meet and was a mere four hundred metres from his home when he was set upon and hacked to death.

Dr Botha is merely the latest among many thousands of white people (mainly farmers) to be murdered by black South Africans but like the rest of them, his death will go largely unreported and there certainly won’t be any mass demonstrations in his support. Not only was he a medical man who helped all members of his community, but he was also a devout Christian while Mr Floyd as far as I can tell from reports was a criminal engaged in a criminal act at the time of his arrest and subsequent death.

I watched Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament yesterday and was immediately struck and somewhat horrified by the inflammatory antics of the pompously pretentious leader of the Scottish Nationalists, Ian Blackford.

‘Let him say it,’ this turnip thundered to the house. ‘Let me hear the Prime minister say that black lives matter.’

Bunter Johnson didn’t but if I could have lost all my proud Scottish heritage at that moment, I would willingly have done so.

Of course all black lives matter, Mr Blackford but so do white lives, brown lives and even lives of green or purple. If the demonstrators would change their slogan to all lives matter, I might have some sympathy but at the moment, they seem more intent of stirring up emotions and that must inevitably inflame and exacerbate the situation.

I didn’t know either Mr Floyd or Doctor Botha but they both died horrific deaths and feelings for them both should be the same.

Meanwhile, the Coronabug pandemic continues to become ever more bizarre and inexplicable. The government here seem to contradict themselves at every turn but in Switzerland – normally a model of sensible governance or so we are led to believe – prostitutes are to be allowed to resume working while judo and ballroom dancing competitions remain banned.

‘Sex workers will be allowed to offer their services again from next month subject to strict hygiene measures,’ Alain Berset, the Swiss interior minister announced.

‘There are certainly personal contacts but a concept of protection seems possible. I am well aware of the bizarre aspect of my answer,’ Mr Berset told a press conference. ‘To tell you the truth, erotic services could have resumed earlier.’

I can’t help wondering at that possible ‘concept of protection.’ Perhaps it is as a result of my sheltered upbringing.

Huh – I wish!

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