The Sad State of Humanity

Throughout my long life, I have been told off for my outlook on people in general but sometimes I am driven very close to despair by my fellow human beings.

When Bunter Johnson and his merry men eased lockdown restrictions a couple of weeks ago, it was over a sunny weekend so people flocked to the countryside and beaches. I certainly did not begrudge them enjoyment of their ‘freedom’ but why on earth didn’t they take their rubbish home with them. Resort towns and villages were left to cope with piles of discarded wrappers, uneaten food and disposable barbecues. Some even reported human waste left in bottles or just where it fell. And I am sure these people look on themselves as vastly superior to animals.

I consoled myself with the thought that visitors to Dartmoor tend to be the outdoor types who generally care for their surroundings but a few days ago when returning from nearby Yelverton, I drove past a large and usually well used layby to see an old washing machine lying there, obviously abandoned.

Since then I have read about old furniture and other discarded household items also chucked out on that stretch of road.

Now where is the logic in that, I ask myself. Whoever left the stuff for others to clear away would have had to drive out from where they live, presumably under cover of darkness, throw the stuff out and drive home again. Why? Surely it is just as simple to take what they don’t want to the public tip in Tavistock and not risk being prosecuted for fly tipping while spoiling the pristine beauty of the Moor. Or is it that they deliberately set out to spoil lives for other people?

Travis you were quite right. Vultures do indeed serve a far more useful purpose than human beings.

Meanwhile in America, a black female activist, Candace Owens is in trouble for saying that George Floyd was not a martyr but a ‘horrible human being.’

Last Wednesday, Owens appeared on Facebook Live and explained the problem she had with people holding up Floyd as a martyr. 

‘We are unique in that we are the only people that fight and scream and demand support and justice for the people in our community who are up to no good,’ she said of black America. 

She also maintained said that no Jewish person, or Hispanic person, or white person would embrace someone who had done five stints in prison. 

‘George Floyd was not an amazing person,’ she told her viewers and went on, ‘As soon as the video of his death hit the internet, I did just basic searches.’  

‘First and foremost George Floyd, at the time of his arrest, was high on fentanyl and methamphetamine,’ Owens said. She also mentioned a 2007 robbery that Floyd was charged with that involved a pregnant victim and Floyd holding a gun to her stomach. 

‘And this was the biggest instant I had that made me realize this is a horrible human being, that I’m not going to pretend is a good person,’ she told her viewers.  

She said her criticism was in no way defending what the police officer Derek Chauvin did, by kneeing Floyd in the neck, until he was unresponsive. 

‘But why are we pretending that this criminal should be upheld as a citizen, as a martyr, or black America?’ she asked. 

Since then I have done a bit of digging myself. Floyd had a history of criminal convictions and had served five years in prison for assault and robbery.  The County Medical Examiner’s report has concluded he died of a heart attack not asphyxiation, that he had Fentanyl in his system, had recently used methamphetamine, had coronary artery disease and hypersensitive heart disease.

However, footage showing a white policeman with his knee pressed into Floyd’s neck for nine minutes has caused international outrage and triggered mayhem among black people and white liberals around the world – mayhem that will doubtless escalate over this weekend because it seems that many people like nothing better than a nice big riot..

I couldn’t help asking myself why the world reserves all its public fury for the relatively rare occasions when whites are responsible for the death of blacks. In America approximately seven thousand black people are killed in violent incidents each year and over ninety percent of those murders are committed by blacks. And where was the apoplectic media and ‘Black Lives Matter’ outrage when just under a million Tutsis were having their heads hacked off by machete-wielding Hutus in Rwanda. This colossal crime against humanity closely followed the mass riots in America after the beating of Rodney King by police in Los Angeles in 1992. But America, led by Bill Clinton, the UN with Kofi Annan then responsible for responding to the slaughter, serial rabble rousers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and virtually the entire world stood idly by and did precisely nothing and the international press corps were quiet. Is it somehow acceptable if blacks kill blacks I wonder?

And now the South African government are to register a protest with the Trumpet about the Floyd killing. South Africa of all places – a land of brutality and tragedy among the beauty and abundance; an abundance that is being steadily looted by elite black Africans. They should look at themselves before casting aspersions anywhere else. The murder rate in South Africa is amongst the highest in the world but where are the protesters? Where were the Black Lives Matter people when the Matabele tribesmen were being brutally murdered in their tens of thousands by Robert Mugabe’s Korean trained Fifth Brigade? Were there any knees on the ground for them? Were there any apologies for their murders in supposedly Christian churches all over America and the rest of the world? Were there hell! The world was eerily silent and would be just as silent were the same thing to happen again now. Black lives only seem to matter when they are taken by white people, whether legally or illegally.

Black Americans nowadays like to refer to themselves as African Americans. Well, if they do not feel safe in America, why don’t they move to anywhere in Africa. Would they do that I wonder? Would they settle in South Africa or the ‘Democratic’ Republic of Congo or even oil-wealthy Nigeria? Of course they would not. Their lives might be in real danger in the continent that they claim to have come from.

I was also somewhat sickened to see photographs of British police officers kneeling at the London protests. I presume this was in solidarity with the protestors but can only suggest to these fairies that they look hard at a picture of their unnamed and unarmed fellow officer whose face was slammed against a wall by a ‘peaceful protester.’ Apparently, the protester could not be identified because he was wearing a red hoodie but surely the other coppers should have made extra efforts to throw him in the cells?

A few – a very few of these demonstrators might sincerely believe in the cause they are carrying placards for but I wish they would get it into their pathetic little heads that All Lives Matter, not just black ones.

Let them consider the brutal murders that are continually going on among the farms of South Africa. In the latest incident that took place in Mpumulanga province, three attackers, two of whom were armed forced farm workers into the home of a seventy seven year old farmer and his wife. They beat the farmer and tied him up. After that, they tortured his wife with a blow torch, demanding money. Not content with the pain they were causing they then raped the woman with their pistols before driving off in the farmer’s truck.

In this case, the victims lived but in many others, they don’t and nothing is said either by the South African government or the rest of the world.

Surely their lives matter too or am I just an out of date fuddy duddy who is ashamed to be part of the human race?

One thought on “The Sad State of Humanity

  1. Another issue here is that people are afraid to stand up and say what’s right. I know I am. If I was to put what you have just written or put my very similar own feelings out into the world on social media or even just to friends and colleagues, I would be labelled a racist. It would affect me and my business as lots of my business colleagues are on my social pages. How do we rebalance this social structure as it has gone way past the so called liberal stand point? Just last night I saw an old friend from Bulawayo share a view along your points on that dreaded Facebook, a coloured woman then felt she has the right to say ALL white Zimbabweans and South African were racist. Now that she is living in the UK she had no racist issues against her. It is fine for them to say what they like but we can’t due to some guilt we apparently need to feel because of our forefathers. What bollocks! They forget they are humans too and their forefathers have as much blood on their hands, maybe just without the technology that ours had. ‘Ell but this makes me mad. Hey, rant over, keep the blog going. Thanks


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