An Anarchic Generation

When I was a barefooted bush boy growing up in the wilds of Central Africa, my playmates were the local African picannins (not a politically correct term nowadays) and if I had to use a ‘white’ language, I preferred Afrikaans to English. My Father on the other hand was very proud of his British ancestry even though many years after his death, we never really figured out who he was.

He used to make me listen to the BBC World Service and take note as to how words were pronounced and consonants were distinct. How he would have quailed inside at BBC pronunciation and accents nowadays!

Yet my parents were of the generation that went through the second world war – he was an army Major – and it was a generation that provided a strict but fair upbringing to their children. Yet I look on the Black Lives Matter rioters – and they can’t really be called demonstrators – running amok in the so-called civilised world today and quite apart from being pleased for his sake that my Father is not around to see it, I can only wonder where the parents of the world went wrong.

I tried to raise my own offspring in the manner that I was brought up but somewhere along the line, the wheels seemed to come off family values – indeed, most values held dear by preceding generations.

Governments today no longer follow the Constitution they represent nor do they care about the people who put them into power.

Most governments have in their collective greed, raised the cost of living so high that both parents are forced to work, leaving their children rudderless and without parental guidance. They have taken God and Christianity out of schools for fear of offending different religions. Parents throughout the western world are forbidden from disciplining their children and now most of those children are out of control. Liberal modern authorities have taken an entire generation and turned them into selfish, entitled brats who have no respect for people, property or authority.

Those same governments – and I am really talking about Britain and America here – deem people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to live, fit for work if they pass various tests, rather than pay them to live through their last few days. They allow war veterans on whom they relied for their own survival to go homeless and hungry but, give out millions to illegal aliens, and foreign aid to other corrupt governments. They ‘save’ drug addicts time and time again but make the elderly pay for their care if they worked and strived to save for their children’s future. They bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case they offend someone. They put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop. They lavish care on imprisoned criminals and give them everything they claim to need – even to the extent of sex change surgery, yet they let old folk who have led dignified lives lose their savings by paying for care in expensive nursing homes.

It is surely time that these political nonentities that make the rules for western societies be made to face up to their responsibilities. It is not the action of a white American police officer kneeling on the neck of a black criminal that has caused the current outbreak of rioting, it is the fact that the western world has abdicated its responsibilities for raising a generation of young people to respect the elderly and the rights of others. Now we are faced with ever escalating mayhem and I am reminded of the nineteen eighties – before most of these rioters were born – when successive governments across Europe and the Middle East collapsed or were swept away under people pressure – so much more justified than the ‘pressure’ felt by the Black Lives Matter people.

Whether white or black, do these rioters – I won’t dignify them by calling them demonstrators – really think they know anything about racism or equality for that matter? They should be thankful because they have food on the table, clothes to wear and a house to live in. If they don’t have a job for whatever reason, the state will pay them to live.

Forget about the different colours of skin. To me, the problem lies far more in where people happen to be born. BLM loudly proclaim their shock and horror at a corrupt white cop who killed one black man? Millions die every year in Africa so that these rioters can live a first world life. Do they know or care about children in the Congo that are slaves mining the minerals so they can have a smartphone and invite their friends to riot with them? Of course they don’t.  They howl about Edward Colston who was a slave trader three hundred years ago but whose philanthropy did wonders for Bristol, the city where he was born. Do they think about the present day slave markets of Libya, Sudan and other parts of Africa? Or the kids wasting away their lives in scrabbling for diamonds so they can show off their precious engagement rings?

Do they care that huge companies like Nestle – and they are not the only ones – hire mercenaries in Africa to guard water supplies so that the first world can feed its proliferating babies while local children die of thirst. Of course they don’t. They want to howl their grievances and smash as much white owned property as they can. The statue of Winston Churchill in London was defaced this weekend while a moronic black woman tried to set the Union Jack on top of the Cenotaph alight. For all his faults, Churchill is the main reason these twonks are alive to cause their mayhem and without the sacrifices made by those honoured at the Cenotaph, none of these oxygen thieves would even be alive.

Do they think about the genocide taking place of white farmers in South Africa where thousands of whites were and still are tortured, raped and murdered?  Of course they don’t. Black murdering white does not seem to count as racist. I listen to healthy looking black youngsters being interviewed by the BBC news teams and they whine about misery, oppression, poverty and inequality but in reality, they have no idea about any of these things.

None of them have any experience of hunger – oh I know Macdonalds and KFC were forced to close down by a cruel and vindictive white government – but have they ever had to survive on the occasional spoonful of boiled maize? Have they ever needed to drink foul, disease-ridden water because there is no alternative? Have they ever been reduced to crawling through piles of rubbish in the hope of finding something vaguely edible? Of course they haven’t, but they whine about how downtrodden they are.

The rioters complain about being stopped and searched purely because of their skin colour. I was arrested twice in Tanzania, merely for being white and on another occasion, I was beaten up by hungover black soldiery just because they felt like it. I did not complain about racism and I even parted from both loads of arresting coppers with smiles and handshakes. Wherever I went on my long cycle ride through Africa (see my book Two Wheels and a Tokoloshe) black people helped and went out of their way to look after me.

Yet now I look on with horror and disgust at the raw hatred being shown on the streets of major cities in the Western World and I wonder just how it came to this. I do not believe it is over the death of one man. I believe there is a deep-seated sense of entitlement among the young people of the so-called civilised world and they have lost touch with the realities of life. They have been cosseted, looked after and allowed to have their way for at least two generations and the west has spawned an outbreak of demonic monsters.

I am just so thankful that my proudly nationalistic Father is not around to see it.

2 thoughts on “An Anarchic Generation

  1. How true, well said David.
    You have said what others were afraid to.
    I can not understand when those who scream justice and compensation from those actions that took place hundreds of years ago. Have they not benefit from that from those actions. Okay when we look back it was wrong I don’t hear anyone complaining about the Romans Keeping Brits as slaves and destroying Roman statues etc We have learned from the past hopefully to make a better future, well some of us have. Sorry about my rant.


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