Drifting into Anarchy?

I cannot help wondering who is in charge of the good ship Great Britain at the moment? As we gear up for another weekend of mindless violence, this country does not seem to have a Government worth the name. Bunter J has lost the plot completely since his near-death experience from the Coronabug and his ministers are typified by a piece I read in the South African media yesterday. I quote,

The countless hours of mostly aimless and meandering briefings by various politicians reflect only the appearance of transparency – as matters of substance are carefully avoided or fobbed off.

Yes, they were referring to South African politicians but the situation is exactly the same here.

You would never imagine that only six months ago, Britons elected a Conservative Government with an eighty seat majority. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I am living in a Left-wing dictatorship.

In the face of the greatest national emergency since World War II, the nation is consumed by a ridiculous squabble over statues of long-dead white men with links to the slave trade, however tenuous. Mobs roam the country, breaking the law by so doing and committing criminal damage while police stand back and let them get on with it. 

Elsewhere, the ridiculous Chief Constable of Kent Alan Pughsley, wearing full uniform, ‘took the knee’ at an anti-racism demo in Gravesend. Police are supposed to be apolitical damnit!

Opportunist Labour politicians, like London’s useless mayor, seize the moment. ‘Genghis’ Khan is obviously quite incapable of doing anything about the black lives being lost in their hundreds on the streets of London to knife crime, but to show his support for Black Lives Matter, he going to be tough on statues. Well I suppose they won’t fight back. Other Labour councils across Britain are doing the same. In Poole, poor old Baden Powell who brought the scouting movement together across the world and moulded disparate youth from all backgrounds into a force for good, is being blotted out by a rainbow-hued council without the courage of a marauding mosquito.

In the meantime, Bunter and his merry ministers seem to have abrogated all responsibility. Priti Patel is the only one speaking out at the moment – and even she caved in to the ‘experts’ over the idiotic plan to quarantine airline passengers for fourteen days. That should surely have been done from the start, not now.

Unelected scientists are in charge of dealing with the coronabug, dictating policy to nervous ministers concerned only with covering their own backsides in advance of the inevitable public inquiry.

All our institutions are run by Left-wing placemen – and not just the senior ranks of police, infested as they are with brainwashed, politically-correct dummies, much better suited to social work than the tough grind of everyday coppering.

Even Aunty BBC seems to have reinvented herself as the official broadcast partner of Black Lives Matter, churning out endless propaganda portraying Britain as a hotbed of evil racism. Meanwhile, so-called ‘news’ programmes like Newsnight spew out anti-government, anti-Tory bile daily and nobody fights back or even denies the slurs.

Most schools remain closed because the teaching unions refuse to return to work, for purely political and definitely not safety reasons. Education is the proven way to get young people out of the ghetto and into the professions, but it is youngsters in the Labour-controlled inner cities who are hardest hit by the continuing closure of schools. Clearly black lives don’t matter at all to the hard-Left leaders of the National Education Union.

Spoilt, white middle-class students take time off to march against racism, deface and destroy public monuments and spout hatred against the police. Surely, they would make far more difference to their cause if they copied the example of most Britons in the current crisis and stayed at home?

Black Lives Matter militants demand change, but when pressed have absolutely no idea how that change can be brought about. Yet pathetic government ministers still grovel before this howling mob of the great unwashed.

They have also given in to the ‘green’ fanatics exploiting the pandemic to advance their own lunatic agenda, even though the effect on our already flattened economy will be disastrous and ultimately we will all suffer.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak basks in widespread praise, even on the Left, after discovering there is a magic money tree after all. Half the country is enjoying an extended, all-expenses-paid summer holiday at taxpayers’ expense.

But giving cash away is the easy bit. Let’s see how popular Dishy Rishi is once he has to stop everyone’s pocket money in October. By then idleness will have become a way of life and millions won’t have a job to go back to.

Bunter and his predominantly grovelling Cabinet seem incapable of pushing back against this tidal wave of institutional Left-wing bias. Michael Gove who seemed sensible and perhaps destined for great things now seems to have gone missing in action. Perhaps he is hoping that Bunter implodes and he can step grandly into power and save us all.

In their evening bug briefing, Ministers pompously boast about their ‘world-class’ this and ‘world-beating’ that. But the only thing Britain is beating the world at right now is the number of needless Covid deaths.

Bunter J may feel that he is modelling himself on Churchill, but in truth he is the absolute antithesis of his hero. Churchill recovered from his lowest ebb to lead Britain to victory. Even allowing for his coronavirus confinement, those folk who have supported Bunter and those like me who were willing to give him time to prove himself have to admit that he has been a hopeless ‘wartime’ leader up to now.

After the triumphs of Brexit and the General Election, it has been downhill all the way. If Covid-19 is a remake of the second world war Bunter has led us to abysmal and ignominious defeat.

The country is teetering on the brink of anarchy and I feel that the fiasco with statues is just the beginning of a long, violent summer. There is madness and hatred in the air and unless Bunter can rediscover his pezazz and quickly, the violence in Whitehall and Hackney may simply be forerunners of much worse to come.

Fairly typically I’m afraid, on the day they watched a mob tear down the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, without making any arrests, those ever so brave Avon and Somerset Plod raided a home in Frome and fined three people for breaking lockdown!

Once again quoting my friend Mfanasibili Nkosi, ‘Nuff said!’

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