Troubling Times

Another chaotic weekend is over and I am left wondering just what all this unrest is about. Over the past two days, the police have done their job. Properly equipped, they managed to contain a lawless mob and protect public property. Politicians and commentators alike have been outspoken in their criticism of the thugs – but which thugs? Those from the ‘Far Right’ or those from Black Lives Matter?

Nobody seems quite certain.

And where on earth were the coppers last weekend? Then, the politicians were calling the protestors ‘peaceful’ or even praising them. And the police in some cases not only kneeled before the mob but then, as it turned violent, ran away from them. As a former cop, that was a sad moment for me and made me feel sick inside.

I am sorry but our forces of law and order must take a stand. Permitted lawlessness, encourages more of the same and adds to the madness in the air at the moment. My worry is that anarchy will break out all over this benighted country if nothing is done to prevent it.

Why is it that the Cenotaph and the Churchill statue in Central London have to be boarded up and hidden from view? How did a debate on police racism in the US turn into an attack on almost everything in Britain’s past, not to mention protests – and now counter-protests – and rioting across European cities? This is a very dangerous time for the world I’m afraid but the authorities seem powerless to clamp down and restore order.

How did protests against a policeman killing an unarmed black man in Minnesota last month lead to the cancelling of an episode of Fawlty Towers, the destruction of statues and assaults on the police by different sets of thugs? I am afraid that police chiefs themselves must shoulder much of the blame. They set a dreadful example last weekend, standing by in the face of mass law-breaking. Why? Because like our whole society they fear that opposing any action by BLM will lead to accusations of racism.

And now we see the consequence of this retreat from reason. The destruction of  monuments, mob rule on the streets and festering hatred from all sides on the internet. What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was obviously a disgrace. The arresting officer’s actions were callous, brutal and indefensible. But he has been arrested, charged with murder and is awaiting trial. So why have people decided to apportion the blame on anyone who is white and not demonstrating in their support. These protestors are using the actions of a cop in Minnesota to push for the erasure of British history and culture.

Yes, there must be some people genuinely protesting because of Minnesotan policing. Others are just happy to get out of the house and be praised for their nobility in doing so. But among them lie people with the most hostile imaginable view of this country, people who will not stop until they have trashed all British history and forced everyone into feeling some undue sense of shame over it.

They – and the vacuum left by pathetic political leaders – have now created a counter-force. One that thanks to its thuggery will give further ammunition to their opponents.

I have read extensively about the Rhodes Must Fall demonstration in Oxford and it would seem that the entire event was utterly incoherent, moving from vague rage against the long-dead Rhodes, to concerns about the oppression of West Papua, to shouts against colonialism.

As far as I know, China is the only major colonial power left and Peking is certainly raping Africa on a scale Cecil Rhodes never dreamed of. But the people who demonstrate can’t quite bring themselves to attack that particular regime. Sometimes I think the radical Left are more nostalgic for the British Empire than any retired Indian Army colonel ever was. It gives them something to feel aggrieved about.

The important thing about these rioters, praised to the skies by the Labour Party and deferred to by ineffectual police chiefs, is that they strengthen the new establishment and will destroy the old one. They have already helped to make it difficult for traditional, normal, Christian conservative and patriotic opinions to be expressed at all. By using social media as a form of discipline, they have made everyone – including the radically Left-wing Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling – fear them. 

Anyone, as she learned last week, can now be ‘cancelled’ – the new radicals’ chilling word for the obliteration they like to visit on their victims. She has been pursued for saying the wrong thing about the transgender issue. In fact, there is no right thing. We all have our views but it is futile to try to respond fairly and reasonably to the new orthodoxy of the hysterically screaming masses. 

As for our so-called leaders, the Tory Party has done the militant Left a huge favour over the past few months. It has blindly destroyed itself – voters will not forgive the mess it has made of their lives and of the economy, especially when they get the bill and the inevitable public inquiry reveals just how wrong government actions over the Coronabug fiasco have been. 

I voted Conservative but I now feel that Bunter Johnson’s government is merely keeping Downing Street warm for Smoothie Starmer and his Blairite masses. But this will be far worse than 1997 when the Blairites moved softly and cautiously, nervous that they might rouse the Forces of Conservatism. This time they will ride roughshod over anyone who doesn’t agree with their policies.

Because over the past few weeks, we have been forcibly shown that all the pillars of British freedom and civilisation are hollow and rotten, and that we are ripe for a cultural revolution as devastating as the one Lenin and Dzerzhinsky launched in Russia during 1917. 

The Left are already in control of every lever of power and influence, from the schools that Tories are too weak to reopen, to the police, the Civil Service, the courts and the BBC. 

It is going to mean wholesale regime change I am afraid. Do not worry too much about the statues which are now coming down or being put away. They mean surprisingly little. Worry more about the ones they are soon going to be putting up, and what they will represent. Perhaps our grandchildren will find the courage to pull them down.

What a sad, sad world we now live in. I don’t worry for myself as I am on the home straight of life now, but I do worry for my Grandchildren. They surely deserve better from this sad mess of a government.

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