Injustice, Mental Heath nonsense and Scottish madness

Those who know me must have become used to the fact that over the past few months, I have been endlessly complaining that the world has gone mad and the so-called people in power seem to have collectively lost their marbles.

My sentiments have been fuelled by a daily trawl of the newspapers and while I have to admit that modern journalists rely on sensationalism rather than hard facts, I read one report last week that not only left me reeling in shock but also seething with anger.

It appears that a Romanian immigrant to this country, Dorinel Cojanu stabbed his former wife, Daniela with an eight-inch blade at their home in Watford in 2015. This was during an alcohol-fuelled rage and she suffered severe injuries necessitating almost four months in hospital and leaving her with permanent scars.

During his frenzied attack, Cojanu himself sustained deep cuts on two fingers of his right hand. They required immediate surgery but this did not take place because the attending police warned the hospital authorities that the arrested man was likely to be dangerous.

So it was that a scheduled operation at the Royal Free Hospital in north London was cancelled and another one was not planned elsewhere.

Cojanu – who was sentenced to eleven years inside for the attack but was released after only five sued the health service while he was in prison. He claimed that the failure to act left him with life-long injuries that restricted the use of his right hand.

NHS lawyers unsuccessfully argued that his ‘own criminal actions’ were to blame, with Mr Justice Ritchie ruling that the NHS had a ‘common duty of care to all residents.’ So this violent criminal and domestic abuser was awarded £8,500 in May last year but that was not enough for him. He appealed and the award was increased to £17,500. This is surely a perversion of natural justice.

In his judgement, Mr Ritchie said: “The claimant (Cojanu) did not need to prove how he was cut to win the civil action. He was injured before admission to prison.

‘At that time he was not convicted of anything. It matters not whether he had suffered the injury opening a tin of beans, in gang warfare or whilst attempting to murder his wife.

‘But the cause of the cut fingers has no relevance to the clinical negligence claim.

‘In my judgment the mechanism of how he cut his finger is incidental to the claim or collateral thereto.”

Cojanu was deported to Romania in June 2020 following his release and British pounds will go much further in his own country so he can afford to live as a relatively wealthy man. I suppose we should be grateful that he was one of the few criminals who has been deported by this inept government but where is the justice in this judgement?

Reacting to the judgement, Daniella – who still lives in Watford – told the media that she is disgusted and I confess I share that sentiment.

She added: “This man is a violent, domestic abuser who tried to kill me and he’s being rewarded while I haven’t received a single penny.

‘I was in hospital for almost four months and nearly didn’t make it. It’s disgraceful that he is being rewarded for an injury he caused to himself as he attacked me.”

While this violent thug revels in his ill-gotten gains, Daniella has to work as a cleaner while raising her three teenage children.

Is this how British justice works nowadays? If so, I feel ever more ashamed that I had anything to do with the system, even if it was only as a lowly police constable.

I have never been a fan of Joanna Lumley but she is generally regarded as a National Treasure ‑ bright, funny and absolutely fabulous. People listen to her when she talks sense and I was in full agreement when she broke a modern taboo last telling GB News that the ‘mental illness bandwagon has got out of control.’

Of course it has dammit! Anyone who feels remotely sad these days claims mental health problems, but they are merely being human. We all feel sad and down at times but that does not mean we are clinically depressed or mentally ill yet so many people – encouraged by the formerly royal Biscuit and his wife blame their mental health for any dissatisfaction. They seem to take great satisfaction from being a ‘victim.’

I think most people in this country are worried and downhearted after two awful years and more to come but as the lovely – and that I will give her – Ms Lumley says, ‘that means you’re human. It doesn’t mean you’re clinically depressed.’ 

Believe me, sadness and depression are two totally different ballgames. I wouldn’t wish the latter on anyone. I have seen the results first hand with one of my closest and dearest relatives. Her depression ended in tragedy and I fear that the current fixation with mental health is leading to ever more tragedies.

On a lighter but as ridiculous note, I see that the Poison Dwarf of Scotland is spending three hundred thousand pounds of tax payers’ money in sawing off the bottom of two thousand school doors. This is supposed to increase the flow of air – normally very cold up there – and give added protection to pupils against the dreaded coronabug.

Would it not be easier and infinitely cheaper to use the hinges and open the doors?

As I said, the world has gone mad and the people in power are losing or have lost their ruddy marbles.

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