Putin, Western Leaders and Desk Jockeys

This Ukraine business puzzles me I am afraid. The Ukrainians themselves seem to get on with their lives taking only minimal precautions against the presumed – by Western leaders at any rate – invasion but the said western leaders grow ever more vituperative and certain about Vladimir Putin’s invasion plans. It is well over forty eight hours now since America’s intelligence people even gave us the exact hour when he was going to invade.

Is he ever going to do it? I don’t know but then I know very little about Putin. He is obviously a strong man – in sharp contrast to western leaders such as Sleepy Joe or Bunter Johnson – but I really cannot see what he would gain by such an invasion. Yes, he could conquer the country but then he would need to hold it and for years which he surely cannot afford to do.

In general, the West’s response to Russian aggression is nothing more than an embarrassment to us all. A threat of sanctions and a marginal reinforcement of troops along NATO’s boundary is hardly going to terrify or deter the monster that they assure us is Vladimir Putin. Especially, when this is accompanied by the palpable fear of Western leaders who worry about votes rather than people. It is an invitation to Putin to do exactly as he pleases with Ukraine. The clear message our leaders have sent is that we are not really with Ukraine at all. We are merely shouting out our displeasure, all of which Vlad the Bad will ignore and rightly so. Ukraine may fall and rather than stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians, we will stand by. Mind you, both Britain and America are experiencing huge problems with their own borders so quite why they are making such a fuss about the borders of a corrupt and very distant state is difficult to understand.

I am writing a book on the history of Rhodesia – as it affected me – at the moment and you know while Putin is being demonised by the putrid western media, I can’t help remembering how the same media outlets demonised all white Rhodesians in those distant, but not forgotten days. No matter how hard most of we white Rhodesians tried to act in a civilised manner and no matter how hard we pleaded for understanding based on facts, we were regarded by much of the world as self-serving racists who had to be crushed.

This media-orchestrated nonsense has now spread to Europe and America where the white population are allowing their countries to fall apart around them while a privileged minority seem bent on destroying their western culture and the incredible heritage that has been built up over the past couple of successful millennia.

And you know it was not long ago that the same ranting media supported Tony Bair and George W Bush’s claims that Saddam Hussein was in possession of chemical weapons that he intended to use in countries – including Britain – other than Iraq. This induced some sort of mass hysteria, whipped up by the politicians and off the west went once again to war.

If I remember correctly, the one world leader who argued against a violent intervention in Iraq was Vladimir Putin yet he was ignored as knowing nothing. The resulting war caused more deaths and led to more suffering than poor old Saddam could ever have managed and it created an instability in that entire region that still goes on today.

During the election battle between Trump and Hilary Clinton, we had the Russian collusion allegations that were told to the American people by their own media. It seemed that Putin through cyber means had fixed the electoral system and was responsible for the maverick Trump defeating his democratic rival and Trump was therefore an illegitimate president – as stated by Clinton on numerous occasions.

Yet we now know that this story was not true and thanks to the recent Durham investigation whose report came out last week, we also know that Clinton and her supporters with the knowledge of both the FBI and CIA illegally hacked the communications systems, not only in Trump Towers but later on in the White House itself. Trump himself knew what was happening but when he tried to protest his innocence, was vilified as a habitual liar.

So I remain somewhat cynical about what is unfolding on the Ukraine border. Yes, Putin is being pilloried by politicians and the media as a war mongerer but is he really? Let’s ignore the rhetoric emanating from Washington and London. Both those governments have huge internal problems and are merely trying to distract the general public. That silly woman Liz Truss who inexplicably finds herself the British Foreign Secretary even though she confuses the Baltic and Black seas and doesn’t seem to know what cities are actually in Russia keeps sounding off about the dangers we all are facing.

Putin himself insists that Russia is threatened by the deployment of ballistic missiles in Ukraine and this sounds reasonable to me. What would sleepy Joe Biden or Bunter J do if they had a similar situation in neighbouring countries I wonder.

Anyway, Vlad the Bad doesn’t need to tremble in his boots as yet. Having watched the mighty American military machine, led by progressive generals, more interested in critical race theory and transgender rights defeated by pyjama clad rag heads in Afghanistan, he must be laughing gently to himself.

Putin – bless him – believes in only two genders and does not agree with same sex marriage. His armed forces are made up of tough well trained soldiers who do not have to attend diversity classes and certainly won’t be afraid of men attacking them in weird clothing.

I have met a few Russian hunters during my bush travels but I do not know them as a people but have been repeatedly told that they have no sense of humour. Yet after Sleepy Joe Biden’s confident forecast that the invasion of Ukraine would begin at three am on 16th February, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova issued a statement asking that,

‘Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Sun media outlets… publish the schedule for our upcoming invasions for the year’ to help her ‘plan my vacation.’  She also said ‘this prediction will go down in history as the day of the failure of Western war propaganda. Humiliated and destroyed without firing a shot.’

Well said Ma’am. I am heartily fed up with dishonest and scheming politicians. Was Sleepy Joe trying to frighten Ukrainians or was he having another mental blackout?

Here, Boris Johnson, thanks mainly to his wife is waiting to hear if he will be criminally charged with breaking his own lockdown rules. If he is, he will face demands for his resignation and I cannot see him staying on for long. In the US Joe Biden is regarded as losing his marbles and considered one of – if not the most -incompetent presidents in American history. With illegal immigrants streaming through his southern border – as they are here in Britain – he is widely accused of paying more attention to Ukrainian sovereignty than his own. His popularity is at a record low.

Both these buffoons desperately needs a distraction from their own frailties. With the Coronabug losing some of its ability to scare us all, what better distraction than to start yet another war – possibly nuclear this time.

Sticking to Britain, a council has been accused of ‘hypocrisy’ after fining a couple hundreds of pounds for growing vegetables in their garden without planning permission.

After deciding to start a vegetable plot during the pandemic, Lee and Kirstie Lawes settled on an unfenced patch of lawn toward the rear of their property in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire.

At the same time, they had become fed up with repeatedly finding dog poo and cars parked on the grass, making it difficult to mow.

Having confirmed the land was part of the property through Land Registry records, the couple put up a fence and raised vegetable beds – wooden ones on paved ground too – in January 2020.

Mr Lawes said: ‘It was great – we ended up with so much produce we were able to give some to neighbours and left some out so that people could help themselves.

‘But a year on, we had a letter from the council saying we needed to pay £469 for a ‘change of use’ of the land.’

Officials from South Kesteven District Council told them part of their garden was classified as ‘informal open space’, which means the public must be able to access it freely for activities such as walking.

Mr Lawes added: ‘I accept they are following procedure but it’s the hypocrisy of it that I find frustrating.

The government is telling us to be more sustainable but when someone starts to ‘grow their own’, the council tells you to pay £469 for the privilege.

‘It would have been easier to extend our house onto the land.’

A spokesman for South Kesteven District Council said: ‘The land at the rear of these properties is classed as informal open space and the owner has not applied for planning permission to change that.

‘We have been advising them throughout on the lawful use of this land and continue to offer informal help while encouraging them to apply for planning permission, without which they might struggle to re-mortgage or sell the property.’

Where do they find these idiotic, box ticking desk jockeys I wonder?

One thought on “Putin, Western Leaders and Desk Jockeys

  1. Dear David

    Hello from the UK and many thanks indeed for your post. I am very glad to find another sensible person on the net. You might like my take on the situation. The whole thing is more like a panto and therefore I have framed the article as such. It is like political theatre.


    I have written a lot about Sleepy Joe to assist the USA in their struggle against stupidity.

    I like the name ‘Bunter Johnson’, very suitable! Mind you, as I keep saying no rules were actually broken with Partygate as it was always guidance as it says on the gov.uk website. The government have been disingenuous or lying with daily briefings, but it is the written word that counts.

    Assuming of course one needs common sense. So many abandoned it in favour of following Nanny State.

    I did this article which might amuse.


    And thank you for the bit about Deeping St James. I stayed there once on a cycle tour, a nice spot. As a former building surveyor I can understand both sides of the argument.

    The trouble is we pay through the nose for what is often ultimately a rubber stamp for common sense use of land, whilst the unscrupulous manipulate the rules to their own advantage and get away with horrible developments, be they small or large in scale.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.


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