Voting and a Legal Travesty

With electioneering already under way, I was asked yesterday whether one should vote for the individual or the party and it was not an easy one to answer.

I have nearly always voted Conservative, but a few years ago when based in Stroud, I voted for David Drew of Labour. Mr Drew and I did not agree on much, particularly when it came to matters African, but he was an excellent constituency MP who worked hard for the people of Stroud.

The incumbent Conservative on the other hand was an out of touch idiot who seemed far too full of his own importance. So despite being chastised by those closest to me, I put my X beside David Drew’s name. Fortunately perhaps my little vote did not bring Labour into power, but in the forthcoming December election, I will be hard pressed to choose a destination for my vote.

The Brexit Party deserve better than to be marginalised. After all, it’s thanks to them that the inept Mother Maybe was thrown out and Bunter J has managed to secure a Brexit deal, however imperfect that deal is.

Why should the Tories, who contrived to botch Brexit until Johnson took over, benefit from the Faragists’ hard work? There are some fine people in the Brexit Party and if I thought they could form a workable government, I’d have no hesitation voting for the them. But regretfully I can’t see that happening.

If any kind of Brexit is to become a reality, Bunter J is the only real hope. Nigel Farage is wisely offering the Tories an olive branch at the moment, so let’s just pray they are bright enough to take Donald Trump’s advice.

The alternative, a Jeremy Corbyn/John McDonnel government, is too horrible to contemplate. If they win, the strike-torn, bankrupt days of the mid seventies will start to look like a brand new bright tomorrow. I know I will offend my Grandson by saying this, but even if I was an avid Labour supporter, I don’t think I could find it in my heart to vote for a party, led by this total waste of oxygen and the awful men and women immediately around him.

We are continually being told how this country is at risk from terrorism. Boarding an aircraft has become an exercise in frustration as luggage and bodies are searched by lowly security people who have little official standing and we are told that it is all for our own good.

How then is it that a foreign criminal convicted of a terrorism offence in Britain has used refugee laws to overturn the Government’s bid to deport him? The Kenyan man is now free to apply to permanently stay in Britain despite admitting to having ‘an extremist mindset,’ according to court papers.

In one of the first cases of its kind, he successfully argued that his rights as a refugee outweighed the risk, he poses to the UK in a judgment that has just been made public.

The man, who ridiculously, can only be identified by the initials NF, claimed he would be subject to ‘ill treatment’ if sent to Kenya. He deserves ill treatment damn it! He was caught at Heathrow in 2011 returning from East Africa with a huge haul of terrorist material stored on an iPod. The aforesaid court papers reveal that this included audio files said to be made by Al Qaeda and images of armed persons with flags associated with Al Shabaab, a linked terror group. 

Detectives later found more materials at his home. In 2013, NF was given a nine-month jail sentence for ‘possessing information useful to terrorism’. This consisted of a document entitled Thirty-nine Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad, which the trial judge described as a ‘terrorists’ manual.’ 

The Home Secretary at the time then tried to deport NF and his wife KKA, who both lodged asylum claims to stay in Britain. Home Office officials argued the couple were not entitled to humanitarian protection under the Refugee Convention because of the risk NF posed to the public.

But despite hearing that NF accepted he had an ‘extremist mindset,’ in 2016 immigration judges upheld an appeal by the Kenyan nationals. This of course meant that NF and KKA were allowed to remain in Britain and pursue an asylum claim.

The Home Secretary attempted to overturn that decision but a newly published judgment reveals that the government has lost. Upper Tribunal vice-president Mark Ockelton and judge Mark O’Connor said the threshold for ‘threatening international peace and security’ had not been crossed.

What then does cross this ridiculous ‘threshold?’ If the man is not an acrive terrorist, he certainly wants to be and that should not be allowed.

David Davies, the MP for Monmouth, said: ‘This goes to show how totally out of touch our courts have become… It’s absolutely insane that judges and the courts are allowing this to happen.’

Of course it is insane Mr Davies, but it is symptomatic of what is happening in modern Britain.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We do not routinely comment on individual cases’ and would not discuss the status of NF and KKA’s asylum claims.

I have no idea why the couple said they would be at risk in Kenya, but Amnesty International and the UN have apparently shared concern about the detention of suspected terrorists there.

But Kenya is their homeland; Britain is not; why should they be allowed to pursue their nefarious designs here as they will almost certainly do? I know they have their ‘human ruddy rights’ but so do the rest of us. Why should ordinary people be put at risk for the sake of one homicidal fanatic from another country?

None of it makes sense damnit!

Political Insincerity and Devastating Drought

It was pathetic to hear the sentimental and totally insincere claptrap dished out to Squeaker Bercow by Britain’s pathetic parliamentarians in the House yesterday. Bunter J did at least ply him with a couple of barbed comments such as mentioning that this had been ‘the longest retirement since Sinatra,’ but to listen to the rest of them, one would have thought that this poisonous little man had been a wonderful role model for anyone else wishing to become Speaker of The House.Instead of which, Bercow has spent ten years grandstanding and violating his historic role’s neutrality to impose his own prejudices — while interrupting proceedings with tedious outpourings of convoluted drivel that he thought made him sound clever.

Any successor can only be better. He has taught them all how not to do it.

But of course, yesterday was all about the forthcoming election and I hope the commentators are wrong about it being a close run race. This country needs stability and there is absolutely none of that at the moment. Mind you, perhaps this election will weed out some of the clowns we have in Parliament at the moment.

Take that woman, Layla Moran of the Liberal Democrats – no I shall call them liberals from now on because they are anything but democratic! She believes that her boss, the Harpy Swinson is set to be the next prime minister.

I fear it is more likely that a donkey will win the next Grand National but Moran is fairly typical of these people who live in hermetically sealed bubbles and have little knowledge of the real world.

When pressed on Brexit, she idiotically stated, “We will make this all go away. That is what people really want.”

Is it really? Has this barmy bird from leafy Oxford West ever deigned to meet someone who favours leaving the European Union? For that matter has she ever spoken to anyone who doesn’t share her somewhat extreme view that a new government of whatever persuasion can just ignore the votes of seventeen point four million people and forget the whole thing.

I rather wish she was standing for Princetown. I would love to explain to her that she needs to take a bit more tonic in her sundowners.

Away from the political madness of Britain, my own country is being hit desperately hard by drought. It is so bad that animals in the Mana Pools national park are dying in droves and well meaning people are putting out fodder to feed them.

It probably sounds brutal of me but for all their good intentions, I just cannot approve. Nature is brutal at times. I gave a talk on lions earlier this week and explained to a large audience that for all their power and status at the top of the food chain, lions actually lead a very uncertain life and only a small percentage of them grow to full maturity. I showed them some pretty horrible photographs to reinforce the point and although I was initially nervous about doing this, the talk went down exceedingly well.

Nature ensures that only the fittest and strongest get to the top and every so often she hits Africa with testing disasters like droughts, floods, earthquakes etcetera. These are not random events. They are part of Nature’s plan and despite being dedicated to the bush and to conservation, I feel we are wrong to interfere.

Mind you, my heart bleeds for those animals and I can understand why people want to help.

Are We to Embrace Stone Age Living?

It seems that the teenage activist and darling of publicity-hungry world leaders, Greta Thunberg has turned down an environmental award and prize money because ‘the climate movement ‘does not need any more awards.’

She said the offer was a great honour and thanked the Nordic Council, which said it respected her decision. But, she said, politicians and the people in power need to listen to the current, best-available science.

Ms Thunberg was this year’s favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but the award went to Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed who at least brought peace to a land ravaged by war for over thirty years. That surely is better than turning the minds of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of children who know nothing about the real world and haven’t had time to think things through.

In an Instagram post explaining her decision to turn down the prize money of 500,000 kronor (£40,000) Ms Thunberg said: “The Nordic countries have a great reputation around the world when it comes to climate and environmental issues. There is no lack of bragging about this. There is no lack of beautiful words.”

But she said Nordic energy consumption told ‘a whole other story.’

She referenced a report from the WWF and the Global Footprint Network, which says that Sweden, along with most of the Nordic region, lives as if the world has the resources of four planets. The gap between what science said was needed to limit a global temperature increase and what was being implemented was ‘gigantic,’ said Ms Thunberg.

“We belong to the countries that have the possibility to do the most. And yet our countries still basically do nothing,” she added.

The president of the Nordic Council, Hans Wallmark, said the organisation respected Greta Thunberg’s decision and called her movement a good cause for everyone.

I can’t say I agree with him. I am sure Ms Thunberg is sincere is what she is saying and doing, but she can afford to be.  I just feel sorry for the parents of other silly kids who are caught up in the Swedish girl’s crazy campaign

No I am not a ‘flat earther’ as they call it, but I fear that Mankind has gone too far to go backward now. Children are accusing their parents and grandparents of ruining the planet but are these same children going to go to school on bicycles or use their legs to do so, particularly in the depths of winter?

I doubt that I’m afraid. If they are forced to go on their bikes, they will demand electric bicycles, but the extract of lithium and other minerals used for making the batteries for these machines are doing untold damage to the planet.

So will they walk as their sadly castigated parents and grandparents walked? Again, I can’t see that happening. Will they go without the heating in their bedrooms and merely wear extra clothing to keep warm in the winter? Again I have my doubts.

Will they take cold showers and wash their clothes by hand on the grounds that washing machines and water heaters are consumers of power and will they dry their wet clothing on clothes lines because dryers use natural gas? Of course they won’t!

What about clothing? Will these angry children wear only clothing that is made from undyed, unbleached linen, wool and jute and doesn’t have designer labels? No, that would get them mocked and laughed at by their friends. Cotton too is out of the question as that is picked by lowly paid workers and pesticides that are bad for the environment are used to grow the stuff.

Above all, will they do without their cell phones, laptops and other instruments of modern technology? Will they merely talk face to face with their friends instead of phoning them and thereby save on electricity – and help the planet from disappearing into somewhere unknown – of course they won’t.

Will they do without their expensive holidays to exotic places in large aeroplanes. Not a chance! Miss Thunberg claims that my generation (I am seventy-five) are to blame for ‘killing the planet’ but few parents or grandparents in my generation ever had holidays, used cars or even bicycles. They certainly didn’t use cell phones, computers or other electronic gadgetry. Are these pampered children going to live like that?

Of course they aren’t.

And what about food? If the world is to have a zero carbon footprint as Ms Thunberg and her followers so earnestly demand, they will have to do without meat, fish or poultry. They cannot even have meat substitutes made from Soya because that too is a crop and needs machinery to harvest the beans, trucks to transport the wretched stuff to processing plants where a huge amount of energy is used. Then it is all transported again to the canning and packaging plants before being transported yet again to the various outlets around the world. No more food will be imported because that too affects the ecology of the world. So no more chocolate, no more coffee and no more tea, unless they can somehow grow it all in their own gardens.

But that would mean hard work, even if conditions are right so that is not going to happen either.

Of course, they can grow their own potatoes, vegetables and fruit in their allotments – or their parents’ allotments – but they can’t use greenhouses for this because they run on boilers, piped in CO2 and artificial light. According to the Thunberg disciples, these are bad for the climate and are destroying the environment.

Bread is still possible, but will these pampered children go without butter, milk, cheese and yogurt, cottage cheese and cream, all of which come from cows that emit CO2. Of course they won’t. They must also do without margarine and no oils will be used for the frying pan, because that fat is palm oil from plantations in Borneo where rain forests are rapidly disappearing. They won’t have any ice cream on hot summer days, nor will they have their energy drinks anymore because the bubbles are caused by CO2. How will they manage with only tap water to drink, the poor pampered darlings? Mind you, chemicals are used to purify tap water so they will have to drink only untreated water. What will they do when they all go down with cholera?

They will also have to do without any plastic because it comes from chemical factories. Everything made of steel and aluminium must also be removed. Have you ever seen the amount of energy a blast furnace consumes or an aluminium smelter? These places are terribly bad for the environment.

And what about the girls – and some boys in this snowflake day and age? Ms Thunberg might not use makeup, except perhaps for her numerous television appearances, but young girls will no longer be able to use makeup, soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste and medication.

Basically if the Thunberg lass and her mad acolytes are to have their way, the world must revert to stone age living. Is this what they really want? Somehow, I doubt it and fear for a generation of young people who have completely lost their marbles in their attempt to emulate an undoubtedly sincere, but sadly deluded lassie who doesn’t really know what she is advocating or if she does, has not thought through the consequences.

And for some weird reason, many eminently sensible people are agreeing with her but I bet none of the world leaders who have so enthusiastically embraced her cause will give up their own creature comforts.

I don’t like the modern world very much but appreciate that huge advances in almost every field have been made. Are these to be thrown away to appease a sixteen year old autistic child and her deluded supporters.

I sincerely hope not.

Profit and the Environment

What is it about the human species that causes them to destroy the natural world for profit without even considering the overall impact this will have on the rest of its inhabitants, be they human or animal?

Only a few days ago. the High Court of Zambia ruled that the controversial Kangaluwi open-cast copper mine project will go ahead in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National park. They dismissed an appeal against the mine on a legal technicality because the initial legal team that fought the case five years ago failed to file a record of appeal. 

What sort of legalistic jargon is that? My own humble opinion is that a great deal of money will have changed hands in order for that verdict to be reached. That probably sounds cynical but I know my Africa.

The news of the mine opening is sending shock waves through the Zambian and regional tourism community. The Lower Zambezi National Park is one of tourism’s major economic contributors and the lodges in and around the park employ hundreds of local people, supporting thousands more in the communities on its periphery. The mine threatens this thriving business and the livelihoods of everyone involved in tourism in the Lower Zambezi Valley. It also threatens to derail Zambia’s recently unveiled tourism growth strategy which hinges on the country’s commitment to protecting its wilderness areas.

The Lower Zambezi National Park sits directly opposite Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools park, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Having already been threated over decades with the proposed Mupata Gorge dam project, now Mana will face inevitable degradation by the opening of this new horror. The site of the mine is between two seasonal rivers which flow directly into the Zambezi. Its tailings dams will be located just a few hundred metres above the valley floor, next to these rivers. The risk of pollution and collateral damage to the environment is huge, as is the impact the mine will have on wildlife in the area.

The licence for the mine is held by Mwembeshi Resources Ltd, but it is unclear where its owners, Grand Resources Ltd are based. They are registered in Dubai but suspicions are rife that they are Chinese owned. What a surprise!! Chinese nationals seem to be behind every nefarious deal or criminal enterprise going on throughout Southern Africa. They care not a jot for the welfare of people, wildlife or the environment and having raped the jungles of Asia, they are busy doing the same thing to Africa.

Unless another appeal is lodged quickly, the mine company will soon move onto the site and begin the work of clearing it. The beautifully wild lower Zambezi will become yet another modern industrial site and its wonderful wildlife will disappear for ever.

On the other side of the world, a similar and possibly even more devastating tragedy is taking place. A few months ago, the world was up in arms at the outbreak of huge fires in the Amazon Basin. The fires were put down to the various companies engaged in clearing timber from the area and an international outcry ensued before everything went quiet and the outside world subsided into its usual uncaring lethargy.

Now we learn that the deforestation situation in the Brazilian Amazon has dramatically deteriorated, even since the fires. Alerts from the DETER satellite monitoring system, run by the National Institute of Space Research indicate that deforestation increased by two hundred and twenty-two percent in August, compared with August last year, and by ninety-six percent in September, compared with September of 2018.

Altogether, seven thousand, six hundred and four square kilometers of rainforest were felled during the first nine months of this year, an eighty-five percent increase over the same period last year. The Amazon fires were a direct result of this massive amount of deforestation as agribusiness and land grabbers burned away the dried out trees that had been felled, creating ash which helps fertilize grass to feed the cattle herds that will move in to replace the forests.

Deforestation rates are rising rapidly again for two reasons: it is a very profitable activity, and the government is doing little to stop it, say the experts.

Logging, land grabbing and mining, often carried out illegally on protected land, are making some unscrupulous operators very rich. So far, the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has done nothing to inhibit their activities. His  government is actually encouraging land grabbers to deforest and the world remains silent.

Bolsonaro and others in his administration claim that much Amazon burning is legally done by small-scale farmers, but local people insist that the clearing is generally well organized and done by various groups of criminals. Some fell the forest, others extract and sell the valuable timber, and others set fire to the vegetation and then plant pasture. There is yet another group that finds stooges, who allow their identities to be used to register the land. In this way they get around the legal limits on land ownership by a single individual.

Carrying out this systematic large-scale deforestation does not come cheap but the rewards can be enormous: The gangs are betting that at some moment in the future the Brazilian state will give into pressure and remove the protected status currently enjoyed by this land. It will then be worth a fortune.”

If necessary, the land grabbers can wait. “Men who carry out speculative deforestation are in for the long haul,” explained a local inhabitant who did not want to be identified. “They will wait until next year to burn what they are felling this year if need be. They’re not interested in immediately getting the land to produce, but rather in eventually selling it at a huge profit.”

Without those forests, the world will destroy itself yet money in the bank is deemed of far more importance than the future of humanity.

Where are Greta Thunberg and her Extinction Rebellion followers with this potential catastrophe. It seems that they are only interested in centres of civilisation while the wild places are left to fend for themselves.

What a selfish and uncaring species of mammal we are.

The Pathetic State of Policing

Whatever else it might be, the job of being a policeman is a rough one – or it used to be. For most coppers, facing a barrage of four-letter words from abusive suspects is an everyday occurrence.

But chiefs at one force in this country are warning officers that they may be upset by ‘swearing’ and ‘offensive language’ in training exercises – and that they should contact their supervisor if they find it all too much. What on earth is going on?

The move – part of a trend for so-called trigger warnings normally associated with ‘snowflake’ university students – has understandably been met with derision from experienced coppers.

One officer joked on Twitter: ‘If this language is not acceptable to you please go directly to the safe space where the duty inspector will bring you a nice snuggle blanket and a cup of tea … after that hand in your warrant card as you’re no ******* good to us.’

Too right but where do the current crop of Chief Officers get their weird ideas from? The language warning comes as part of an online exercise devised by Hampshire Police and aimed at both officers and civilian staff. Before a section on hate crime begins, an alert flashes up on screen saying: ‘Warning!’ in large letters.

It then says: ‘Please be aware that this package uses real life examples and, as a result, has offensive language and views in it. ‘Swear words are spelt out in full. Swear words are spoken in full in the audio files.

‘If you feel that this language is not acceptable to you, please close the package down and speak with your supervisor about how to proceed with completing the training.

Apparently, the warning was issued following a complaint by a distressed junior officer. Poor lamb should have applied for a more gentle occupation.

I don’t know why that paragraph came out larger than the rest but I am not going to try and change it back!

Back to coppering. I can vaguely understand so called trigger warnings being issued by universities to students who might encounter potentially offensive subject matter while studying subjects such as far Right groups and eating disorders, but for hard-bitten cops, it is completely ridiculours..

Bunter Johnson has pledged to introduce an extra twenty thousand officers over the next three years, but unless standards are raised that is likely to be a waste of time. A recent Home Office report suggested forces were struggling to recruit because so many young people are ‘wrapped in cotton wool’ and unprepared for the harsh realities of the world.

As the report laid out, ‘Participants gave examples of recruitment interviews where candidates stated they do not like confrontation or were shocked by the need to work different shift patterns and possibilities of cancelled rest days.’

A senior professor of sociology at the University of Kent, said: ‘This is very worrying. It is one thing for fragile nineteen year-old sociology students to be easily offended, but when you have policemen and women maintaining law and order getting distressed by harsh language then you have a big problem.’

Too damned right we have!

Needless to say, Hampshire Police declined to comment when approached by the Media. They wouldn’t, would they?

Let’s stick with coppering for a while. Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke of Cheshire Constabulary recently released a somewhat pathetic video in the form of an online message for ‘Pronoun Day’ which she described as ‘a day which is particularly important to people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming’. Cooke wittered on: ‘Being misgendered can have a huge impact on somebody and their personal well-being. It can also be used as a form of abuse.’

Is the woman advertising for more business in the form of hate crimes? It certainly seems that the modern coppers want more of them. They want to be able to report them. Like DCC Cooke, they positively advertise for them.

But there is a huge problem with this. Home Office’s statistics claim that, in the past year, ‘transphobic hate crimes’ rose by thirty seven per cent. That is a pretty horrific number – like all the other rising hate crimes numbers. Until you examine the figures more closely. What exactly constitutes a transphobic hate crime? Murder? Mugging? Burglary? Not really, it can be merely causing offence. Once again we have to remember that these crimes are in the eye of the beholder. And consider just one such beholder from only a few days ago.

Ria Cooper is a glamour model based in Hull, who at the age of fifteen became Britain’s youngest transgender woman. Other than that, there is no reason why any of us should have heard of her. Except that earlier this month it emerged that Ms Cooper recently contacted Humberside Police to tell them of a set of WhatsApp messages she had received she was reporting as ‘transphobic.’ What were these messages? Well, they were from a photographer whom Cooper accuses of trying to scupper her modelling career.

The photographer reportedly pointed out that Cooper has a penis, which was not the sort of lady he was after. Cooper calls this ‘f****** disgusting behaviour’ and deemed it ‘transphobic.’ Whoopee! There is another ‘hate crime’ just there.

Where on earth is it all going to end? I am part of an endangered species because I am a white heterosexual male but if I get mugged or robbed, nobody cares. Were I to be black, gay or -Heaven forbid – transgendered, I could claim a hate crime and have policemen rushing to my aid from all directions.

It is all becoming a little bit out of hand I fancy.

Anonymous Hate

Many years ago I spoke out against the proposed CITES ban on the ivory trade and received a mountain of written abuse. Well over eight hundred letters were delivered to my home and without exception, they could only be classed as Hate Mail.

Few of the letters were signed and although I made a joke about it then and still joke about it occasionally in my elephant talks, those letters hurt. I felt that I was correct in what I said and spoke from the heart, but it seemed unbelievable that so many people seemed to disagree so violently.

I am only glad that this all took place in the late nineteen eighties and not in this horrible internet age or that abuse would have been magnified fifty times over.

Take the Labour MPs who voted for Bunter Johnson’s deal this week. They went against the party whips but voted according to their consciences or the wishes of their constituents, yet they have since been subjected to a torrent of abuse far worse than any of the letters I received way back when. Perhaps this is not surprising in a political party that is plagued by allegations of anti-Semitism and bullying by Momentum thugs but my heart goes out to all of them.

Even though most of them represent Leave-voting constituencies, they have been castigated on social media as ‘vermin,’ ‘drug addicts’ and ‘sex pests.’ For good measure, trolls have also lambasted their constituents as ‘racist scumbags’ for voting to quit the EU.

Among the targets are women and a seventy-two year-old former coal miner and ex-official of the National Union of Mineworkers. Let’s have a look at just a few of the insults thrown at these people by supposedly respectable citizens of a civilised, democratic country.

I have listened to Lisa Nandy a few times on Question Time and although she seems honest, her rabidly anti-conservative stance and refusal to budge in her views has never impressed me. Nandy represents Wigan, a constituency in which sixty-four percent of the voting population voted to leave the EU. Whether I like the lass or agree with her views is immaterial but she does not deserve the torrent of abuse to which she has been subjected.

She has been receiving it for months apparently but after voting with the Government on Tuesday, she received messages such as: ‘You should have your fat arse kicked out of the party. I don’t know how anyone could walk past you without holding their nose. I hope you rot in hell.’ She made this despicable message public as well as one which read: ‘Your utter, selfish, ignorance has just LOST Labour any chance of winning an election.’

Emma Lewell-Buck, the MP for South Shields and a former child protection social worker, said: ‘Remainers and Leavers, not for the first time, are calling me a traitor.’

South Shields had a sixty-two percent vote to leave but Lewell-Buck was told by one troll: ‘Traitor is a bit harsh. You might just be really fucking stupid.’ Another anonymous critic went even further, saying: ‘I’ll get my violin. You think that crying about being called a backstabbing Tory traitor actually equates to fucking this country over by saving the Tories and their Brexit. You should be dragged out of the Labour Party and thrown into the gutter where you belong.’

Charming stuff and I love the wide range of vocabulary used but it gets worse.

Sir Kevin Barron, a former Yorkshire miner and ex-union official is standing down in Rother Valley (sixty-seven per cent Leave) at the next election. He was told: ‘Surely there’s a special place in hell for the likes of you to rot?’

Stephanie Peacock, the MP for Barnsley (sixty-eight per cent Leave) was told: ‘You’ve just voted in concert with the most destructive right-wing government in our history. You have just spat in the faces of my Polish neighbours. You must be so proud that you have supported the most divisive, nasty and anti-workers government since Margaret Thatcher. Shame on you.’

I have admired the down to earth bluntness of John Mann when I have seen him on Question Time but he tells us that Twitter trolls have made him one of their main targets for years because of his persistent criticism of Jeremy Corbyn. The MP for Bassetlaw (sixty-eight per cent Leave) said the abuse he had received in the past few days was the worst yet.

Insults included: ‘Your constituents are mainly racist scumbags.’ Others suggested: ‘You must have sex scandals to hide’ … ‘Hope you get a horrible debilitating illness’ … ‘How can that piece of shit John Mann look at himself in the mirror?’ … ‘He stands for nothing.’ … ‘The last ‘fuck you’ to Labour from that turd John Mann before he slithers off to the House of Lords. He is a disgusting snake with no morals.’

I can only wonder at the mentality of the people who send these hateful messages. Of course, nobody needs to know who they are which I suppose makes them brave enough to do it. Would they say these things to the person’s face? Even in hate-filled Britain at the moment, I doubt it.

Let me give you a few more. There was so much anti-Semitic abuse aimed at Ruth Smeeth, which she says has come from fellow Labour members, she has changed her Twitter handle to try to avoid it.

The forty year old who represents Stoke on Trent North (seventy-two per cent Leave), was called ‘moronic’, a ‘thick bint’ and that she voted for something she ‘had not even understood… why don’t you go the whole hog and join the Tories? May you rot in hell.’

Similar treatment was meted out to thirty-three year old Gareth Snell, in neighbouring Stoke on Trent Central (sixty-five per cent Leave). ‘Why don’t you fuck off now and join Ukip you wanker’ was typical of the messages. Another troll wrote: ‘You are excrement and don’t deserve any place in our party. You disgust me. You are pure, treacherous vermin.’

Caroline Flint, who is the MP for Don Valley (sixty-eight per cent Leave) was deluged with abuse. One brave person – I think they call them trolls but that is an insult to Hans Christian Andersen – said: ‘Are you smoking crack?’ Others said she was ‘doomed,’ ‘either a bit thick or just plain nasty – but you will have blood on your hands’. Or tartly: ‘Resign from the Labour Party and join the Tories where you belong.’

Miss Flint refused to be fazed, saying: ‘I wasn’t elected to Parliament to bow to threats and intimidation. I won’t now.’

Good for you Girl. I might not be on the same side with my political views but I admire your spirit.

Good old Kate Hoey who railed against Mugabe and represents Vauxhall (seventy seven per cent Remain), was called ‘a snake in the swamp’ – which was one of the more printable comments.

Amid such vitriol, it is small wonder that Ms Lewell-Buck despaired that ‘the art of compromise left our country’s psyche a long time ago.’

All I can say is where does Britain and the Labour Party go from here? The country seems to be drowning in a swamp of confusion and hate.

Frustration Everywhere

There was a brief moment of political optimism in this household last Tuesday when those buffoons in Parliament finally voted to approve Bunter Johnson’s deal with the European Union.

It didn’t last long! Confusion, paralysis and obstinacy still reign at the Commons, where MPs have indulged in yet more delaying tactics over Brexit. This, the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ is meant to shine out as an example to other democratic institutions but it has been transformed by a bunch of mediocrities into an arena for obstructing the electorate’s will.

Having made their apparent breakthrough on Tuesday the House then dramatically undid its good work by rejecting the timetable for the passage of the Bill, on the spurious grounds that more time is needed for debate. More time? They have been debating Brexit for over three years already damnit!

Now of course, there is little chance that the Government can meet its target of leaving by October 31. The EU seems likely to grant a delay until the end of January 2020, providing yet more scope for anti-Brexiteers to engage in wrecking tactics. The whole sorry saga could drag on for a long time yet.

What gets to me about this whole sorry saga is the manipulative dishonesty of the parliamentary saboteurs. They kept telling us that they would not support Britain’s departure without a deal, yet when presented with a workable deal, they refused to approve it. Even more shameless is their pretence that they want more time to discuss the deal. It is now 1,219 days since the referendum result yet in that time Parliament has done little except posture and pontificate. 

With a straight face, Rory Stewart, the Tory rebel, pleaded yesterday for ‘a little patience,’ ignoring the reality that the patience of the British people has been stretched to the point of despair by the antics of he and his colleagues. 

The anti-Brexiteers are not interested in debate. There is no amount of legislative scrutiny that will satisfy them, nor discussion that will change their minds. Behind the excuses, their real aims are to humiliate Bunter J and overturn Brexit. 

It seems to me though that the only one of these overpaid and ineffective pratwinkles that has the interest of the People at heart is Bunter J himself. Against all expectations and forecasts, he negotiated a compromise deal with the EU, then won a majority for it in the Commons. Not only that but he seems to have united the fractious Tory party behind him. Every single Conservative MP voted for the Second Reading of the Withdrawal Bill on Tuesday, something that would have been unthinkable only a few weeks ago. 

Just as surprisingly, he secured the backing of a band of nineteen brave Labour MPs who want to honour the referendum result. These included the Wigan MP Lisa Nandy who warned the House to ‘keep people’s trust in our democracy.’

I am sorry Ma’am but the trust of the people has long since dissipated in the hotbed of vituperative confusion that is the Mother of Parliaments. 

Strangely though, the more that Bunter J is frustrated in his aims by Parliament, the more his stock rises with the voting public. I am still not entirely sure what to make of the man but much of the electorate sees him as a warrior for British sovereignty against the Remainer-dominated political class.  This is reflected in the latest opinion polls which put the Tories thirteen points ahead of Labour. 

Come on parliamentarians, let’s have a general election please. In the absence of any spirit of cooperation at Westminster, that is the only way out of this sordid impasse. At least then we can pass our verdict on this Zombie Parliament, which has subverted democracy for far too long.

There is a mere five mile stretch of road between Princetown where I live and the nearest town – if such it can be called – at Yelverton. Last week, the road was closed to fill up a few potholes and a return journey to the Yelverton necessitated a forty-two mile round trip. I thought that was pretty appalling and not a great deal of fun, but today I read about a section of the A352 in Dorset which will be closed all next week for work to repair a sewage system. 

Although just twenty yards of carriageway will be affected, highway officials have worked out an alternative route that measures forty-one miles. The distance usually takes about a second to cover while travelling at the thirty mile per hour speed limit, but the official diversion will take an hour – drastically increasing levels of carbon dioxide emissions as well as fuel costs and precious time to motorists.Cars and lorries will detour from Godmanstone south along the A352 towards Dorchester, before turning north on the A37. Vehicles will cross the border into Yeovil, Somerset, before joining the A30 towards Sherborne. Finally, drivers will travel south back into Dorset, passing through the villages of Middlemarsh, Minterne Magna and Cerne Abbas. 

Anyone caught using the closed stretch of road will be handed a thousand pound fine. 

Where are the Extinction Rebellion nutcases when they are needed? This sort of official stupidity is what they ought to be protesting about. Campaigning against idiotically bureaucratic decisions might get them some sympathy and support.

Instead of which they prefer to disrupt the lives of thousands of ordinary people.

 A Dorset County Council spokesman said of the diversion, ‘The closure has been requested to allow Dorset Drainage Services to make a sewer connection within the highway. This is an A road so we have used other A roads for the diversion.’

What he meant is that working out a more convenient diversion route was too much trouble.  


Can We Have Hope?

As Bonfire Night approaches, I find myself sympathising ever more strongly with good old Guy Fawkes and his dastardly gunpowder plotters.

No I am not going to burrow into the cellars under the Houses of Parliament with barrels of explosive and sizzling fuses but the latest setback yesterday to the Brexit process makes me feel sick at heart. And isn’t it tempting to imagine Squeaker Bercow, that awful little gargoyle running about with a stick of dynamite fizzing around his starched shirttails?

I have to admit that despite all the carnage I have witnessed in the course of a very long life, I would secretly welcome a big comic-style ‘kaboom’ in the Palace of Westminster. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to witness the serial Brexit wreckers like Hilary Benn, Dominic Grieve, Yvette Cooper and Oliveoil Letwin stumbling about with their faces blackened, their immaculately permed hairdos awry and their torn trousers flapping around the knees that are knocking like runaway castanets.

Oh what a lovely mental image it conjures up! A man can only dream.

Way back when I was a young man and the cold war was in full swing (it seems a long time ago) Soviet politicians were noted for their grumpy visages. None more so than their Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko. This goon was the very epitome of grumpiness and bad temper. I am sure he had a brilliant mind but just looking at his face was a depressing exercise and reminded one of all the things that could go wrong in the world.

Gromyko wanted no change. He wanted the status quo to last forever and inevitably he was known as Mr Nyet because he opposed virtually everything as a matter of principle.

But good old Smiler Gromyko stood on the wrong side of history. Soviet Marxism was eventually shattered and the Berlin Wall came down. The current crop of Parliamentary diehards who oppose the Peoples’ expressed will on Brexit will one day be seen to have been as miserably obstructive as Gromyko and hopefully they too will fail.

Like that long forgotten Soviet politician, the only answer they have is in the negative. They don’t want reform or change. They are determined to stick to the status quo whatever the people want or might vote for.

Is this because they are stupid I wonder? No probably not. Labour’s chief opposer Keir Starmer and that giggling twit Letwin are said to be highly intellectual, whatever that may mean. Hilary Benn is probably a great deal brighter than was his old man Tony and those renegade Tories Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry Loo are both lawyers, though I certainly wouldn’t want them defending me in matters important. They would be sure to get on the wrong side of any juror with their stony-faced insistence that no one else can possibly ever be right.

And of course there is the arch obstructionist, Squeaker Bercow himself. What a miserable specimen of humanity, the man is. A bouncy, noisy and horribly verbose little porker and not so long ago, one of the most public cuckolds in the land, but he must surely have a good brain on him to have reached the dizzy heights he has attained.

No, I don’t think it is a lack of brainpower that afflicts these people. It is a lack of common sense and a feeling that they alone are right and thus everyone else has to be wrong. It is their inability to realise that the public wants hope and that there are other viewpoints out there apart from their own.

Voters crave optimism in their politicians. People want leaders who offer solutions and will push ahead through difficulties. They don’t want the dismal gloom merchants like Labour’s John McDonnel – or Corbyn himself for that matter. Nor do they want the shrill carping of people like the Libdem harpy, Swinson or that other self-satisfied piglet of the Scottish Nationalists, Ian Blackbird.

And after more than three years of Brexit wrangling that sees us no further forward than we were at the beginning, the public desire for optimism and a decided result has never been more focussed.

This is why Bunter Johnson’s lead in the opinion polls increases with every showing. At least he gives us hope.

Politicians and Princes

I squirmed when I watched clips of Squeaker Bercow’s ‘performance’ in Parliament yesterday. This little man – in every sense – really did scale new heights of pomposity and self-justification and it was horrible to watch.

He was never going to permit Bunter Johnson’s deal to be put to a vote – especially once it became apparent that the Government might just have cobbled together enough support to get it passed. So he waffled and blustered and it seemed largely irrelevant which reason he plucked out of the air to nullify the wish of the People. If it hadn’t been this one, it would have been another.

At one point, Bercow said that he wouldn’t allow a vote because Parliament had already voted on a similar motion and some arcane rule prevents the same question being put twice. How can that possibly be the case? Can we now expect him to stop MPs putting forward amendments calling for a second referendum and continued membership of the customs union – both of which have already been rejected on numerous occasions?

Somehow, I doubt it.

What really makes me mad though is the repeated bleating of Bercow and his fellow Remainers that democratic accountability demands that Brexit is subject to Parliamentary scrutiny.

What a load of cynical claptrap!.

This rotten, corrupt Parliament has shown nothing but contempt for democracy over the past three and a half years. Having promised to respect the referendum result, the majority of MPs have done their very best to overturn it. The only reason they are insisting on Parliamentary scrutiny now is because that’s the best way of preventing Brexit ever happening.

It is an appalling thought but I fear we could be in for another three years of this dreadful nonsense. Because of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, brought it by Twister Cameron, there needn’t be another General Election until the summer of 2022. Labour isn’t going to back an election it would undoubtedly lose, so the only way a general election could be triggered is if the Government is defeated in a vote of confidence and Corbyn’s Cowboys refuse to move one.

Despite agitating for a ‘People’s Vote’ or a ‘confirmatory vote’, the Opposition in general is scared stiff of letting the people decide. Among those demanding a People’s Vote are a couple of dozen MPs who have resigned from the Tory and Labour parties recently and either joined the Lib Dems, set up Change UK, or are sitting as independents.

Chocky Umunna for instance is on his third party in the past few months as is the good doctor from Totnes, Sarah Wollaston.

Not a single one of these flip-flopping no hopers has had the decency to offer themselves back to their constituents in a confirmatory by-election, even though they now represent a different political party to the one they were elected to represent.

So I think we can take whatever they say about a People’s Vote with a large bucket full of salt.

I read through Bunter’s deal yesterday and was not impressed. It is much the same as the one Mother Maybe put forward but has a few minor tweaks here and there. I don’t really understand the triumphalism we are seeing in some quarters, but I suppose it is a deal of sorts and that is what our erstwhile MPs have been braying about.

Good deal or bad deal, it is probably the best we can expect in the circumstances. It is a deal damnit and if it does get through, at least this whole sorry farce will come to an end. I would have preferred to leave without a deal I’m afraid, but the MPs have vetoed that. Yet when they are presented with a workable deal, they throw it out.

Where oh where is the sense in that? Are these people really part of the same world the rest of us live in or have they all been lobotomised?

I didn’t watch the documentary last Sunday about the Royal Biscuit and his Yank’s trip to South Africa. Had I done so I would doubtless have been as appalled as seem many of the media commentators.

It seems that instead of detailing the problems faced by ordinary people in Africa, most of the programme focussed on the problems being experienced by the Biscuit and his Bride. They both seem worried about being in the media spotlight but I’m afraid that comes with the job. We taxpayers keep this couple in their luxury lifestyle and if people want to know what they are doing and how they live (I certainly don’t!) then they must put up with it or forfeit their reliance on the taxpayer.

I had a certain amount of feeling for the Biscuit when he was a wild student at Cirencester and again when he went off to Afghanistan with the army. Since meeting the Yank though, he seems to have metamorphosed into a whining, self-pitying grouch and I only wish the pair of them would head off to America and get out from under our collective noses.

Mind you, it might not be a bad idea if the entire Royal Family (except perhaps for Queenie) disappeared from the scene. Think how much money could then be diverted into the NHS and other essential services.

I have nothing against some of the Royals but I am a Republican at heart and fail to see why I should pay to keep them living in luxury and in the Biscuit’s case, taking flak for not treating him as he feels he ought to be treated.

I am sorry his Mother died early but that was twenty years ago and I wish he would stop reminding us of the pain he is apparently still experiencing. Most of us have tragedies in our lives and some of them are ongoing, but we just get on with things and make the best of life as it stands.

It is high time the Royal Biscuit and his Bride stop telling us about their hardships and worry more about the people they are supposed to be worrying about. She claims to be doing a great deal of good for various charitable causes, yet all she seems to care about is herself and the same applies to her royal husband.

Rugby, Politics and ‘Gas Guzzlers.’

What a weekend it proved to be. There were two fairly one-sided rugby games on Saturday and two far more nerve-wracking ones on Sunday but the four semi finalists were much as predicted when the tournament started. It was a little sad to see Japan bow out, but they had already covered themselves and their country with glory and had they beaten the Springboks, I would have been even more disappointed.

The politicians meanwhile continued their idiotic and ever-more-meaningless squabbling. Super Saturday as it was billed beforehand didn’t get us any further forward as that pompous prat Olive Oil Letwin brought forward yet another bill to delay Brexit and was supported by enough of them to ensure a majority, albeit a slim one.

Bunter Johnson – probably sensibly – then decided that debate over his Brexit deal could wait for a more auspicious occasion.

And you know, the British squabbling over belonging to the European Union is not really anything new. Had Margaret Thatcher remained in office, and not been replaced by the inept John Major (the only thing to be said for him was that he enjoyed cricket) she would have vetoed the process of ever greater union, and Britain would not have been faced with the traumas it is facing today.

Margaret Thatcher though, was ousted by plotters – and here the continuity of British politics becomes ever more evident. They are still feverishly plotting around the Houses of Parliament. All sense of honour or will to represent the People has been jettisoned and a little surprisingly – for me anyway – the only one who is showing any strength of character is Bunter Johnson himself.

Apart from the puffed-up political popinjays in Parliament, everyone else is by now desperately tired of it all. The referendum result was decisive and whichever way people voted, most of us just want it done and to move on to other things, such as running the country perhaps. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Opinion polls confirm this – if anything they suggest a strengthening in Brexit support and a wide and growing degree of acceptance of a No-Deal Brexit if that finally proves necessary.

Bunter J’s proposed deal will certainly play well in the country at large as Britain gears up for an early General Election. The immediate future, depending on the antics of political posers, on uncertain parliamentary arithmetic and on the shameless partisanship of Squeaker John Bercow is somewhat unpredictable. Bunter’s deal may or may not survive but the British people do in the end have the final say.

And when they speak, it looks increasingly likely that Mr Johnson will be returned as Prime Minister with a working majority and a mandate to restore the standing of a sovereign Britain.

Of course the LibDems were in fine voice over the weekend, but don’t you think there should be a wholesale renaming of political parties to reflect their respective stances.

If there is a Trade Descriptions Act for products and an Advertising Standards Authority, in what world can there be a party that calls itself Liberal and Democratic when its manifesto promises to overturn without another referendum the democratically expressed will of the people?

The name, Authoritarian Anti-Democratic Party might not have the same electoral appeal, but it is much closer to the truth. They have cynically disowned the referendum result and completely forgotten the unequivocal words of their late leader, Paddy Ashdown on TV. As the referendum results came through way back in 2016, Ashdown solemnly told us that as democrats, his party would fully accept the verdict of the people.

I did not have a great deal of time for Mr Ashdown but at least he was honest – as far as any politician can be so. His words at the time were, ‘Those who asked for this, and I was the first leader ever to ask for a referendum in 1989-90, have said so because they believe in the act of democracy.

‘I will forgive no one who does not accept the sovereign voice of the British people once it has spoken, whether it’s by one per cent or 20 per cent. It’s our duty to serve the public and make sure our country does the best it can with the decision people have given us… When democracy speaks, we obey.’

It seems particularly tragic that the current harpy leading the LibDems, Jo Swinson has completely refused to heed the words of a far more honourable leader than she will ever be.

I think it is a wee bit ironic that Lewis Hamilton, the many times Formula 1 motor racing champion is imploring us all to give up meat to save the planet.

This pratwinkle’s car does five or six miles to the gallon on a good day damnit, but he whitters to his adoring public.

“Extinction of our race is becoming more and more likely as we overuse our resources.”

Where do these people find their theories I wonder? Does any sport ‘overuse resources’ as much as motor racing? Perhaps I will give up on meat when his two hundred mile per hour Mercedes is fuelled with carrot juice.

But not until then!